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I Need Help Thinking Positive - Review of A New Mood Tracking Book

Are you constantly fighting your feelings to remain positive and centered?

Does life require you to continuously take stock of the good things and push away the bad?

If this sounds like you, you can benefit from the Workbook, "I Need Help Thinking Positive." 
This thirty-one-day Workbook lets you track negative energy and analyze patterns requiring attention, change, or improvement.

Even Mostly Positive Thinking People Will Benefit From This Mood Tracking Book

I consider myself a positive person. In fact, I actively work to be this way! I've been "in training" to control my thoughts since 2013. 

It sounds silly to say, "in training to control my thoughts," but yes, it's real! 

Controlling our thoughts requires mental exercise; just like our body needs physical activity, so does our mind.

Those who know me know that I make a concerted effort not to dwell on problems but rather to seek solutions.

My extensive life experience is what led me to create this Workbook.

My Solution-Oriented Nature is How This Book Came to Be

We've all faced challenging and what seems like insurmountable life issues. However, escaping our troubles and negative thoughts ultimately frees us to live a fresh, new day.

What Does The Workbook "I Need Help Thinking Positive" Provide:

There are 31 days of easy, casual, and light worksheet tracking prompt pages to help you self-analyze your tendency toward negative thinking.

The four worksheets allow you to compile your thoughts and review trends and areas of thought that need improving.
Each day's worksheets give you a chance to break down your thoughts.
Here are the Four Worksheets:

Worksheet Number 1:

Why I Had a Negative Day Worksheet
The Quick Clipboard Chart Page

This fun page features 20 typically standard daily items that can infect our mood. 

Simply check off the items that influenced your negative thoughts for that day, and give each item one point.

It's not about keeping score!

It's about discovering negative trends and repeated issues that keep throwing off your mood.

Check off your overall mood for that day.

Worksheet Number 2:

In My Own Words from the Workbook "I Need Help Thinking Positive"
In My Own Words - A Place For Personal Notes

This workbook sheet allows you to expand upon the clipboard chart items you selected above.

Write down the additional things that turned your day upside down.

Worksheet Number 3:

Briefly describe your negative issues using prompt questions.

The prompt questions are based on the basic principle of who, what, when, where, why, and how.

The page is designed to help you dig deeper into your thoughts and really give them a workout!

Worksheet Number 4

positive solutions worksheet
Positive Solution Analysis

What would a workbook be without a place to give serious thought on how to solve your issues and, in turn, improve your attitude?

The four questions on this page are designed to steer you toward analysis and solutions.

Track Your Mood for 31 Days, Then Take Stock of Common Trends

This Workbook is meant to help you examine trends and ultimately make changes to improve your thought process.

After a good month of analysis, look at what issues, people, and things affected you the most.

Knowing our problem is half the battle; however, if one day melts into the next without actively seeking out our conscious and often subconscious negative tendencies, nothing will change.

If you're looking for a change, this Workbook is an easy and fun place to start.

I need help thinking positive workbook
Available on Amazon

Book Tip! You don't have to track 31 days in a row - simply use the book on your negative days. If it takes several months or a year to track those negative thinking days, that's perfectly fine!

The purpose is to seek patterns and trends so you can focus on the areas that need attention or change.

Note: This workbook journal is not intended to, does not constitute medical advice, and is not meant to replace professional medical help. The book is a fun, creative way to journal your month's thought progress.

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  1. What a truly excellent idea for helping one figure out how to take life in a more positive direction. I'm sure we all have had truly negative periods in our lives and discovering the triggers in this light-hearted way would be a fun way to re-direct our negativity into healing positives. A very clever workbook, Barbara.

  2. I think we all need help seeking the positive in our lives on certain days. I couldn't help but think your workbook might help me identify the conversations that pull me down, as well as how often a specific person has a negative impact. While I am not likely to eliminate people from my life, I might be able to prepare better for them and those conversations beforehand by choosing the time (not when I am already busy or stressed). I love the idea of keeping the record over months. Nothing wrong with a "little" self analysis :)

  3. Barbara, as you know, I made the decision several years ago to adopt an “attitude of gratitude” and focus on positive, constructive energy and appreciation. I’m still (and always will be) a “work in progress” in this regard, but the conscious, proactive decision to change my experience of the world by focusing more of my energy on the positive and uplifting and feeling gratitude for my and others’ blessings has been life-changing. However, it can be difficult to maintain this focus when the going gets tough, such as in times of grief and loss. That’s why I absolutely love your new workbook! So many of us are striving for this goal, and when the going gets really tough, your workbook provides the gentle, positive, nonjudgmental framework and prompts to help us work through our negative thoughts and emotions so we are able to redirect them toward the path we want to be on. Thank you so much for creating this valuable and much-needed tool, and congratulations on your newest addition to your self-published book categories!

  4. Oh don't you know that this is so true. We all need a little help sometimes when the going gets tough and we can't seem to get going. I know being in a rut can be downright heart stopping at times. You spin your wheels and all that happens is the rut gets deeper and harder to get out of. This workbook just might make someone stop and grab a pen or pencil, using that as a tool to fill in those ruts. This sounds like a great book for anyone to give to a friend in need or a family member who needs that nudge. Thanks Barbara!

  5. I think this workbook would be excellent for any one who feels stuck or who needs a little help to see where to take that first step into a positive direction and keep going. We all have these times in our lives where we get into a rut and repeat the patterns and its sometimes difficult to get back on track. Self reflection and time to check ourselves in a structured way can be a very helpful tool.I think many of us are in training and a work in progress and your book will be a useful tool to help. Thank you for sharing.


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