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Monday, May 9, 2016

What is a Crossover Mini Hipster?!

It sounds like some sort of riddle, doesn't it? What is a crossover mini hipster?  One of those vehicles that is a cross between an SUV and a car? No. What is a hipster? A trendy and unconventional young person? No. Or slacks that hang low on your hips?  Nope. None of the above. The riddle is solved. What is black and white and cool all over? My adorable Crossover Mini Hipster bag by Vera Bradley.

Why I Ordered a Mini Hipster Bag

I just received my mini hipster bag and I love it. Since I hate purses, it seems strange to be so excited about this little bag.  But I am excited and I love it so much that I have to tell you about it right away.

I hate purses. I always have.  As an adult, I have carried my driver's license, bank card, and a few dollars in a small ID case.  I carry that case in one pocket and my cell phone in another pocket. As years go by, my cell phones have gotten larger and I find it difficult to carry them in my pocket. 

Recently, I always feel as though I am always juggling; keys, cell phone, and wallet. To solve this problem, I decided to purchase a small bag.  Because I have been so pleased with my tote bags over the years, I browsed the Vera Bradley site first. 

Vera Bradley Crossover Mini Hipster Review

This Vera Bradley Crossover Mini Hipster is made with that same high quality workmanship as their other bags. All of their bags come in an astonishing large variety of colors. I chose the Baroque pattern for my hipster.

My mini hipster has the solid color interior and a snap closure for the flap. The other compartments close with zippers. Please note that some of the mini hipsters have velcro closures rather than snaps. I believe these are the older versions of the mini hipster - perhaps the discontinued colors. 

Crossover denotes the long length of the shoulder strap, so that the bag can be hung across the body, in a hands-free manner.  I am not the biggest fan of crossovers for daily use. Fortunately, this strap is adjustable. I carry it as a small shoulder bag.

I wanted an extremely small bag. While this bag is very small, it is large enough to carry my keys, my ID and bank cards, a few small personal items, and my Samsung 7 inch tablet.  

I have an older version Kindle (the paperwhite) with a lighted leather case. The Kindle fits into the bag, but not completely. The zipper just wouldn't quite close.

If you are looking for a small, convenient, high quality bag for your small items, take a look at the Crossover Mini Hipster by Vera Bradley. You may ending up loving it as much as I love mine.

Vera Bradley demonstrates the mini hipster bag in rosewood color - a variety of photographs and a short video in the crossover bag category on their company website. The video shows the inside pockets and gives a good look at how much space there is (and isn't) in this mini bag.

For new releases, current sales, and other Vera Bradley news, check out their Facebook page.  It is an easy way to stay up-to-date with the new prints and to have access to exclusive online sales.

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Tote Bags on ReviewThis!

Vera Bradley Tote Bag
I rely heavily on tote bags and am a bit of a tote bag snob. My criteria for defining a good bag are durability, functionality, size availability, and appearance.  In this review, I will explain why the following bags fit the bill perfectly.

Vera Bradley tote bags - perfect for work

I need a very particular size of bag for work.  I need it to be large enough to carry my supplies back and forth to work; a varying assortment of notebooks, file folders, day planners, and often a clipboard.  I need straps long enough to fit (and stay) over my shoulder. Durability is a must.  I weighed my bag this morning, and it weighs just over 7 pounds.  I found all of those qualities with the Vera Bradley tote bag.

I must admit that 25 to 30 years ago, when Vera Bradley became widely known, I hadn't given their bags a second look.  I don't tend to purchase things because they are trending.  Eventually, I purchased a bag and I loved it for the reasons listed above. I have owned two of these tote bags over the past 7+ years. I am hard on bags (i.e. carrying over 7 pounds back and forth to work on a daily basis) and eventually the shoulder straps begin to fray a bit.  But overall, it makes quite a statement that a quilted tote bag lasts for nearly four years with very little wear-and-tear.

Mesh beach bags - perfect for outdoor activities

While I sometimes have taken my retired quilted tote bag on outdoor adventures, I find that the quilted material is not the best option for hiking, camping, river-wading, or sandy beaches.  I have found the the best bags for the beach are inexpensive, but very durable mesh bags.  With mesh bags, the sand shakes out of the bag, the bags are able to be rinsed out, and air circulates around your wet beach towels on the way home.
see-thru mesh bag

I prefer the beach totes with webbed straps and bags that are not see-through. Because I often travel alone, I prefer that folks passing by are not able to see the contents of my bag.  

When my children were young, or when carrying items to share with others, I preferred the see-through mesh bags. It makes locating items in the bag easier to do. You are able to easily reach into the bag and find your item without dumping the contents of the bag.

CutePurseNalities bag

More quilted bags from CutePurseNalities

If you are looking for a quilted tote bag but want something specific for a holiday, or a design other than prints offered by Vera Bradley, you must visit the CutePurseNalities store.  She offers handmade quilted bags, similarly sized to the bags I carry, but with a variety of colors and prints. 

This adorable Leprechaun Kitties bag is just a bit smaller than the bags I carry, only 10" tall as opposed to 13 1/2" tall - but not everyone needs to carry a clipboard back and forth to work. Otherwise, it is very similar and includes four inside pockets instead of three. 

Women are very particular about their bags. They have specific needs and preferences.  But if you are looking for a tote bag for work, casual, or outdoor activities, these bags are wonderful options. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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