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Two Durable Plants that Have Survived for Over Twenty Years

After reading this article on Houzz about a plant that's hard to kill, I realized, heck that's the plant I have! It all makes sense now.

The photos on this page feature the two plants we've had in our family room for over twenty years.

I haven't been the best plant caretaker. Nobody in the house has.

These plants have even withstood a move from our previous home to this one. Yep, they're durable and as the article on Houzz says, hard to kill.

The Houzz article only references the Pothos plant. That's the leafy green plant positioned to the left in the photos. The plant on the TV stand is our spider plant. We've owned it for so long that I had to confirm it was indeed a spider plant.

Plants for the Forgetful and Neglectful

The Spider Plant and the Pothos Plant have both survived my flawed gardening thumb. But they're still my babies. Over the years I've learned to adopt a kinder loving nature towards them. I no longer ignore or forget them. They've taught me to be a better gardener.

As we get older I believe we become drawn to things that grow. Maybe it's when the kids are all grown-up that we itch to help another living thing grow again. I have to say that's kinda what happened to me.
These plants were patient, they knew I would eventually come around.
What I Did Right

These are the few basic things I did do correctly without knowledge or effort:
The flowers in the Pothos Plant aren't Real
The Spider Plant is Beside the TV

  1. I tried several locations in the home until I found the spot that gave them the right amount of light. They're by a window that gets the morning sun.
  2.  My mom once told me to never over water your plants. So I only water them about once a week. They almost dry out completely before their next watering. I have no idea if that's what these plants need, that's just how I roll.
  3.  Do plants like being close to each other? I dunno. But if they could talk I think they'd say they're family. So yah, for that crazy reason, they're positioned fairly close to each other.
  4.  Once in a while I clean up dead dry leaves.
  5.  I ask them how they're doing from time to time. Hubby cracks up.
What I Did Wrong

These are the few things I've done wrong.
  1.  I used to forget to water them for weeks. My poor baby plants. I no longer do that!
  2.  I never fertilize them. Yah I know, I should.
  3.  I've never transplanted them. 
  4.  I should probably freshen up their soil, so yah, I've never done that.
  5.  I used to keep them in a place where they didn't get enough light. However, that was just a guess on my part. They seem happy by the morning sun window.
A Few Things I Love About These Plants
  1.  The Pathos and the Spider plant clean the air
  2.  The Spider Plant is said to be an EMF (electric magnetic field) cleaner. I have it positioned near the tv for that reason as well.
So don't hesitate to become the mother or father of either the Spider or Pothos plants. In my book, they're durable and easy.

If you're looking for a little more guidance on plants and gardening, a fellow reviewer Olivia suggests the Old Farmer's Almanac, there's even a farmer's almanac calendar. Pretty cool.

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  1. These really are two great plants for those who are weary of trying their hands at gardening and failing (fussy plants make new gardeners crazy). Pathos and spider plants do well with neglect and will do even better with a little TLC. Either way, you get all the benefits of nice clean air in the home. I'm glad that
    these are getting a little more of your attention now that your nest is emptying and they will be happier too!

    1. I'm impressed at how durable they are for sure

  2. I've never been particularly good about caring for my house plants either. Like you, I water them once a week and let them do their own thing. I do rid them of dead leaves, but that is mostly because they are unsightly. I have fertilized them, but not on any schedule or with any regularity. I have 4 Pothos plants and they have been with me for over 20 years and through a move too. I guess I need a spider plant now that I have proven my inabilities with houseplants :)

    1. wow yours have lasted a long time as well! Proof right there they're a good selection

  3. I’m another inconsistent plant caregiver. John bought me a spider plant that has survived my periodic neglect. Sounds like I need st least one Pothos plant!

    1. Margaret, yep add a Pothos plant, a friend for the spider plant :)

  4. My daughter has plants all over the house, but I've always been known to have a 'black thumb'. Plants never last around me. But I do have a long-time plant given to me when my hubby died -- and I even had to ask what it was. It's a Peace Lily, it has been virtually ignored as far as 'regular maintenance' and only watered once-a-week if I remember. It's been moved across country 3 times and yet it somehow keeps on keeping on. It is now 11-years-old and still going strong ~ the only house plant I haven't managed to kill. I have no idea why this plant survives despite my neglect, but I thank it regularly now.

    Many years ago I had 2 Spider Plants in a very sunny corner that did fantastic. I miss them and may get another one this Spring.

    Glad your plants continue giving you pleasure despite the lack of attention, Barbara. :)

    1. Pat, wow that's good to know about the Peace Lily, I'll have to look that one up

  5. I'm glad you ask your plants how they are doing every now and then. I find that growing things appreciate a little conversation. It's hard to keep plants alive in my home, as my kitties do a bit too much "pruning" and digging in the soil. I do love the environmental benefits (and aesthetics) of filling my home with living, breathing beauty.

    1. Kitties are so cute, you get your relaxation fun and joy through them I'm sure. I'm sure if we had a cat it would be an issue cause the Pothos plant hangs right to the floor now.

  6. I have a Philodendron from 1986, it was a plant that was given to the family when my Dad passed away, my mom took it then when she passed away I took it. Like you I did not do much with it but I did fertilize and left it under a table lamp. I enjoyed reading your article and like you I am amazed at how some plants are so long lived.

    1. Wow from 1986! that plant has stood the test of time! thanks kindly too

  7. I've never been able to do well with houseplants. Right now I don't even have room for any. But one of these days I hope to make room, and if I do, I'll be sure to try these. Maybe they will survive my neglect.


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