Thursday, April 3, 2014

Refining your Skills as a Photographer

beach scene photo by mbgphoto

To refine your skills as a photographer it is important to Practice-Practice-Practice.  During the month of March I spent some time each morning practicing photographing the sunrise.  I took hundreds of photos, using different settings on my camera.  I would then load them into my computer and see which settings got me the desired shots.  The next day I would start with that setting and then start the process all over again. 

While I went through this process, I also learned a lot about the natural lighting in the sky.  For instance I found that on many mornings there was a time about 20-30 minutes before sunrise when the sky would take on some beautiful colors.  It would only last for a few minutes so if you didn't know when to look for it you would miss a great opportunity for a beautiful photo.  Here is the result of one of those predawn shots.
ocean scene photo by mbgphoto

beach scene photo by mbgphoto

Every morning in March brought another spectacular sunrise.  Here is another of my photos from these practice sessions.  On this morning there were a lot of clouds so I photographed the sun just as it came up over the ocean and before it went into the next bank of clouds.  Note how the light shines through the clouds above it. 

Practicing photography can take many forms, from my self-imposed challenges to formal classes and workshops. 
Next week I will talk about some of the formal photography classes that I have taken.

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  1. Your photos are always so stunningly gorgeous Mary Beth! Sunrise really is a glorious time of the day when our Creator paints spectacular pictures for us to enjoy in the sky. You certainly do an excellent job of capturing them in photos.

  2. These photos are bliss. Your practice shows. I have also found that some amazing photos can be found by turning my back on the sunrise or sunset (reflections of color and light on the opposite horizon).

  3. Nothing more gorgeous than a sunrise and you have captured some amazing ones on your Florida beach.

  4. Practice, practice, practice - best advice for so much! And your practice shows beautifully. As always, another great bit of advice for us truly amateurs!

  5. I love it! Practice does make for a better chance at perfect. By the way, I meant to tell you, I played around with the settings on my point and shoot and was flabbergasted! I have numerous cool settings I knew nothing about until you mentioned it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Guess I really should read the instruction manuals...

  6. Your sunrise practice sessions are splendid! I enjoy nature's rise and set, but over the water views are my favorites. Thankfully, I live a block from the sea and capture them often. Each sunrise and sunset is unique and beautiful.


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