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Gardeners not only Know all the Dirt, they have the Best Tools to spread it around too!

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The first set of garden tools ever created are right at the end of each of your arms.   I don't know a gardener anywhere,  who hasn't made use of those ten fingers to dig, pull, make rows, and then plant seeds.

Unfortunately, those ten fingers will only get you so far and then you need to bring in the big tools. Every Gardener that I know also has his or her own set of favorite tools that help in their task of creating beauty in the space they call home. If you are new to gardening, acquiring your first tools might just be a little easier if you do some reading right here!

Charlino knows how to get rid of weeds in a non-harmful to the environment way!   Check out her posting right here:  The Best Chemical Free Method Of Ridding Your Yard Of Weeds

If that's not a good enough start there is always some tools from other countries that might help you with any gardening chores you might have.  Check out Nejiri Kama, Japanese Sickle  or the other favorite Japanese gardening tool, one that I happen to really love and use daily:  Sharp Tools are Required, Sometimes

Among other things to do in the garden with your tools is to set up your space.  This of all things can be the most daunting.  It's not enough to have some dirt,  you do need to keep in mind what your plants are going to need as far as sunlight, watering and other needs to get you growing in the right direction.  Having a plan sometimes helps!  Books are a great resource and can help to kindle the desire to help nature be everything it can be.  Planning and executing can be the most interesting part of your new garden and can be done in the months that aren't quite spring or summer yet! Or if you have tried and weren't quite happy with the results, then some books can help you make it better next year.  Gardeners are the eternal optimists.  Whatever didn't work this year, will work next year for sure........

There is a host of good reading available at the Weekend Gardener's Contributor page Weekend Gardeners/Weekend Warriors

When you think you are ready,  it's time to move on to the real joy of gardening and literally reaping the fruits of your labor.  Here are some great tips for having the best tomatoes you could ever dream of.   13 Tips for Growing Better Tomatoes

Hopefully you will find something here that will make your time in the garden productive and pleasurable too!

Happy Growing!

p.s.  there is a ton of information for gardeners of all skill levels at the Weekend Gardener's page on Facebook, come and like us there or visit Pinterest  for even more!

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  1. I loved you opening line for this article! It is so very true that our hands were the first gardening tools ever created. I simply never thought of it that way before. I can certainly always use a little more assistance. Thank you for introducing us all to a few more gardening tools we all need and are sure to love :)

  2. And I am so very thankful for my original two tools. They never get rusty or lost. :-)

  3. Oh, fun info - I have to check out those tips for growing better tomatoes. One can never have too many tips in the arsenal.

  4. My momma says that if I don't have dirt under my fingernails, I'm not happy. I like to put my hands in the dirt just to feel the dirt. And, yes, I test my soil pH the same way wine connoisseurs test wine. By smell and taste. Thank you for the links to some great garden tools.

  5. Terrific ideas for gardeners who are both experienced and novices. I used to enjoy a vegetable garden, but now live in an apartment, so my gardening is reduced to a couple indoor plants. Happy gardening to all who have plant-filled back yards!

  6. Oh yes, the hands that work the land are the best tools to be had, but it sure doesn't help to use them to grab a good gardening tool. Now, to check out those tomato tips!

  7. I was able to pick another cucumber from the garden yesterday and 2 more tomatoes. I want to dig up the potato plants and see if there really are some potatoes under there. They have started to die out on the tops.


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