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Romantic Picnics

romantic picnicMy husband and I frequently share a romantic picnic, often in our own backyard simply because it is convenient, peaceful and our own personal temporary hideaway haven. 

I am blessed with a friend and partner in this life that doesn't mind slapping together sandwiches, grabbing a bag of chips, glasses of lemonade and heading outside. 

We spend hours laughing, talking about our co-workers, sharing our thoughts, hopes, wishes, dreams and ideas. We have had so many fun picnics in our backyard over the last few months, that he feels he personally knows all of the Contributors on Review This Reviews! 

You see, it is very easy for me to break from my computer work and head out for a picnic in the backyard with my sweetheart at lunchtime and then return to work. Therefore, my co-workers are often fresh on my mind. 

I won't share their personal life experiences publicly, but I will tell all of my readers that my husband hears about every success, every trial, every new home, every flat tire, every death and every life of my fellow writers. He laughs, gets appropriately angry when my friends don't get the needed help, and grieves right alongside me when tears are shed. 

This may not sound exactly romantic to some, but the bond created between my husband and myself as we share about our days, our friends, our experiences, is a bond that romantic writers only wish they would capture with words.   Having someone to share those everyday moments and feel what you feel is the true meaning of "romantic" and is what every forever hopeless romantic seeks in their own life.  

Now, lets plan your picnic!

Romantic Picnic Ideas

If you are interested in a good old fashioned picnic, complete with a picnic basket and blanket for sitting, you are going to love Mcgilwriter's suggestions and Romantic Picnic Ideas.  

Just reading the list brings back fond memories of planning for a lakeside picnic or park picnic ahead of time.
romantic picnic ideas
The list above is a screenshot of a portion of
Mcgilwriter's original published article.  Unfortunately, the full article is no longer available since the writing platform has shutdown.  

I love his suggestion for a starry nights picnic!  Yes, I do see that in our future.

Picnic Backpacks – Get Your Hike On and Take A Gourmet Lunch With You 

My husband and I love to hike!  We usually take our furbabies with us, but on my photo shoots or really long trails, we leave the pups home.  Those hikes would be the perfect time for a Picnic Backpacks!

Yes, I need one of these!  I have added it to my birthday wish list.  I bet I know one thing I will be getting for my next birthday now. 

How to Pack a Beach Picnic 

A picnic on the beach sounds divine!  I love the beach, the ocean, watching the sea life and even building sand castles.

Cynthia Davis not only tells us How to Pack a Beach Picnic, but she also shares excellent tips for a beach picnic and recommended beach picnic food.  
  • Picnic Basket with Finger Foods (sandwiches, cut up vegetables & fruit, etc)
  • Cooler with Drinks
  • Sunscreen & Sunvisors/Sunglasses
  • Plastic Utensils
  • Wet Wipes
  • Picnic Blanket or Beach Chairs

So, while we are building our sand castles, we will also be building a stronger bond with each other and lasting memories.

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  1. Aw... now I'm in the mood for a picnic! What a wonderful reminder to get out there, relax, and nurture those relationships. Picnics are a great way to do that.

    1. Yes they are! And, when I come visit the Mid-Atlantic states and my contributor friend there, I am bringing along my picnic basket. We have much hiking to do!

  2. What a delightful post! Your husband sounds wonderful!

  3. How I love romantic picnics. What a great blogging topic. I'm off to check out your featured picnic themed links. Thanks! Hope you get that birthday backpack and a starry, starry night picnic.

    1. I would be willing to bet he will happily select a picnic backpack for us. He loves to hike and eat too :) Now that starry, starry, night picnic, we will enjoy that!

  4. Heading straight for those picnic backpacks by Lindjm, delightful!

  5. Ah, the dreams of a romantic picnic! I may not have a beach nearby, but that would be my first choice. However, picnics are such a favorite of mine, that I can enjoy one any where. Your choice of Squidoo writers to feature is great. I have a few new pages to admire, too!

    1. I loved the beach picnics too Susan and I am a long way from any beach myself, but they sure are awesome when we vacation.

  6. Having that special someone to share those everyday moments is the most romantic of all. Your picnic ideas are a bonus. Lovely (and fun) picnic ideas featured here. :)

    1. You are so very right Elf! All picnics are fun, but that special someone does make them romantic.

  7. Tim and I are the same way! We love our spontaneous time together -- even/especially over a bologna sandwich! LOL We have had more than a few picnics in the backyard ourselves! It is fun and romantic when you are with the one you love!

    1. Ooooooh, I love a great fried bologna sandwich! I have always know we had much in common Mandee girl!


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