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Reviewing TrueSport Workout Fuel - A Vegan Pre-Workout Supplement

Reviewing Arbonne's Truesport Workout Fuel
TrueSport Workout Fuel by Arbonne
When you're training for an event or just working out the one thing you don't want to do is find your energy flagging partway through.

Enter the world of the pre-workout supplement, there are basically two different types of pre-workout those with caffeine and those without.

Arbonne's TrueSport Workout Fuel is a non-caffeine pre-workout, so how does it give you energy?   

Basically, this formula includes the amino acids arginine, glutamine and carnitine for optimum performance as well as B12 for energy and their own patented botanical formulation of cayenne, ginseng and tumeric.

My Personal Thoughts on Arbonne's Pre-Workout Supplement

I do like the TrueSport range although I didn't initially use the Workout Fuel, but I have decided to take up running at the age of 49 (yes, probably a little crazy!) and so gave myself 5 weeks to go from not running to doing a 5km event.   I thought it was time to see what the Workout Fuel was all about.

After 2 weeks I can honestly say that the day I forgot to take my Prepare & Endure was the only day I didn't manage to finish what was on my program to do.

As an Arbonne consultant, I have held a couple of taste testings of the TrueSport range at my gym and the Workout Fuel is a popular choice as far as the flavor goes.  Personally, the flavor isn't my favorite as it's orange and pineapple, but what I do like is that it doesn't taste overly sweet like some of the pre-workout drinks are.

It does include some sugar in the form of cane sugar and there's a very good reason why cane sugar is used as it contains electrolytes.   

I mix my sachet up with 500 ml of water (it's recommended to use between 250 - 500 ml) and I usually start sipping it about 30 minutes before I start working out and continuing to drink it throughout my run.

More Details on How Workout Fuel Works

When you combine the amino acids arginine & glutamine in a pre-workout you'll find it helps to increase your performance if you're using weights and attempting to build muscle and strength.   There have been some detractors over recent years, but a study by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that not only were they able to train longer before becoming exhausted they were also shown to recover quicker between workouts.

As far as athletic performance (aka my running) carnitine is the winner in my opinion.   This amino acid has been popular with both athletes and weight builders since the 1980s and for lots of good reasons.  When I first heard about carnitine it was in the 90s when I managed a health food store and we sold it as a fat burner to weightlifters.

There are lots of different ways in which carnitine is invaluable as a pre-workout supplement - 

  • Fat metabolism
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Aids in recovery
  • Protects your brain from stress while also increasing adrenaline levels so that your motivation levels stay high while exercising
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Improves your skin
  • Burns visceral fats
For more information about carnitine - Fitness and Power

More TrueSport Products

I use the Workout Fuel in combination with TrueSport Muscle Recovery.   There is also a third supplement called TrueSport Hydration which I also love.

But I NEED A Pre-Workout with Caffeine!

If you feel that you really need to have a caffeinated pre-workout then you can try what I used to use which was combining TrueSport Hydration with an Arbonne Fizz Stick in 1 litre of water.  I found this worked really well (although I'm now preferring the Workout Fuel).   

The Fizz Stick contains caffeine derived from green tea and guarana, the added bonus with this is that it's a more alkaline caffeine (as opposed to the acidity found when it's derived from coffee beans) and it's more stable so you don't experience the caffeine crash.

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  1. I don't know anything about workout supplements, Lou, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. Is there a recommended workout time when you drink these pre-workout supplements? You have certainly been working hard. I saw you Instagram before & after picture. Simply amazing and wonderful!

    1. Not really Cynthia, it depends on lots of factors such as type of workout, intensity etc. If you're having a very intense and long session then you'll probably need to take another supplement during (as well as your pre and post supplements).
      Thank you for your comments, I'm really enjoying being able to step up my exercise again.

  2. Not being much of a gym person or regular workout gal, I wasn't aware that there were pre-workout supplements and that they were good for anyone who works out regularly or is in training for an event. I'll have to ask my son about it, since he DOES workout and train. He is most likely familiar with them, so I will show this one to him. You are on a wonderful program for your health and I admire all your hard work.

    1. I'm sure your son will be familiar with pre-workout supplements, it will be interesting to see if he likes the caffeine or caffeine free supplements.
      Thank you for your comments, it really doesn't seem like hard work (well maybe sometimes LOL) as I'm feeling so good and am just grateful that because of the 30DTHL program I'm able to exercise again.

  3. Louanne I have been watching your progress with admiration and envy....I wish I were back at 49 and starting to run. Just a little caveat, I was 49 when I started to run again and now suffer very bad arthritic knees. Be careful, very, very careful. I'm sure that all the supplements should help you though and hopefully keep you from injury. Now I swim for my fitness and enjoy that immensely.

  4. You've really gathered a lot of info on health and nutrition while getting yourself in great shape! Congrats on that. Your diligence, tips and overall shared knowledge has been inspiring. My boys use supplements for workouts as well. Son number three is a personal trainer, so his knowledge is helpful around the house from time to time as well. (When his brothers aren't razzing him lol)

  5. Louanne, I've really liked watching your progress. Good for you! I can't quite get myself started. I need to though. You are inspiring.


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