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The Famous Wigleys Corned Beef Reviewed

When I see St. Patrick's Day on the calendar I immediately think of corned beef and the traditional Irish boiled dinner. Actually an authentic boiled dinner is the perfect comfort food year round in our household and if you are from an Irish depression era family - well, Grandma did tend to excel at boiling :) !
Wigleys Famous Eastern Market Corned Beef. The best corned beef in Detroit reviewed.

Wigleys Famous Eastern Market Corned Beef provides the perfect mix of seasonings and high quality corned beef that allows the flavor of the corned beef to shine while the seasonings enhance the corned beef versus overpowering the beef.

Who Is Wigley?

Wigleys dates back to the 1880’s in England and the Wigley family meat recipe.  Job Wigley arrived in Detroit in 1924 with the Wigley family meat recipe along with the vision of the American dream. The family tradition continues to this day with Job’s grandson Tom continuing the Wigley business.

What Is Eastern Market And Why Is It In The Name Of Wigleys Corned Beef?

Established in 1891 Eastern Market was originally a market for wood and hay. Additional sheds were added in 1921, 1926 and moved to its’ current location. The end of W.W. II brought the wholesale food industry to the market. Hence why Wigleys Corned Beef has Eastern Market in its’ name.
eastern market
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Bill Whittaker, Etx313
Eastern Market is renowned in Detroit and the metro Detroit area. Before farm to table became trendy, vendors at  Eastern Market have provided the freshest meats, seafoods, vegetables, spices, candies,  flowers in an open air market.  Enjoy the amazing murals, antiques, art and crafts throughout the market as a destination stop for locals and tourists.
Whether it be for corned beef or flowers, Eastern Market is a treasured Detroit tradition and institution which was recorded to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1978. Wigleys and its’ corned beef is an integral part of the tradition.

The Fool Proof Corned Beef - How To Cook Wigleys?

So easy and so fool proof! Wigley’s corned beef is packaged pre seasoned; the seasoning surrounds the corned beef like a marinade.  Simply remove the corned beef from the package and squeeze the seasoning from the package and into the pot. Cover the corned beef with cold water and simmer. Depending upon the size of the brisket the corned beef will be ready in 3-4 hours.
Perfect every time!

Where To Buy Wigleys

If a visit to Eastern Market is not possible Wigleys is available throughout the metro area at grocery stores and specialty markets.  

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  1. I wish I had known about this market when I lived in Michigan. It sounds like a great destination. Would love to try this seasoning. What a timely review. Thanks!

  2. Wigleys Corned Beef sounds like a tasty treat for St. Patrick's Day. I always enjoy hearing about the history behind products and the places they are from. This was a fascinating review, Tracey.

  3. How totally awesome that Wigleys is still family owned and run! Very few companies survive for well over a century. Clearly, Wigleys does corned beef right. I would love to visit the Eastern Market. It looks like a fun experience that could bear repeating often.

    1. Yes, Eastern Market is an monthly or weekly visit for many!

  4. I never heard of this brand of corned beef and I grew up eating a whole lot of corned beef. Thank you for sharing the history on this product

  5. Well, I know what corned beef hash is. And I love it. I never knew corned beef comes any other way. Now I'm really hungry for it and I'm not even completely sure what it is.

    1. Needless to say, the best part of leftovers is making corned beef hash from Wigleys corned beef!

  6. Oh I love corned beef and cabbage at anytime. I don't think we have this brand of corned beef here. I must try it when I get to Detroit in the very near future I hope....

  7. Absolutely! Bookmark Wigleys and Eastern Market for a visit!

  8. I've never heard of this. A very interesting history. So nice to see products and traditions stand the test of time. Would love to try this.

  9. The best Corned beef ever. I would purchase it put in my carry on take it to California. LOVE it.

  10. Well I'm from Detroit born and raised there and just recently moved to Indiana last year. I went to visit in Detroit yesterday and vowed I'm going to Eastern Market to buy me a Wrigley's to bring back to Indiana which I can not compare Wrigley's to any other brand. Iknow because have tried them all. I won't eat corned beef unless it's from Wrigley's the others are not worth it and can't hold a candle to Wigleys

  11. I grew up in Detroit Corktown. Joe & Pam were the best since way back when they were at the Gratiot market until it burned down…. For 22 years I have gone to Costa Rica where friends of my lived and invited friends from all of the US for SUPER BOWL weekend. The one thing they looked forward to was Wiggleys corn beef. Some folks were from New York and declared Wiggleys corn beef was better that what they got in New York. None compare to Wiggleys corn beef and now with added restaurant and people like Lisa, great way to spend a early Saturday morning breakfast.


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