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Halloween Tree Review

Halloween tree
I previously reviewed the Halloween felt ornaments that we made for our Halloween tree this year.  When several people said they had never heard of a Halloween tree, I knew I needed to show you our tree.

Last year, we decorated a 5 foot skinny tree for Halloween with a variety of store bought Halloween ornaments. However, this year I wanted a smaller tree for our handmade ornaments. My husband selected one that could sit on our kitchen table or counter. That allows us to enjoy it all day long since it is not relegated to a corner in the den. 

I love this little Halloween tree!  It is the perfect size to accommodate our new handmade ornaments, plus it has orange lights that are battery operated. It is the perfect Halloween centerpiece and a great touch of Halloween decor in the room where we spend the most time.

Pre-lite Spooky Birch Halloween Tree

FUNPENY Lighted Black Birch Spooky TreeFUNPENY Lighted Black Birch Spooky TreeCheck PriceThe spooky birch Halloween tree makes the perfect centerpiece for our kitchen table.  It is 2 feet tall, painted black and embellished with glitter that does not fall off or stick to your fingers.

Our tree has 18 battery operated orange lights. The switch is on the side and easy to turn on without having to move or lift the tree. 

The tree also comes with spiders and web material, but we opted to not use those decorations because we wanted the tree to display our handmade felt ornaments

There are a few options available on this little, inexpensive tree. You can choose orange lights, purple lights, or a combination of the two. 3 AA batteries are required to light the tree and they are not included with the purchase of the tree.

black birch tree perfect for Halloween decor

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Halloween Tree

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  1. Mouse, your Halloween tree is absolutely adorable! I love that it’s a compact tabletop size, is prewired with orange lights and is battery operated, so you don’t have the trip hazard of an electrical cord between your display table and the nearest wall outlet. It’s also great that the festive black glitter doesn’t shed or flake off! We were gifted some beautiful electric candles for Christmas many years ago that were covered in red glitter, but unfortunately the glitter was not attached in a durable manner and left bits of red glitter EVERYWHERE, lol!

  2. And, of course, I LOVE the handmade felt Halloween ornaments that you, your husband and your son made this year. The tree definitely does them justice and displays them to best advantage!

  3. My daughter-in-law needs a Halloween Tree! She has every other type of Halloween ornaments, both inside and outside and is Halloween-Crazy! Just ask her --- LOL. Will definitely share this Halloween Tree idea with her as I haven't seen one among her assortment of Halloween decor. Plus, yours is the perfect size to display your cute handmade felt Halloween ornaments created by you & your family.

  4. I had never heard of a Halloween tree until I read your review of Halloween felt ornaments and was interested to see what it looked like. I love your smaller pre lit tree with orange and purple lights choices that will sit on a table or countertop and it looks really great and spooky with your felt ornaments ! Thank you for sharing your tree and introducing me to Halloween trees !

  5. What a great idea for those of us who really like to do the Halloween decorations throughout the home. I love seeing all the special little things that make the seasons so enjoyable. This is really nice Sylvestermouse Cynthia and I'm so glad you shared it with us!

  6. My daughter in law with the help of my step daughter actually put these up for the kids each year - I love the idea - I'm usually not into decorating for Halloween but this year I'm kinda feelin' it - I wouldn't mind one of these

  7. I love this cute little tree - and the fact that you can decorate it with whatever homemade Halloween ornaments you like!


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