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Discount and Deals Page for Popular Online Stores

Discount & Deals Page Created
by Funkthishouse Here
Are you taking advantage of all the savings available when you online shop?

I've been guilty of not using coupons, flash sales, daily deals, clearance and discounts when I online shop. 

Has this happened to you? You've reached the check-out point for your online purchase and notice a spot for coupons .... and start thinking .... did I miss the coupon, could I get this cheaper, do I need a free shipping coupon? So you stop the process and go back and double check, or you say 'to heck with it' and complete the transaction as is because you're in a hurry.

After all these years I'm finally paying attention to coupon codes advertised on a site. The problem is, sometimes coupons are not clearly positioned or the best deals turn out to be another type of discount, rather than a coupon; like flash sales, or daily deals.

Another problem; it's hard to keep track of where to find daily deals and discounts. We forget where the location of the daily deals are (where the links are), and sometimes doing 'a google' brings us to multiple wrong or out of date places.
For Deal Shoppers, Here's my Discount Page Providing a List of Links for Deals for Several Popular Online Stores
Daily Deals: Amazon & eBay offers daily deals. It's a great place to scan when you're gift shopping or need daily supplies of basics.

Flash Deals: Flash deals are discounts offered for a short 'flash' of time. The clock ticks on these deals. When you visit The Discount Page you'll see a popular home decor company that runs these.

Clearance: That's exactly what it states, 'items on clearance'. You'll notice a link to both Walmart and Allposters. It will lead you to their items on clearance.

Coupons: If you're looking for where to find a list of Etsy and Amazon Coupons, you'll be directed to it via The Discount Page. All their Coupons are in one convenient place.


My 16 year old son recently purchased a new laptop. Prior to buying, he researched online for the best price based on where he wanted to buy and the features he wanted included.

He didn't buy it online though; he wanted to see it, so he went to the actual store in the mall to make the purchase. However when we arrived there, the item was displaying a 'normal price' not the online sale price.

He was quite discouraged and thought he missed the sale. So we asked the sales representative who looked it up on the computer and found that, yes, this item was in fact on sale. For whatever reason, it hadn't been marked for sale in the store.

Also, because of his age, he was able to receive a student discount of about $100 on top of the sale. So a laptop that would have cost him over $1400 actually cost him about $1100 (taxes all in).

So even if you're not buying online, it pays to research online. That way you're armed with any discrepancies you notice in the store.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. I am a firm believer in clipping coupons for our loyal stores and searching for the coupons for online stores. Funny you should write about this actually. We went to the grocery store last Friday and saved over $71.00 thanks to coupons. My husband is still taking about how much money that really is and all because he clipped the coupons from the paper, while I logged onto the grocery store site and added the digital coupons to our store card. It took the 2 of us less than 15 min to make $71. Coupons and promo codes really can make a huge difference.

    1. Good Savings Cynthia! I've watched those coupon cutting shows from the US and am in shock at how much you can save when you know how to coupon - in Canada it's a little harder, they place limits on this and prevent you in many cases from overlapping coupons with sales - BUT there's a program here called - put the App on your phone and it has all the flyers for all the stores and simply prepare your clippings and grocery shop at a store that price matches. I use price matching all the time. Holds people up in line, but many are doing this now - I saved about the same as you did with price matching!

  2. This sounds like a handy page. I'm exactly the person you have written about who gets to the check-out page and wonders where to get a promo code. I'll have to check out your discount page.

    1. Barbara, maybe only people named Barbara do this - since we're both named Barbara lol

  3. I'm that person, too, who gets to the check-out and wonders about the promo code. Great idea to have a page like this, Barbara! Congratulations to your son on his savings on the laptop! Just a note, Walmart's prices online often are less than in the store. I've had them price match to their online product listing when I checked out at the store. They're happy to do it.

  4. Always helpful to have coupon savings when shopping, either in a big box store or online. I didn't know about the daily deals on Amazon. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Thanks Pat - yah, so many ways to save, I'm paying attention now :)

    2. Saving money is always good. I used to use coupons in the USA, but they really don't have as many here in Ireland. But they do have discounts advertised and we take full advantage.


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