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An Old Idea Gets New Life ~ A Fitness Product Review

Are you interested in knowing how to increase your bone density, increase your circulation and generally feel better than you do right now?  How about something that will help with weight loss, muscle toning and increased metabolism or help with balance!  Keep on reading.....

Maybe I'm dating myself, but I want to know: How many of you remember the old vibrating belt massagers/exercisers that almost every woman swore by in the 1950's and 60's?

They would stand with a belt that went around the hips and turn on the machine that would then shake them up for 10 to 20 minutes or more.  They were touted as the perfect way to get in shape/stay in shape/and get rid of cellulite for that perfect figure.

Well for years that seemed to be something that women did to keep themselves feeling better about their own looks (or to keep their husbands happy).  Today we are not so inclined to do this for anyone other than ourselves.

Vibration Plates or Full Body Vibration (FBV) are one of the newest fitness trends and this one seems to have many health benefits as well.  Vibration Plates or Platforms are easy to use, don't take a lot of time and the benefits seem to be almost instant.  Even these little ones seem to be benefitting from a ride on the vibration plates.


Now in all seriousness, Vibration Plates are a wonderful way to exercise without having to stress your body beyond what is your normal. Even age is not a barrier to using this platform.  What is important is that we do things to make our bodies work and feel better for ourselves and in turn our families will benefit when we are at our best.

Many doctors are on board with the benefits that these Plates will have on the body.  They consider that with the vibrations our bodies are being toned as the muscles react to being activated by the movements.  Doctors claim that Blood circulation is increased, lymphatic systems drain better and bone density is increased too.  Fitness instructors also seem to love these machines as well.  

We purchased one after reading about increased circulation benefits especially for someone with Peripheral Neuropathy!  This is a condition that my other half has and his abilities to walk are becoming much more difficult.  This condition makes it hard for him to feel his feet as there is very little nerve sensations in both his hands and feet.  We were looking for something that would help him keep his sensations in his feet or even increase his nerve reaction.  Circulation is a big part of this condition.  So we are happy that this Vibrating Platform/Plate, is recommended as part of that process.

It seems that many Doctors, Physiotherapists, Fitness Trainers and Athletes  are all using this new tool to recover, recuperate, exercise and strengthen their bodies.  As you can see in the You Tube below this Doctor explains how these Vibration Platforms work.  Now I'm not a medical doctor and before you buy something like this, you should talk to your own health care professional or do your own research.  

There are many different types and manufacturers of these Vibration Plates and the prices range from $100.00 to many hundreds.  I would highly recommend that you speak to your health care professional or a fitness trainer and get some recommendations for your own specific needs.  You can even go to some gyms and try them out before you decide to buy one for yourself.

We purchased this one as it came recommended by friends and other family members.  It suits our needs and was not too expensive.  Both my husband and I use it for the health benefits and so far it is working well for both of us.  

While we are making the most of this new fitness/health trend, you should check it out and see if it fits into your own lifestyle and see if you would benefit from using this type of physical activity.

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  1. I think I have heard of this health / exercise machine. Glad to hear you like the benefits of this vibration plate exercise machine and recommend it.

    1. I think you will be hearing more and more about this as it becomes more popular and the results are more verified. I do think it is making a positive difference for us.

  2. I remember seeing the old vibration belt you mentioned in the movies. To my knowledge, I never knew anyone who had one, but my husband has told me that he actually remembers seeing his aunt use on. I'm really happy to hear that it is helping you and your husband. Until now, I had heard nothing about this fitness trend. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. You are so welcome. I am pleased to say it does indeed seem to be helping my other half! Anything to make his walking more comfortable is worth its weight in gold. I'm sure you will be hearing more about this trend as it becomes more popular.

  3. My dad had severe peripheral neuropathy and my older brother suffers from it as well. Losing a lot of weight by switching to a low carb diet has helped my brother’s peripheral neuropathy symptoms a lot (as has gabapentin, which my dad also took, and this device also looks quite interesting for PN sufferers. I’m so glad it’s helping both you and your husband!

    1. Margaret, weight is not an issue with my husband, he is tall and only 190 pounds which is right about where he should be, but still he suffers from the numbness. This vibration plate has helped him a lot and hopefully will help me too!

  4. wow, don't think I've heard of these - I do remember those vibration belts 'back in the day' lol. This would be something I could do, or should I say, handle. I love the the fact that it's easy on your body.

    1. If you watch the second video, you will know that the sensation is quite startling at first. If you are prepared to be shaken up, it's not too bad at all. It does take some getting used to, but we are finding that it is helping. Your son is into fitness, ask him about these vibration plates! Many physio people swear by them.

  5. I have not heard of these before but it does sound interesting with all the health benefits. It also sounds easy to use at home, which is always a plus with any form of exercise. I am so glad it is helping you and your husband. Thank you for an interesting review.

    1. It is really easy on the bones and older people love it (us included). thank you for your comments.


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