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Getting Organized and Going Back to Work

craft room with sewing machine
Just the other day, a friend reminded me that it's only 24 weeks until Christmas. Do you wonder where the time has gone this year? Does time fly while you're having fun? Or, have you been too busy to notice?

It's been too busy around the Recycler household. The year started with the hunt for the perfect home. It took us a month of sorting through the list of foreclosures and estates sales in our town until we found a home, that, if we didn't look too closely, looked like the home of our dreams.

After the papers were signed, we had a short party and then spent the next three months getting the place in shipshape condition with An Environmentally Friendly Spring Cleaning Solution and a lot of pruning to recover from what was definitely not an example of how to Plant the Right Tree the Right Way.

Now that the hard work is done, it's time for us to get organized and go back to work. It's important that our home be organized and work-ready. Our dream home is not just the place where we eat, drink, and be merry. It is also our home office, art studio, and crafting room.

One corner of the house has been set up as a combination office and crafting room. In the middle of the room is a very large, pub-height table that we use as a computer workstation and a crafting table. I wanted a tall desk so that I could stand while working. I had experimented with standing at the kitchen counter at our old home and I loved it. I felt more productive and stronger by just standing for a few hours each day.

Finding the perfect standing height desk setup wasn't as easy as I had thought. There's a lot to consider before standing while working. How the standing height workstation will be used and personal health issues should be considered, along with preferences about the size of the desktop and the storage features.

Standing and working isn't a full-time gig for us. We keep a couple of comfortable stools next to the bar, excuse me, desk, so we can saddle up for some serious sitting time. It doesn't take a permanent standing height workstation to get the benefits. There are several Stand Up Workstation And Adjustable Desk Options that convert a standard desk into a temporary stand up workstation. Sometimes it just feels good to mix up the work routine.
steampunk big bows

With the crafting workstation in place, the place needed some organization. There must be a thousand and one Craft Room Ideas, Designs and Organization tips on the Web. Our workroom has plenty of bookshelves and cubby holes to fit art supplies, upcycle materials, and books. As we grow accustomed to our new workspace, we're learning what organization methods work best for our working style. Our organization style... Implement the best and toss the rest in the recycle bin.

Now that the neglected house we purchased has been turned into a clean, well-lighted home with an awesome workspace, it's time to give the old resume an update and a good polish. This girl needs to get back into the work-at-home workforce. And, create a few more Steampunk fashions on mom's vintage Singer sewing machine.

As we slide on into the last half of this exciting, changing, and busy year... reduce the stress, reuse the best, and recycle the rest.

Here's to your health and happiness!


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Coletta Teske

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  1. You have certainly had a whirlwind of activity this year, but it appears to have been quite a productive year for you. I like the idea of a standing work station, rather one that works for standing and for sitting, as I'm not sure my bad spine could handle standing in one place for hours. I like that you describe your home as also your work and creative space and I look forward to seeing more of your articles and designs.

    Good luck with the work-at-home job hunt. I've no doubt you'll find something, as your writing and creative endeavors are top-notch and interesting, no matter the topic you share.

    1. Hi Ruthi! I do love my standing workstation and when my feet need a rest, I just grab a bar stool. And I love my new home. It feels so incredible to be grounded after spending decades on the fly. Liberating! Thank you so much for the boost of confidence. You know I always appreciate your support.

  2. Having you workspace organized and ready for work really does make a world of difference to my own daily productivity. I may not be able to stop the interruptions due to the phone or doorbell, but I sure love having everything I need all in one place when I work or craft. I know you feel like you have finally "come home" and that is awesome! Congratulations again on your new home, your fabulous craft room / office and thanks for all the great tips!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia. I've seen my productivity increase the past few weeks as we finish all of our remodeling, refurbishing, and move-in tasks. It does feel good.

  3. Glad you're settled in at last! I almost always look to Squidoo first when I'm searching for information on just about any topic, including decorating and arranging my home. Thanks for sharing the resources that you found!

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by. It feels like it took forever to clean up this old house and I'm glad that part is over.

  4. Glad your new home is finally ship-shape just the way you want it. All your recycling and environmentally friendly solutions for home & office, crafting & organizing continue to be very helpful as I incorporate many of the 'tips & hints' (yours and others) you have been sharing. Enjoy your new life. :)

    1. Hello Elf! I am so happy to hear that you've become a Friend of Recycling. That is so cool that you've been able to reduce, reuse, and recycle more in your every day life! Thank you!


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