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Shopping Online For Camera Equipment Review

 Back in the day, way back in the day I originally learned to develop film old school in college. Where students were ushered into an itty bitty pitch black room armed with a camera and metal spools where we learned how to remove the film from the camera and thread the film on the spool - in the dark! And then learned the process of developing film and then learned how to manipulate the "picture" in the developing process with the developing chemicals, time of exposure etc etc. Lots of etc's for novices to learn! Fast forward a few decades through many a camera and I have found myself back to wanting to up my photography game and return to a 35 mm camera albeit digital.

camera lens

Where To Buy Photo Equipment?

This led me to the vast array of products offered at online retailers for camera and photography equipment. I reintroducing myself to a 35 mm camera by purchasing a used Canon Rebel 2 any today the current Rebel is 8 so you can see I went back quite a few model years. I did this intentionally as I wanted to ensure this was an avenue I wanted to pursue (and knowing, suspecting that it would be, much more investment would be forthcoming).

I purchased the Canon Rebel 2ti used from B & H Photo online. The camera arrived quickly. The packaging was excellent and the camera looked brand new. The only negative though very typical of buying any type of used equipment is the lack of a hard copy manual, but that is easily accessible online. 

Since the original purchase I wanted a few accessories and a different lens and back online I went to shop. I would love to support my local camera shop; in my area there is only one bricks and mortar camera store left, but unfortunately though understandably they did not stock the older equipment.

I have purchased equipment from B & H Photo, Adorana, Amazon and eBay and have had positive experiences with all. When seeking a specific pieces of equipment I will surf each of the stores and cost and compare prices, shipping charges. With older accessories that may be model specific the item may very limited in supply so that limits comparison shopping. 

Review of Buying Camera, Photography Equipment Online

I have found B & H Photo and Adorana are quick if not quicker when using Amazon Prime. The items were securely packaged by all 4 sellers/companies which is very important with delicate and breakable equipment. The packaging on Amazon I found really varied in quality and quickness to ship even with Prime; on the flip side items purchased are also shipping quicker than promised on Prime. 

 It is critical to vet the sellers on eBay and Amazon. Returns to third party sellers on Amazon can be a slower process than if sold directly by Amazon. Some third party sellers also require you apply for permission to them to return an item prior to processing on Amazon which is another layer of administration. For eBay sellers research their ratings and the comments by clicking on the number of reviews next to their ebay name.

Top Four(In No Particular Order)

  • B&H Photo in New York, family owned
  • Adorana in New York, family owned
  • Amazon (check if the seller is amazon or a third party)
  • eBay (vet the seller closely)

Adorana has a bricks and mortar superstore in New York at 42 W. 18th Street

B&H has a bricks and mortar superstore in New York at 420 9th Avenue. 


While online shopping has never been easier it does 'pay' to comparison shop. I've had positive experiences with all the sellers/stores. As mentioned above if a third party is the seller make sure to vet the third party on the site. If seeking discontinued or older equipment eBay or Etsy can be a great resource!

Review This Reviews contributor mgbphoto has an excellent review of her favorite photos of 2021 using three different cameras including an iphone camera. If looking to up your photo editing skills Mary Beth reviews Lightroom and Photoshop which really are a game changer for novice photographers.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. I admire anyone who can take great photographs (I sadly lack that talent... LOL) and enjoys developing their own film. I can understand how important just the right equipment would be to a true photographer. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of where to find just the right cameras and accessories online, since local brick & mortar stores for used equipment are difficult to find in this day and age.

  2. Great information for camera shoppers - my son recently purchased a quality camera; he's very much into photography. I admire people who have patience for what seems to be complex camera equipment - I'm always in awe at all the features photographers understand!

  3. Great advice Tracey, I'm with Pat and certainly lack the talent needed, I'm just a point and shoot guy!

  4. I have purchased several cameras, camera lenses, and a variety of camera accessories online. I have been very pleased with all of my transactions. While I have used Amazon, most of my lenses have not come from Amazon direct, but from one of their sellers. I always look the seller rating there before I order. I don't have a camera brick & mortar store anywhere near me, therefore buying online is a necessity. As for the manual, it seems nothing comes with a hard copy manual anymore. I complain about that all of the time. I appreciate you recommendations for stores who sell online. I may well start looking at them more closely the next time I need anything camera related.

  5. Both B&H Photo and Adorama have been around for many, many years and are known for their excellent prices and customer service. Although I haven't bought a camera for decades, I have purchased from both companies a long time ago and found them reputable and helpful. Great recommendations!

  6. I can see that this would be a game changer in so many ways. Camera equipment is expensive and being able to shop around on line makes the choices so much clearer. My problem is that my other half (everytime I mention wanting to use his camera) gets his knickers in a knot. Maybe it's time I got my own and used your resources to find what I want and need! On to learning new things for me!

  7. I too have ordered much of my camera equipment online in recent years. I have used all of the methods you talk about and I've had great luck with all of them, but I particularly like B&H.

  8. Thank you for your guide and review of buying cameras online. There are fewer bricks and mortar stores now, so it is very important to know how to shop online for this equipment. Cameras are expensive so it is good to always compare. Thank you for your helpful review.


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