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Printable Greeting Cards

These printable greeting cards are on high-resolution downloadable files that you can print at home. Easy DIY last-minute gift idea.
Look what I found. It's a fabulous source for printable greeting cards. These are cards on high-resolution downloadable files that you can print at home. Simply choose a design, place your order, grab the downloadable file, print, and the card is ready to be delivered or mailed. It's easy! Here's my review of this sanity-saving method of buying greeting cards at the last minute.

The procrastinator in me loves these cards. Why? Because I can choose, buy, print, and mail or hand deliver any of them quickly, within a matter of minutes. If you tend to put off shopping for special occasions until it's almost too late to be on time, bet you'll love the convenience, too!

Even if you're organized and always on time, there's much more to love about these cards. Since they're designed by artists from all over the world, it's easy to find something absolutely unique and the selection is huge. You're sure to find a style that you like for any occasion you can think of.

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Downloadable, Printable Inspirational Card ©JWGiftsandDecor on Etsy
Printable Inspirational Card ©JWGiftsandDecor on Etsy

Printable Father's Day Cards

Print it instantly! Father's Day printable greeting card from DecorartDesign
Father's Day Printable Card ©DecorartDesign on Etsy

Father's Day is always the third Sunday in June, but it has a way of sneaking up on me at the last minute. You, too? If you wait until the last minute to choose a card for dear ol' dad, it won't be too late. Take a look at this Father's Day card collection, find one you like, order, then print. Use the search box to narrow down the subject matter to something that perfectly suits your dad.

Cards for All Occasions & Every Holiday

It's always good to have a greeting card or two on hand for emergencies, but if you're like me your card box never seems to contain exactly what you're looking for when you need it. That's another reason I like the idea of being able to choose the perfect card and print it from the comfort of my computer.

For instance, look at this selection of printable get well cards. You'll also find some really unique printable birthday cards. I found a beautiful selection of scripture cards for all occasions, too. Recently I've been exploring printable Halloween cards. You may be surprised at the selection. I was!

Choose a couple of designs that you especially like, order the downloads, and you'll have them on the computer when you need them. Pay once then print as many copies (for personal use) as you like!

Cute printable all-occasion greeting card from MerryMailman on Etsy, includes envelope template
©MerryMailman on Etsy
Here's an idea for an all occasion card to keep on hand. This "What's up, buttercup" printable card download includes two designs, an envelope template, and you can color the card yourself if you choose. Or let the recipient color it. In fact, make a gift of it by including a set of colored pencils. How perfect for either an adult or a child! (I got this one for my mom, who really enjoys her adult coloring books.)

Next time you're at Walmart, Target, or your favorite office supply store, pick up an inexpensive package of card stock paper along with some pretty envelopes (or make your own envelope from a grocery bag!). Choose a few favorite printable card designs to have handy on your computer, and you'll be ready whenever the next card-giving occasion arises. You'll save both time and money and the recipient is sure to be pleased.

So, who will your first printable card recipient be?

~ Susan
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  1. These are a fabulous idea, I have a friend who loves greeting cards (giving and receiving them) and she would LOVE this - she often makes her own and prints them out (she does a pretty good job too)

    1. Great to have the talent for designing your own cards, like your friend, Barbara. It's fun to look through the selection on Etsy - so many ideas, so much talent!

  2. What a fabulous find Susan! I frequently need a card, but don't have the time to run to the store. I end up getting past the time of need, therefore I don't get that card sent that I really wanted to send. I already have card stock paper on hand, so now I am ready. Just in time too! We have several June birthdays in our family.

    1. Perfect, Cynthia! You described my situation exactly. I have good intentions, but the timing is often bad. This way, you think of the need and run right to Etsy to find a card. Bet you'll save money this way, too. Store-bought cards can be very expensive!

  3. This is cool because I can never find the perfect card. Now, I can just make the perfect card.

    1. Exactly, LadyNightwave! I love the concept!

  4. Susan this is a wonderful idea, thanks for all the links! I will make use of them for sure.

  5. Thanks for this one Susan, I'll for sure look into this one. I'm always the last minute guy when it comes to having the right greeting card that I need, and always rushing off to the store at that last minute!!!

    1. And sometimes it's just not convenient to get to the store, or at least that's how it works for me. Hope you find some cards online that you love!

  6. great idea! printable greeting cards will solve my procrastinator problem! thank you!

    1. Always good to hear from another procrastinator, Heather! :D Thanks!

  7. I LOVE sending greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries, plus fun ones around special days and holidays for the grandchildren. These printable greeting cards are a perfect way to always have one available when you need it.

    1. Look for coloring cards for those kiddos, Elf. I found so many cute ones! Hope you find some good birthday and anniversary cards, too!

  8. Sometimes I have the hardest time finding the right cards so I've made my own. This can save a lot of time. A good find Susan!

  9. What a great idea! As you know, I'm a greeting card hoarder, but even I can sometimes not find an appropriate card on hand.


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