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Thoughtful Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

You're invited out to Thanksgiving dinner! Here are five thoughtful gifts your hostess really wants.

Reviewing Gifts Your Hostess Really Wants

You've been invited to a friend or family member's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Lucky you! So now you have a dilemma: what would be the perfect hostess gift to say thank you for the hospitality?

To make your job easier, I've  chosen five different gifts that I'd love to receive if I were serving as your Thanksgiving hostess this year. While your hostess may not have the same tastes that I have, I think there should be an idea or two here that will work to elicit a "Thanks for being so thoughtful!" response from your hostess.

Give the Gift of a Seasonal Spa Treatment

The Gift of a Seasonal Spa Treatment For Your Thanksgiving Hostess | ButterCosmetics on Etsy
ButterCosmetics on Etsy
Who wouldn't need a spa treatment following a busy Thanksgiving day, or even a long weekend, of cooking, eating, and entertaining? This is a first class gift item, handmade with the best, soothing, healing ingredients you'll find anywhere. Honestly, I'm not usually much of a spa gal, but I would love to treat myself with these bath and lip products. A Thanksgiving hostess gift definitely fit for a queen.

A Gift for the Thanksgiving Cook

Premium Vintage Serving Spoon from MilkandHoneyLuxuries on Etsy, a beautiful, thoughtful hostess gift.
Look at this "I'm Thankful For You" serving spoon. Show me a cook who doesn't need another serving spoon and I'll show you . . well, it doesn't matter because any hostess could use an additional big serving spoon at Thanksgiving dinner. And how special is this one? Hand stamped with the words, "I'm thankful for YOU" with a heart, this is beautiful and such a very thoughtful gift! This premium vintage serving spoon is made to order by the creative and well-known folks at Milk and Honey Luxuries. I adore it and bet your hostess will, too.

The Hostess Gift That Keeps on Giving

Pass the blessing along with this Thanksgiving hostess gift, a Giving Platter from DaySpring.
DaySpring Cards and Gifts
Gift your hostess with a plate of your own specialty cookies, candies, or bread presented atop this "Share" Giving Platter. How does it work? The hostess gift arrives on the plate, homemade or even store-bought by you. The printing on the plate says "share," and a simple canvas tag with a verse is included, tied with a ribbon of jute. The verse on the tag begins, "This plate has no real owner, its journey never ends. It travels on a spontaneous path to neighbors... family... friends."

So after Thanksgiving, when life has settled down for a few minutes, your hostess friend can add her own goodies and present the plate to yet another neighbor or friend. Perhaps the plate, eventually, will make its way back with you since, as the verse says, "its journey never ends." Consider this gift idea for a hostess who is known to be a "giver." She'll love passing the blessing along in the future.

A Simple "Thank You" Will Do 

Thank You figurine by Willow Tree and Dayspring, a thoughtful Thanksgiving hostess gift.
Thank You Figurine by Willow Tree
This "Thank You" figurine by Willow Tree on Dayspring would be a beautiful choice for a hostess. She's little, just 5 1/2 inches high, but her message ("So appreciative of all you do!") is a big one that will encourage and lift up your hostess each time her eye catches this thoughtful gift.

Artist and sculptor Susan Lodi creates every figure in her Willow Tree collection with expressions revealed through gestures and absence of facial features, so the recipient can interpret its meaning in a personal way. What a beautiful way to show your appreciation for the kindness your hostess shows you.

Say "Thank You" With Flowers

floral bouquet
Beautiful, Fresh Fall Flowers from FTD and DaySpring
When in doubt, flowers are a tried and true thank-you gift for a hostess. This beautiful, fall-colored Give Thanks Fall Bouquet would make a perfect, seasonal choice for a Thanksgiving hostess. More arrangements are available at the link. Good news is that all you have to do is the ordering; FTD delivers!  

How did I do? I hope you've discovered the perfect gift for your Thanksgiving hostess this year. I'd love to know what you chose, so don't be shy about leaving a comment below. I hope both you and your hostess have a very happy Thanksgiving!

~ Susan

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~Susan Deppner
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Susan Deppner

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  1. What wonderful Thanksgiving hostess gift suggestions! Since my mother and I usually host the Thanksgiving meal, I don't have the opportunity to take a gift on that day, but I do take gifts to other dinner parties. I also know what gift I would appreciate on Thanksgiving. I love flowers! Even if I already have the table centerpiece for the day, flowers are a welcome gift and I have kitchen counters that would love being beautifully graced with flowers. I have to say, I also love the idea of a small token like your angel. I have several little critters that people have given me over the years that sit on my kitchen counters and watch me cook. Every time I see on, I think of the giver and am thankful for the giver. A spa bath would be a wonderful way to relax after a day (or days in my case) of cooking. Not much better than a bubble bath, a kindle and an hour of pure relaxation. Yes, I did say hour. I just keep adding hot water.

    Oh, and I almost forgot to say, I want that big spoon! I never have enough serving spoons!!!

    1. Isn't that big spoon beautiful, Cynthia? I fell in love with that. Glad you like the other ideas, too. I love what you said about the little "critters" evoking memories of and thanks for the giver. Definitely agree with that! Appreciate your thoughtful comment. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

  2. Susan, you really have captured some really nice hostess gifts. I would love any one of the above and I hope if you are hosting, that someone brings you something equally nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you, Grammie O! I'm actually not hosting this year, so I'm in the process of making the decision about what to take to our hostess. So many wonderful choices! I know you've already had Thanksgiving in Canada, so hope you enjoy the rest of the upcoming holidays!

  3. Once again Susan you've come up with such thoughtful gift ideas for the occasion. I'm apt to bring a nice bottle of wine, but then you drink it and it's gone, your ideas are long lasting. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Sam, a bottle of wine or sparkling cider would be next on my list. It's a great gift and usually very easy to pick up, even at the last minute. Appreciate your suggestion! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family, too!

  4. Hostess gifts are always appreciated and you have selected some really unique and interesting ones here. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. Love the willow tree scuplture! Great idea :)

    1. I love Willow Tree. It was hard to choose one, but I loved the simple message. Thanks, Savvy, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I love all of your gift ideas for the Thanksgiving Hostess but the one I would most appreciate is the big serving spoon. Not only would it come in handy but every time that I used it I would think of the special person who was so thoughtful with the gift.

    1. Bev, I'm with you on that. I love that it's actually useful, even on a daily basis, and the sentiment is so meaningful. Glad you like it, too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Well I love all the thanksgiving gifts you chose, but my 2 faves are the Angel, (who knew, right?) and the sharing plate. I love that idea!

    1. It's a beautiful angel, Heather! Glad you like the sharing plate, too. I've seen that type of item before, but this one really caught my eye. I know many people who'd love to receive that and would be anxious to pass it along. Appreciate your visit!

  8. I think that "share" plate would be the gift I'd find most useful if someone gave it to me. If I were in doubt about the most appropriate gift to give, I'd probably choose the flowers.

    1. It's hard to go wrong with flowers, Barbara, I agree. Glad you like the "share" plate, too. Thanks!


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