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National Gumdrop Day Review

Picture of a pile of gumdrops
Image Source: Wikipedia (and Fotojet) 
There are over 1500 'unofficial' National Holidays throughout the year that enjoy recognition for one reason or another.  This one for February 15 ~ National Gumdrop Day ~ was begun to recognize this colorful, chewy, fruity or spicy, gelatin candy coated with sugar we call the Gumdrop. 

Who Invented the Gumdrop?

The gumdrop was invented by a chemist and candy maker named Percy S. Truesdell.  In 1915 he changed the texture of this sugar concoction.  By adding starch in a formula he developed at Ohio State University, he changed a hard candy into a smooth, chewy delight.  He later became known as the “Gumdrop King”

Uses for Gumdrops

Gingerbread house made with gumdrops
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Besides being a tasty candy, gumdrops are a popular addition to cookie recipes and as decoration for cakes and cupcakes.  No doubt the most well-known way gumdrops are used as decorations is on Gingerbread Houses. Savannah, Georgia holds an annual Gingerbread House Festival each year during the Christmas holiday celebrations where gumdrops on the gingerbread houses are plentiful.

Crafty Gumdrops

Gumdrop penguins craft
Gumdrop Penguins
Gumdrops are also often used in crafts, such as these adorable gumdrop penguins by Linda on her fun and fascinating crafty blog called “Crafts a la mode”.  The blog is filled with her  sweet and simple delights in both crafts and recipes. 

DIY Gumdrops

Image of gumdrops
Image Source: Mkreal on Flickr
You can also make gumdrops yourself. You'll need powdered fruit pectin and fruit juice, along with vegetable oil, sugar, corn syrup and food coloring.  Several recipes can be found at a selection of sites throughout the internet.  Click here.

Other Gumdrop Tidbits

An interesting sidelight is the fact that the classic board game Candy Land features both a Gumdrop Pass and a Gumdrop Mountain.  

Then there is the song by Barney called "If All The Raindrops" (The Raindrop Song) with the line:

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops, oh what a life I would lead. 

A more modern offshoot of the original gumdrop are today's popular 'gummies' in the form of gummy bears and gummy worms.     Kids seem to love these gelatin-based chewable sweets.


So, enjoy a gumdrop, or two or three, on National Gumdrop Day, February 15, or any day of the year this chewy treat appeals to you. 

Happy Gumdrop Day!

Gumdrops collage

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  1. I love gumdrops! I have never tried to make my own. Clearly, that is something I need to do. They really are cute for decorating, but personally, I love their taste too. Hope you had a happy gumdrop day.

    1. Glad you enjoy eating gumdrops, Mouse. I think you would have fun making your own.

  2. I too love gumdrops. Thanks for some interesting gumdrop facts!

    1. I enjoyed learning those gumdrop facts, Mary Beth. And I had no idea their invention went so far back. Obviously they are a popular candy, so have been around so long.

  3. Oooo memories of Candyland - I loved that game!

    1. Candy Land was a fun game to play as a kid, and with my kids. :) Thanks for your visit, Tracey.

  4. Lol, these national days are always fun, and gumdrops yum. I could go for some right now!

    1. I love finding these wacky and wonderful fun days, Barbara. This one made me hungry for gumdrops too. :)

  5. I've loved gumdrops since I was a kid. I love the spicy ones most, but any gumdrop will likely do for me. Lots of interesting information here about them, thanks Wednesday Elf!

    1. It was such fun learning all these fun facts about gumdrops. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for your visit, Nancy.


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