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Two Replaced Knees and a Broken Elbow Equals.......A Product Review

No this is not one of Barbara's Riddles, although she has some great Riddle Books! (You can check them out on Review This Reviews if you like right here!

 But the answer to my riddle is dirty floors!  

I must admit that I like clean floors but I don't particularly like cleaning them!  Getting down and dirty in order to clean those tiles can be back breaking at the best of times.  But after having double knee replacements and a broken elbow, getting down on that floor is impossible.  Plus, since I started my Keto Lifestyle (with Margaret's help)  a couple of years ago, my Hubby decided that is was his turn to take over the cooking chores!

I'm not complaining because he is very careful and cooks for me with my Carbs ever on his mind.  But after my wonderful husband has been in the kitchen chopping and peeling and generally making a mess, the floor looks less than fantastic!
mop and bucket

Now I must admit, I'm a little bit of a nut when it comes to having the kitchen floor clean.  There is nothing like getting down on the hands and knees and scrubbing  all those little nooks and crannies!  But since arthritis and recent the knee surgery, that is not happening anymore.  I had to find someway to get my floors as clean as I like them.

Yes, I have a mop and bucket, many different types of cleaning apparatus with micro cleaning attachments and several different kinds of cleaning cloths.  None of them were satisfactory for my personal tastes.  Plus, I needed something that I could use quickly and have it really do the job!

Well, after much searching and lots of different products, I think I found the one I like the best.  It's the Bissell Powerfresh DeLuxe 1806 Series!  

It is compact, lightweight, easy to use and it really does make the floors look great.  I was sceptical about how well it would work, because nothing up till now matches the cleanliness of getting down and scrubbing!  But surprise, surprise, after giving the kitchen a good sweep (to get the big stuff up), I plugged in my new little friend and within 10 minutes the floor was steam cleaned and dry!  Hubby walked by and took a quick look and then came back and looked again.  His comment was that the floor looked like it did when we first moved in to the apartment.  Now I have to agree with him.  This is the cleanest I have gotten the floor since my knees were replaced last year.  I am a happy camper!

If you are looking for something that will help you get your floors looking great, I would highly recommend this little but powerful Electric Steam Mop!  

My only regret is that I did not find this appliance sooner.  Shiny clean floors are something that makes me happy!  This mop is one that I will use on a weekly (or more often depending on how the cook is doing) basis!  It's easy to use and doesn't take forever to heat up.  I had my floor cleaned in less than 10 minutes yet they looked like I'd been scrubbing for hours!  Now that to me is a Big Win!

Now, Two replaced knees and the broken elbow equals nice clean floors for sure!  And healing joints as time goes forward!  The cook is no longer worried about the messes he makes either!  All around this was a great investment!  I have a happy cook and a happy housekeeper (me)!

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  1. Olivia, this is wonderful timing. Just yesterday I was wishing I had something besides a squeeze mop which has become harder and harder for me to manipulate to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors. My new apartment doesn't give me a lot of room for storage, so this compact looking little steamer mop looks to be a perfect solution. Also, Bissell is a product line I've always trusted.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and quick it did the job. My floors were clean and sanitized in 10 minutes. The floors were dry, clean and ready to walk on in that time and yes, it is a compact little unit!

  2. Wow, Olivia - I’m so sorry it took two knee replacements and a broken elbow to help you find this great steam mop for cleaning kitchen floors easily! But I’m grateful that you did find it, and also that you shared it. This is something I could definitely use for my kitchen!

    Glad to hear that you’re injuries are gradually healing. And thank you so much for the kind shoutout about helping you lose weight and keep it off on a keto / very low carb diet. You’re looking great!

    1. If you get one for your kitchen, I'm sure you would like it too! I could not believe how easy and quick the clean up was. As for the shout out, I can only say that I'm so happy that I followed you on this new way of life! So thank you!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful discovery! I have a Bissell hand vac, which I love, but I have never had one of their electric mops. How awesome! I have very little tile in my home and it is in the shower. I wonder if this mop would clean my shower floor. I sure would appreciate an easier way to clean that tile floor.

    1. Oh, and I am so glad you found a way to make your life easier! I know having knee replacement surgery would make it nearly impossible for you to clean floors and yet, a dirty floor won't let you rest.

    2. Truly dirty floors drive me bonkers and the knee replacements would not allow me to do my floors the way I like them done. This little steam cleaner really made my life a lot better. Now I can go into the kitchen and bathrooms and not cringe! I can't speak for the tile in your shower area, but the tiles on the kitchen floor and bathrooms came out wonderfully clean!

  4. I too use an electric steam cleaner on my kitchen tile, and it is a life saver. My days of cleaning on my hands and knees are definitely over and now I can get the floor just as clean with much less effort.

    1. Oh I agree with you Mary Beth. I just never had anything that worked as well as this little machine. I don't think I will ever get on my knees again and I don't have to either......

  5. Lol at "No this is not one of Barbara's Riddles" and thank you for the plug, you're amazing. I have to agree with you on there isn't anything that replaces getting down on our hands and knees to wash a floor - I was raised to do it this way! I'm like you though, I just cannot do that anymore - yah, it makes me mad, because I know it's the best way to get everything. However, your product recommendation is fantastic. It's very very hard to find something that replaces washing floors on your hands and knees, but if you've found a product to do the job, I believe it. I find I wash my floors twice a day now just to keep up with a clean floor. Thanks for the product recommendation.

  6. This Bissel steam mop sounds like a wonderful product! I do like to clean with steam anyway as I feel its hygienic, very effective and does not rely on chemical use. From your review it sounds like it gets the floors very clean indeed which is fantastic! As I have some back issues I need equipment like this to make chores easer. I am so sorry to hear of your health issues with your knees and elbow and I am happy that you are finding tools to make all those household chores easier for you ! Thank you for a great product recommendation!

  7. I'm glad you are getting some relief when it comes to giving your new bionic knees a break. This sounds like the perfect way to take care of a tedious chore. I am at a point where my joints are going to be begging me to purchase something like this. Thanks for helping me find a great option. You take good care now.


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