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Philips 6-Outlet Extender for Multiple Plugs in One Outlet Reviewed

Philips 6-Outlet Extender
When I purchased my safe cut/smooth cut electric can opener, I immediately realized it was annoying to constantly be plugging and unplugging my small appliances on my kitchen counter.  I needed more outlets to accommodate every electrical appliance I had in that central work location.  I prefer leaving my can opener plugged in since I use it several times a day.  However, the nightlight needs to stay plugged into that outlet too since it is always recharging.

If I unplug the nightlight flashlight, I found that I often neglect to plug it back in at the end of my work day.  We need that there because it is centrally located in my kitchen and provides just enough light at night for anyone who needs a glass of water.  In that location, the light is blocked by the adjacent wall so it doesn't shine into other rooms in our home and disturb rest.  It is also one of our emergency flashlights.  Keeping in the same place all of the time is essential.

I looked at quite a few outlet extender plugs before I made a selection.  I needed the outlets to be 3 prong and I wanted the extender to be UL certified.  I opted for the Philips 6-outlet extender because of the flatter face with angled sides design.  The angle on the sides makes it easier to use when standing in front of the outlet.  I don't need to remove the entire extender to plug something into it. 

The Philips 6-outlet extender has been perfect for my needs.  I can leave my electric can opener and my nightlight-flashlight plugged in constantly and plug in my rice maker, mixer, toaster, electric kettle, instant pot, etc. as needed without unplugging anything else.


 PHILIPS 6 Outlet Wall Plug Adapter Power StripCheck Price

The Philips 6-outlet Plug Extender

This extender has drastically improved my kitchen workspace. I no longer need to search for a second outlet when I am using multiple small appliances.

  • Expands 2 Outlets into 6 Outlets 
  • Grounded Outlets
  • Side & Front Outlets 
  • Spacesaving Design
  • 5.5" tall x 3.75" wide x 1.5 inches deep
  • Extra Wide Spaced Outlets for Bulky Chargers

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  1. We had the same problem in our kitchen and have a similar 6-outlet extender. The one we have, you remove the current outlet plate and the extender screws into the wall outlet. A huge help in the kitchen for sure with all of the additional appliances.

  2. I've used a similar extender in the past. Having moved so many times in my lifetime, each kitchen has plugs and space for appliances in different places. Having an extender is always helpful to make the most efficient and convenient use of the selected space.

  3. Oh I like that design and could use a couple of these myself. Coffee maker never gets unplugged as well as my toaster oven, so more plugs are necessary. Thanks for this review I will look into getting my kitchen updated very soon.

  4. We have a similar outlet extender in our kitchen for the same reason. (Ours also has a couple of USB ports for charging our phones, electric frother, etc.) It’s an invaluable addition to any kitchen!

  5. This sounds like a really handy extender. Thanks for the review

  6. Oh yes, I like the outlet on the side for the nightlight. We have an outlet extender like you, but it doesn't have the side plugs - that makes so much more sense to choose one like that! I'll keep this in mind for any others I may need (and yes, I totally appreciated all the occupied outlets in a kitchen - same problem here)

  7. This Philips 6-Outlet Extender would be so useful, especially in the kitchen but also other places around the home. It seems there is always a need for more plug points and this is a safe and cost effective way of achieving that. Thank you so much for this very useful and informative review.


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