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Reviewing the Vera Bradley Frannie Crescent Crossbody Bag

I hate carrying purses and dislike crossbody style bags but I'm so excited to share with you the Vera Bradley Frannie Crescent bag and tell you why it is the perfect purse for people who don't care for purses. The versatility and the size are perfect for me. The colors and prints offered make it appealing to a variety of tastes.

The Vera Bradley Frannie Crescent Bag

Vera Bradley makes quality bags with a large variety of colors, prints, and styles. I had carried the tote bags for many years for work - until I've outgrown them due to the amount of stuff I have to carry back and forth. 

Personally, I stopped carry purses many years ago and only carry things in a wallet. That worked well for many years. I didn't have to carry extra items for my small children. And I no longer had to carry ladies' hygiene supplies.  With my wallet in one pocket, cell phone in another, and truck key in yet another I was set. Perfect. No chance of me leaving my purse lay somewhere.

However, as I grow older, I find myself needing to carry a pair of reading glasses. While I don't use them often when out, labels are very hard to read when shopping. Or while dining in a low-light restaurant with small print menus. I recently left my purse and glasses behind when my son treated me to dinner. I had to ask him to read portions of the menu to me!  

But enough about me... let's get on to why this Vera Bradley Frannie Crescent Crossbody Bag is so wonderful.

I do not like Crossbody style bags. I'm short and round that the strap just cuts across my body in an unflattering manner. I love shoulder carry bags but they are typically such large bags.  I only need a small bag. This Frannie Crescent can be used as a crossbody style bag if you choose. But the long strap is removable and the short strap remains. The short strap is just long enough to go over your shoulder and the bag tucks under your arm.

Like all Vera Bradley bags, there are a variety of prints and colors to choose from. I choose "bees". I LOVE this print. Many Vera Bradley colors are very bright which I like but I don't necessarily want to wear every day. Vera Bradley bags are durable. And being they are made from cotton there is no chemical smell that accompanies some faux leather bags. 

The Frannie Crescent bag has a quality zipper (I despite those cheap plastic zippers that pull apart easily). There are two interior pockets - one is zippered and one is not. The lining of the purse is slightly different than the cotton exterior. The interior feels more "wipable" than the exterior. The website boasts that this bag is made of "recyled cotton". Perhaps that is the difference I'm feeling. I like that the interior feels as though it will be easy to clean. And as always, Vera Bradely has made this cotton bag washable. I forgot to mention, the bag has a flat bottom. So it sits up where I place it. 

Beautiful Bee Vera Bradley Print
Vera Bradly Bees Print Bag on Amazon

I am very excited to find a bag with a print I love and the size I need to carry my 4 or 5 necessary items with me.  If you are looking for a smaller purse these might be just what you need also. I know I love mine and I thought I'd never want to carry a purse. While I ultimately chose the bees print, I had a hard time deciding between it, the black, and this adorable turtles print. 

Summery Turtles Print Vera Bradley Bag
Vera Bradley Frannie Crescent Turtles Print Bag on Amazon

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  1. I have always love the Vera Bradley fabrics and designs! Like you, I hate carrying a purse of any kind, but at least there are some lovely options here when needed. They make you want them even if you don't like having to keep up with a purse. Oh, and I do love the flat bottom design. I always hated it when a purse would just flop over when I set it down.

  2. What a handy purse with lovely designs. Love that turtle design. Sounds like the perfect purse for those of us who don't like to carry a purse.

  3. I, too, love Vera Bradley bags and have owned several of them in different styles, sizes and prints. The fabrics are wonderful, the workmanship is excellent and the bags are very lightweight. This Frannie Crescent bag looks perfect for when you just want to carry the basics without a bulky bag!

  4. That's a handy bag to use in lieu of a typical purse - I'm not very informed about fashion or brands, but after reading this, it's good to know about this designer's excellent quality - When I come across it, I'll know it's a good product from your article.

  5. Oh I love these Vera Bradley bags, the designs are lovely. It is good to know there is a quality zip and I too like a flat bottom to a bag so that it stands up! Thank you for your great review and recommendation!


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