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Reviewing Flexible Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Using the appropriate hook for the project. 
With a great deal of skepticism, I recently bought a 24" Flexible Tunisian Crochet hook. It is the recommended hook for larger Tunisian (also called "afghan") crochet projects. I fully expected to not like my purchase. I expected it to snag and not feel as comfortable as my preferred aluminum crochet hooks. Not only was I pleasantly surprised at the smoothness of this wooden hook, I was very happy with the longer length. I should have purchased more than just the one. I can imagine using a variety of sizes of these hooks in the future.

A friend at work asked me if I would try to crochet a scarf for her - from a pattern she found on Etsy. I told her that I'd try, but I was very new to Tunisian crochet. 

I started on the first practice attempt with regular, aluminum Tunisian Crochet hooks. I wanted to first test the pattern. I found that I could work it correctly for the most part. Then the project became wide enough that handling the straight hook was difficult. As the yarn gathered on the hook, it became bunched and too bulky to manage. 

So I ordered the ChiaoGoo 24" Flexible Tunisian Crochet Hook size H8. 

The flexible Tunisian crochet hook is a wooden crochet hook. It has a thick synthetic "cord" that ends in a wooden bead. The bead works as a stopper. The length of the hook with the length of the cord allows you to work on a longer project comfortably. As you can see in the photo, as I add stitches, my scarf easily moves on and off the hook. The bulk does not gather and bunch under my hand.

As I mentioned, I was concerned that the transition between the hook and the cord would snag my yarn. It does not. The metal cap is smooth and makes a smooth transition.

Initially, that stiff cord (think of super thick fishing line) flopped around while I crocheted and it distracted me. But after just 2 or 3 rows, I no longer noticed that naturally curled cord. 

My longer Tunisian crochet projects are much easier with this flexible hook.

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This is the third project I've made using the Sweet Roll yarn by Premier Yarns. The color is Wild Cherry Swirl. While they offer many colors in this yarn the wild cherry is my favorite by far. 

I only began learning Tunisian crochet just a few months ago (October/November) and I'm enjoying it very much. See my first Tunisian crochet project here.

I've been taking more time to crochet and as a result I'm gathering a sizable collection of crochet hooks. This Teamoy Tunisian Crochet Hook Case is very helpful in keeping my supplies organized. 

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  1. Oh I can see where this would be handy, especially with larger pieces. I didn't know they made a flexible hook, so that it so new to me. Thanks for this review Dawn, now I better try my hand at that type of crocheting.

  2. How very cool! I remember well when I first tried the circular knitting needles (they have the plastic cable material between them). I ended up preferring them. I would imagine the Tunisian crochet hook would be exactly like that. I'll certainly have to give them a try myself. btw, beautiful yarn choice!

  3. Dawn Rae, You had earlier inspired me with the Tunisian crochet, after I realized it was the same as the Afghan stitch. I had stopped crocheting for the last few years because of arthritis in my hands, but took it up again to make something one of my daughters wanted, which just happens to be done in afghan stitch. Now I'm "hooked" (pun intended!) and this extra length you show here is perfect for some projects. I also did not like the bunched up stitches on the regular hook. So glad you reviewed this and thanks so much!

  4. I have several patterns I have been wanting to try, all using the afghan stitch (or Tunisian crochet). I don't know why I keep putting off trying it as I know I will be pleased with the result. Will have to get one of these flexible Tunisian crochet hooks and give it a try. Thanks for encouraging me with this review, Dawn Rae.

  5. This sure gets me missing crocheting. It's so addictive though, if I decided to start it again, I'd never be online again. That'll be my online exit plan, lol. Helpful review for those future days.

  6. I think a review is even better when someone unexpectedly likes a product they were prepared to dislike. I'm glad these flexible Tunisian hooks have taken you to a new level in your ever advancing crochet talent. It has been fun to share your enthusiasm and to see your lovely creations.


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