Sunday, April 27, 2014

Crafting is not just about having a Glue Gun!

I am Mickie and I was formerly known as "The Glue Gun Slinger" contributor on Squidoo (Now Squidoo is no more and all of my articles are on Hubpages.) It was my job to find wonderful craft projects that use some kind of glue and share them with my followers. For example, I recently discovered how to make a birdhouse out of wine corks (yes, that is a link!) and published my own page featuring this project. As can be expected from this Glue Gun Slinger, that project uses lots of hot glue and a glue gun. Here is a photo of my friend, Toni, and her bird house:

bird house made out of wine corks

What I would love to be the most famous for, however, is "saving the world, one book at a time"! My favorite way to use glue is for repairing books. Yes, real everyday paper books that have actual pages you can turn with your very own fingers.

I am a retired librarian and I learned how to make repairs while working and volunteering in public libraries. I have written several tutorials on subjects like repairing a child's Bible, repairing a torn page,  and reattaching a cover to a board book. I even have an article about (of all things!) The Best Glues for Book Repairs.

While I was the Glue Gun Slinger, I corralled many sticky projects on a Pinterest Board that you can visit by clicking here. I just know that you will find a craft that you would love to make! Make sure you have glue!

What am I crafting now? Greeting Cards. With Mother's Day and Father's Day quickly approaching, I wanted to find an easy, yet spectacular personal card for those occasions. One page I found on the Hubpages website was Old Book Page Crafts by "lbrummer". This contributor shares ideas for using pages from books to craft beautiful projects. Yes, this might involve tearing apart a book, but sometimes books are beyond repair and the best use for them is to upcycle those tomes into something beautiful. I have even used pages from an old dictionary to cover an old lampshade using glue thinned with water as the decoupage medium.

lamp shade covered with book pages

So, as you can see, I have more than just a glue gun in my holster!

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  1. Wow! I absolutely love your features! Truly makes me want to whip out my glue gun, gather some wine corks and make my own birdhouse. I know Susan and Mandee will share their corks with me. Anyone else wanna send me some?

    I also love the lamp! It would be a perfect addition to my craft room, which doubles as my home library.

    I actually referred to you book repair article a few years back when my husband had an old book he wanted repaired. I had previously read your article when he asked me if I knew how to repair his book. I responded with something like "no, I don't, but I do know where to look for help!" It is repaired and safely back on his book shelf. Some things really are just too precious to mess up and books are high on that list in our home.

    Last, but by no means least, welcome to Review This! I have been reading your articles for years and I am thrilled beyond belief that you honor us with your presence here.

    1. You are making me blush! I feel absolutely the same way about the other contributors here on "Review This"!

  2. I will be using my glue gun today on a new "Do or Di DIY" project. I really do like that wine cork birdhouse. My project today involves one wine cork. Since I woke up to lots of new snow (a complete surprise), this will be a good day to revisit some of these lenses and spend the day happily slinging glue. So happy to have you officially launched here. What a wonderful addition you are to our team.

  3. Such wonderful uses for things here! I love your ideas.

  4. Great to have you here! I absolutely love the wine cork birdhouse, such a fabulous idea! And as a former school librarian who spent many an hour trying to figure out how to patch books back together again, I will be appreciating all of your book repair lenses greatly!

  5. Delighted to have you join us in our 'Review This' circle, Mickie_G. Finding helpful 'How-To' articles, stories related to our 'niche' written by fabulous Squidoo lensmasters, and featuring outstanding reviews is what this blog is all about, and I can already see that your contribution is going to be fantastic!

  6. Delighted to have you join us on the CU Review This! team, Mickie! Great cork birdhouse and I loved the article on Book Page Crafts! I still have an unused glue gun I purchased before this past Christmas. Hopefully you will entice me with a project on which to sling some glue from that gun.

  7. Wow - I think my glue gun has been silent for too long! Although, I will need to share my wine corks with Sylvestermouse, I think I may still have enough to make a birdhouse! Welcome to the team, Mickie.


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