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A Review Of Tower Fans A Powerful Cooling Solution


Black Tower Fan Showing Controls

When it is hot weather a lovely cooling breeze is the perfect solution. However we cannot always be out by the beach when the weather is uncomfortably warm  and when we are working or sleeping especially, a cooling tower fan is invaluable.

For perimenopause and menopause many of us have to deal with hot flushes and night heat at any time of year and a cooling breeze can be very welcome. 

We bought our tower fan a little while ago. It is a Pro Breeze  and we are very happy with it. 

We wanted to buy a good cooling fan so that we are not caught out in the height of summer. We do not have air conditioning in our older home and it would be very expensive to retro fit it, so our best solution is a good fan.  

I often get too hot even in the winter and as our bedroom and main living room is west facing getting the afternoon and evening sun, it can be really very uncomfortably warm for us there. 

We find that our Tower fan provides a great lovely breeze that really helps to cool us and we do find it much better than our round fan.


Black Tall Tower Fan


Places To Use A Tower Fan 

In the Bedroom is perfect as it is especially on the lower speeds, really quiet. I can sleep through it easily and I am a light sleeper. 

It really does help us to sleep more comfortably and drop off to sleep quicker rather than trying to find a cool spot in the bed. We love it being a tower fan and we feel the breeze rather than our round floor fan which never really reached us. 

In the Living Room and Dining Room it is good to keep the whole room and everyone in it at a comfortable temperature and is quiet enough that you can talk, play games or watch tv when it is on.

In the Office, which for me is again west facing, it helps to provide a gentle breeze keeping me cool and calm which if course helps me to work better. Again it is quiet enough if you need to do a phone call or zoom meeting. Especially in the summer when working at a computer, I find it feels hotter because of the tech, so this for me is now essential. 

Key Features To Consider When Buying a Tower Fan  

Here I can tell you what we appreciate about our Pro Breeze Tower Fan and they are points to bear in mind when choosing any tower fan. 

  • We are impressed with the powerful cooling performance and choice of it being static or oscillation. We usually have it on oscillation so that the cool breeze of circulated around the room. 

  • Fan Speeds and Wind Modes. It is best to have a fan with different speeds and wind options. We can choose from several fan speeds: eco, one, two and three and three wind modes. We find this flexibility very useful.

  • A Remote Control means convenience. The wireless remote control allows us to adjust settings from across the room. We can easily change the airspeed, wind mode, and timer functions. This is especially good when you are already in bed or engrossed in a film and want to change the speed or wind mode. So I would recommend a remote control.

Black Remote Control for Tower fan

  • Built-In Timer. A timer function is very useful indeed. We can time it to work for an hour, two hours, four and eight hours. I often set it to one hour as we drop off to sleep and this is often enough. This helps to save energy costs rather than having it on all night which we don't really need most of the time. When it is hotter or if we have a heatwave, I will set it for longer. 

  • The control panel lights light up when pressed but go off after a short time. This is a great feature as if you are using the tower fan to sleep there are no lights to disturb. I feel this is an important feature. 

  • Design Features. Our Pro Breeze Tower fan is Black and fits in to any of the rooms in our home. It is very slim and tall, yet completely stable on its base which is an important safety feature. So it does not take up very much space in any room. I think it looks fairly stylish for a fan and not out of place. You do need to make sure you have a recommended amount of  space around it for safety reasons so it is important to check that for each machine.

  • Portability. Our Tower fan is portable and the weight is no problem for me to carry alone from room to room. So if it is likely to be moved from room to room weight and carry function is important. However I did find it more awkward to carry upstairs, the weight was Ok but it was just awkward with being tall. However we wanted a tall fan so accept this.  It has a big carry handle which makes it easy to move. It is not heavy and I can easily carry it alone. 

  • Power Source. Ours has an electric cord and must be plugged into a mains plug point. It does not run on batteries so you do need to be reasonably close to a plug but it does have a long cord so this is not an issue. These are relevant things to check.

Close up Of Tower Fan Control Panel

Good Points Of The Tower Fan We Own.

  • It is slim and tall and does not take up much space.
  • It is tall so circulates air at a better height.
  • Our Pro Breeze Tower Fan was simple and easy to assemble and fix the base and then the tower on to the base which only took a few minutes. 
  • We have found it to be energy efficient.
  • It has different speeds and wind modes to suit any situation and the desired cooling effect is excellent. 
  • The timer function is invaluable. 
  • We feel it is a safer option than fans with moving blades.
  • It has a big carry handle and is not heavy to move around.
  • Control panel lights go off after a short while to enable restful sleep. 

Dreo Tower Fan  

Honeywell HYF260 Quiet Set Tower Fan

Tower Fan, 22" Bladeless Fan with Remote

All in all a Tower fan is a great solution for warm and hot days in your living room, bedroom or study and at any time of year if going through peri menopause or menopause and coping with hot flushes, all without spending too much money or taking up much space in your home.

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  1. We have several tower fans and love them! Like you, we are able to sleep with them in our bedroom and they are tall enough they actually cool us in bed. They are ideal for sitting areas too. We can actually feel the air when we are sitting on a couch or chair. I highly recommend them too!

  2. My brother has a tower fan, so I remember how nice it was when I visited. Now with your recommendation too, I'll have to look into this. Thanks for your excellent review, Raintree Annie.

  3. A great article. I have a Tower fan and it's fantastic.
    As it gets very humid in the summer where I live. It is also very energy efficien and as quiet as a wispher.

  4. We currently have a large box fan with an attached window filter in our bedroom to filter the air, since I am prone to allergies. But we do not have air conditioning in our living room, which has an entire wall of nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and gets very hot in summer. I will show your review to my husband for consideration for our living room. Many thanks for your helpful review!

  5. I have a tower heater beside my desk, and turn it on and off all day long - they are so handy to warm you up and warm the room up - mine has a timer feature as well - I wanted to find one for my son's room that had auto shut off without the timer, but I'm not sure if they exist - no luck so far

  6. Raintree Annie, these tower fans are great! I like that they don't take up so much space and still provide much needed air circulation! Yes, they are great for hot flashes and all that good stuff! Thanks for this review.

  7. This looks like a good solution when one person in a home needs the air quite a different temp than the other.


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