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Reviewing InkJoy Pens - Popular and Colorful Pens

The factors that make me loyal to certain brands of pens are: low-cost, high quality, and reliability. I'm not asking for much, am  I? I don't think I am and I've found that with the InkJoy retractable, ballpoint pens, all of those needs are met. Recently, I ran out of my own personal stash of pens at work the other day and I realized I should recommend these pens to others. I should spread the joy. InkJoy pens are my first choice of pens for work and personal writing. 

Highly Recommended - InkJoy Ballpoint Pens by Paper Mate 

There are many reasons I love these pens enough to buy my own for work, rather than use the free pens that work provides.  

Reliability - These pens work every single time I pick one up.  There's nothing worse than being in a meeting, or trying to write down a phone number when someone is speaking quickly, and have the pen not work at all, or work only after your hurridley scribble in order to get the ink flow moving again. Annoying!  

No Ink Blobs - I really, really, REALLY hate running my hand through an ink blob on the paper. Smeary ink and blobs are so frustrating.  My InkJoy pens have never left a blob.

InkJoy colors 20 count
Inexpensive - Each time I purchase a pack of InkJoy pens, I compare with the less expensive "stick" pens.  I'm a penny-pincher so I try to remember to compare costs.  The InkJoy pens are usually slightly more expensive than the stick pens. But not by much. The cost tends to even out as I throw away a few of the stick pens that blob or do not work well. Also, my purchase of InkJoy pens is more costly than the free pens the agency supplies to employees. But I'd rather pay a few dollars for the reliability.

Color choices - At work I am limited to black ink.  When I pay bills, I often rebel and use blue ink. But, when I write journal entries, notes in my day planner, and other personal items, I go for the InkJoy color pens.  It is so much fun to use the variety of colors.

Ballpoint or gel pens - I prefer the retractable, medium ballpoint pens. However, InkJoy also makes a gel pen variety that is very popular. I cannot keep the InkJoy gel pens in my office.

InkJoy black ballpoint

Many Uses for InkJoy Color Pens (ballpoint or gel pens)

  • addressing holiday or special occasion envelopes
  • creation of eye-catching and pretty invitations
  • letter writing
  • scrapbooking
  • journaling
  • drawing and doodling
  • making those to-do and grocery lists more fun
  • gifts for artists, children, people who journal, and so on
  • popular school store item and/or children's rewards
  • and so much more - take a peek at the very short video and just imagine what you could do

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  1. Wow! Thank you for this review and recommendation! I have the worst time with pens these days. I don't know if manufacturers are cutting costs or what, but my old reliable brand is no longer reliable. It has been extremely frustrating. I hate it when a pen won't work, especially when it is right out of the package. I will definitely have to get the Ink Joy pens. I am not personally big on the gel pens, but my husband and son both like them. Me, I want ballpoint, so I am really glad they are available in both.

    1. I know! When I get a new pen and it doesn't work right, I just want to scream. If you get these, the ballpoints come with a little protective blob/seal on the tip. Don't panic... just start writing or pick it off. I've wondered if that blob is part of the reason the pens work so well. Let me know if you get them and whether or not you like them.

  2. Dawn Rae, you had me at "grocery list." Colorful grocery lists really are more fun! I used to buy colored pens to color code notes and lists, but somehow I've gotten away from that. In fact, maybe I stopped buying them because of the predictable blobs they produced. Very nice to have a personal recommendation for a ballpoint pen that actually works!

    1. Haha! My "to-do" list makes me feel better when it is in color. So I know exactly what you mean. See my comment to Mouse about the little protective seal/blob that it arrives with. I should have added that info in the article. Let me know if you try them and whether or not you like them.

  3. I LOVE using colored pens and, like you, I hate those pens that don't write consistently, stop writing, or give you 'blobs' where ink gets all over your hand. Over the years, I've also found a consistent reliability from Paper Mate. So these colored pens by Paper Mate are PERFECT. Thanks SO much for telling me about them. Now I know what my next pen purchase will be!

    1. I came home from work today with ink on my hand, from using someone's blobby pen. Ugh. Definitely let me know if you try them and whether or not you like them. I'm always interested to know if others have the same luck with the things I love.

  4. I'm all in!!! I like the idea of no ink blobs. I'm left handed and my hand runs over what I have just written. Most pens smear because of this. Thanks for another great review.

  5. What a great review. I will be getting some of these for my uncle, who loves to doodle and always does it in black ink. He's 86, time he became more colorful I think! Actually, we don't buy gifts for each other, but this year I will make an exception. These sound wonderful. Thanks for a great review.

  6. well, as it happens I need some new pens so thanks for reviewing the Inkjoy pens! Now I know what brand to buy.


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