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NutriBullet: Why I Waited Too Long!

NutriBullet Pro 900
I am slow to buy the latest thingamajigs and doodads. I'm not sure why, but my tendency is to not buy things when they are new on the market. I recently purchased a NutriBullet Pro 900 and I regret having waited for so long. If you like smoothies or if you are committing to a more healthy diet, I highly recommend the NutriBullet Pro 900. 

Why I chose the NutriBullet Pro 

My inexpensive blender finally gave up. While it was operational, I thought it did a suitable job making smoothies. I didn't feel like it was a big deal when the occasional banana blob got caught in the straw or the chunk of ice crunched between my teeth. I loved the heavy-duty glass pitcher and it worked well to make my smoothies every few days. But then it wore out and was beyond repair.

I had been reading reviews of different "smoothie" makers.  I've listened to friends talk about their wonderful and expensive blenders. I still procrastinated and didn't make a purchase. I didn't want to spend the money. I didn't want another kitchen gadget. And frankly, I thought smoothie makers were over-priced and just a gimmick.  In the meantime, I missed my occasional morning smoothie much more than I thought I would.

So far, my NutriBullet Pro has done a great job.  Not only does it crush ice completely, and mix the bananas into a smooth drink, it transformed carrots, a splash of orange juice, a splash of french vanilla creamer, ice, and water into an "orange" creamsicle drink!  Yes. Carrots pulverized into a smooth and creamy drink.  I believe the NutriBullet folks refer to it as "extracting" but I prefer the word pulverizing. 

While ultimately, there are more pieces with this system (the base, the two cups, the cup ring, lid, and handle attachments, and the blade assembly), somehow this seems easier than using my old blender that only had three pieces.  With the NutriBullet, I just add my ingredients to the cup, screw on the blade assembly, turn it upside-down and press and turn it slightly into the base. Then I watch it pulverize. When finished, I just remove it from the base (easy), remove the blade assembly, and add the cup attachment I prefer (the sippy-lid).

With my beloved blender, I had to choose a variety of settings (the ice setting first, followed by one of the higher settings). I also had to stop the blender and scrape ingredients from the sides. While I thought I'd miss the glass blender jar, the smaller cups are faster and easier to wash.

I regret having waited so long to add this machine to my kitchen and the health benefits to my life.


In addition to the creamsicle flavored smoothie, I like the following about the NutriBullet Pro 900:

  • the NutriBullet Pro 900 is 900 watts - which means little to me except that it is far more powerful than my blender was
  • is able to "breakdown" ingredients like carrots, nuts, flax seeds, and so on.
  • it is very easy to use - no fancy buttons or settings
  • it takes up very little counter space 
  • the cups are dishwasher safe (top shelf)
  • recipe book is included & free app with recipes available
  • nutritional information booklet -the reported health benefits of a variety of fruits, greens, and "boosts"
  • a 133 page booklet of recipes, health information, and testimonials


My only concerns are mild concerns. So mild that I nearly did not mention them here. But I decided to list them in the event someone who designs the future NutriBullet models reads this.  

I am a 51 year old woman with short fingers, weak hands, and apparently with worsening vision. I would still rate my NutriBullet Pro at 5 out of 5 stars. But the following are my concerns:
  • the "max" line on the cups are VERY hard to read with the ingredients in the cups 
  • the attachments (the blade, and the cup ring attachments, etc) are a large size that are nearly too large for my short fingers to grasp while turning
  • the attachments may be difficult for folks with arthritis, or other problems with grasp, to use easily
However, these issues will not cross your mind if you have good vision, average length fingers, and good grip. 

Perhaps the NutriBullet folks will make a NutriBullet Seniors model.

Next week I will explain why smoothies are important to me and I'll share some delicious smoothie recipes from my friends.

NutriBullet Recipe and Information Booklet Included

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  1. I'm right there with you on getting the latest doodads, I almost always wait forever too. We've used this product and like it as well. Since our family is so large the vitamix is a better fit over the magic bullet. Although I wouldn't mind getting a new one just for me!

    1. My friend swears by his vitamix. And I had seriously considered getting one. But I'm making smoothies for just me... so that's why I went with this one. That... and as you may know.. I'm continually trying to downsize and live small. So the Vitamix seemed so much bigger. But I know.. you have an awesome machine sitting on your counter too.

  2. I've never tried smoothies, so hadn't tried any smoothie makers. But your review of the NutriBullet Pro is very good and now I know where to go if I decide to add this drink to my menu. :)

    1. If you like fruit (and/or veggies) you would love a smoothie. I'm not talking about the kind you get at some stores. I really don't like those at all. But... I love mixing my fruit with water. It's so thirst quenching.

  3. Love my Nutri Bullet so I understand why you love it too. I mostly use mine for fruit and ice cream so not sure it's that healthy for me but at least there are "some" vitamins that way. LOL

    1. Hahaha! I've been eyeing the leftover ice cream in my freezer. So far I've managed to stay away from it. But it's been sooo tempting. So I know exactly what you are talking about. Mmmmmm, ice cream.

  4. I'm giving this NutriBullet serious thought. The personal smoothie blender that I have came with two mixing cups and one recently failed and made a mess, leaking my smoothie down into the motor area. I've dried that out and it runs, but I really don't trust it to last very long. Also, I really like that your NutriBullet Pro really does pulverize even carrots really well, and I'm sure mine wouldn't do that. Yep, I'm talking myself into it... Appreciate the review!

    1. Have you ever tried flax seeds? I started using them in my blender smoothies..but they just stayed whole. That didn't bother me... it was a bit like having sesame seeds on a bun. But in the NutriBullet.... the flax seeds get pulverized too! It's great.

  5. This one sounds so much better than my Magic Bullet.....I know I can't crush ice very well and the carrots...well I've never tried, but, I'm pretty sure that it would not work as well as this one...Thanks for a great review.

  6. I am so very glad you reviewed the Nutri Bullet Pro! I have considered replacing my own blender with one, but just didn't want to spend the money and then be disappointed. While I enjoy smoothies year round, I often crave the cool refreshing drinks during the hotter summer days. An excellent review! Thank you!

  7. I am in the market for a new smoothie machine, so this was a very timely review. My one concern is that a 900-watt blender will blow my solar fuses. I need the extra power, but can my system handle it? This sounds like a good choice for me. I'm also looking at the Ninja models. Thanks for sharing your experience. Very helpful.

  8. I'm glad to see that you like your new NutriBullet. We've had ours for a while now and my wife just loves it. She uses it the most and is always commenting on how much better she feels when she is drinking those healthy drinks. On the not so healthy side it makes a great milk shake this I know you sure :) Great review, I would recommend the NutriBullet to anybody.


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