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When You Have An American Heart - A World of Good

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Stand Beside Her and Guide Her

"From the small town Friday night lights, to the Broadway neon burning up bright, We're all the same and it's in our veins, A spirit that you can't keep down, A fire inside that'll never burn out if you are the owner of an American Heart" (Lyrics from American Heart by Faith Hill)

America The Good Representing a World of Good

The inspirational song by Faith Hill, American Heart, reminds us about not only the good in America, but also in people who proudly call themselves members of the free world.

Free speech, compassion, human rights and the collective good remain a constant work in progress and as a Canadian, like my brother and sister Americans, I'm blessed to be a part of it.

As people of earth, our diversity along with our sameness are the weights that create the balance. It's cliche, but it really is our differences that teach us and our common ground that unites us.

As an example, even with a physical border between Canada and the USA, the earth doesn't shift when you place a foot on one side or the other: Stand on one side, or stand on the other, I'll venture a guess our aspirations are fundamentally the same; those being prosperity, peace and the pursuit of happiness.

We all know Canadians and Americans share the longest peaceful border on planet earth. This speaks loudly about the people who inhabit both sides of this man-made invisible line.

The most successful friends on the planet have earned a few bragging rights and the Oscar should go to the people of both countries, not our governments. For it's the people who set the pace in a free country; it's people who push governments one way or another, and in a free world governments reflect who we are.

Belting out the lyrics of American Heart, Faith Hill sings these inspirational words 'We're all the Same'. The song is speaking to the soul that makes up America. Today I'll push these worthy sentiments forward to encompass my own country, and even further out to wrap these words of hope around the planet.

When times get tough, play Faith Hill's song American Heart full blast:

Cause it beats like a drum down in New Orleans
Sings like a Motown Melody,
It dreams like California,
Bigger than a Texas sky,
it Bleeds,
it Scars,
it Shines when Times get Hard,
and you can't break an American Heart..

(Lyrics from American Heart)

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  1. I guess it's our "North American hearts" that beat the same, Barbara! I'm thankful for my many (online) Canadian friends.

    1. love that 'North American Heart' - I'm thankful for my American friends too, y'all are cool <3

  2. As you know, I have had the opportunity to visit Canada several times in the last year or so. Had it not been for customs at the border, I would never have known where one country ended and the other began.

    A great song and a wonderful reminder to us all as we move into this American election week!

    1. so true, we share the same fundamental values - our shared continent is pretty gorgeous too <3

  3. God Bless America! My friends all have wonderful hearts. Thanks Barbara for a lovely review.

  4. Barbara, I saw this video not long ago and it was such a joy to watch it again here today. That little boy performing with Faith Hill is so talented and downright adorable! The two of them together, as well as the words to "American Heart", certainly reflect the 'diversity and the sameness' of all people the world over and most particularly here in our country and our shared North American continent! Your song review today is very apropos for this week.

    1. Pat, this video and song is one of my personal faves - it says so much in a simple way - thanks for your wonderful comment

  5. I have visited Canad many time, as we live in Western New York and it's only about 2 hours away. Toronto is one of my favorite places, with the most friendly people I've ever met. Loved the video and love the song.

  6. This is very appropriate at this point in America's history. I love the words. I've only had opportunity to visit Canada once -- for a day, but I'd love to go back. Meanwhile, I love the USA and hope it recovers from its post-election turmoil.

  7. This is very appropriate at this point in America's history. I love the words. I've only had opportunity to visit Canada once -- for a day, but I'd love to go back. Meanwhile, I love the USA and hope it recovers from its post-election turmoil.


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