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Fidget Toys Reviewed

 Just before his recent birthday, I asked my 9-year-old grandson, Tyler, to write me a list of gifts he was hoping for. On the list was a pair of Crocs Shoes and a set of Crocs Charms to go with them. (These items were given to him by his parents).  Also on the list was something called an 'Infinity Cube'. 

A Fidget Spinner

Admittedly, grandparents seldom keep up with the latest trends in toys, music and video games popular with the 'younger set', so we depend upon the grandchildren to 'explain'. Tyler picked the easiest way to tell me about what an infinity cube was by showing me an example on the internet. Ah, the ease of modern technology! 

Now I am out shopping and searching the toy section for an Infinity Cube. Unable to find it, I ask for help. The sales clerk takes me to a section on the shelf where there is a group of small toys called Fidget Toys. I did not know that is what they were called! And, Wow, I had no idea the range of toys that are now available as 'Fidget Toys'. 

What is a Fidget Toy?

Fidget toys are tiny toys that fit in a pocket or are easily transported in a backpack. They are intended to keep hands busy, rather like a toy version of a stress ball. Fidget toys often feature little buttons or switches that move back and forth, or ones, like the Fidget Spinner, has propellers that spin. 

fidget spinners

Besides just being a fun thing for youngsters to 'fiddle' with, they are also called 'sensory toys' and are sometimes marketed as stress relievers or to help kids burn up pent-up energy. There have even been claims that they are stress tools for kids with ADHD (although there are no real scientific or medical facts behind this claim). Mostly, they are just for fun, as Tyler will tell you. 

The Fidget Toys Tyler Got For Birthday Gifts

Infinity Cube

birthday boy opening gift

An Infinity Cube is a kind of mechanical puzzle toy with mathematical principles (per Wikipedia). It is similar to the retro puzzle toy even I am familiar with – The Rubik's Cube. While 'like' a Rubik's Cube, the infinity cube is different in that it can be opened and put back together from different directions, thus creating a visually interesting effect. They are the generally found in the size of the 2x2 Rubik's Cube. 

An Infinity Cube in Action

Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners are usually clover shaped, made of plastic or metal, and have a bearing in the center so it will spin with little effort. It appeals to all age groups and is hard to pass by without giving it a spin. The whole family has tried it out at various times throughout the day! 

Fidget Spinner in Action!


Grandson Tyler at his 9-year-old birthday party
Tyler at his family birthday party

The Infinity Cubes and the Fidget Spinners are fun, and inexpensive, puzzle-type toys for kids. In addition, Fidget Toys come in many shapes, sizes and colors, from balls to cubes to those that pop or squish. It seems that the world of Fidget Toys is virtually endless.

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*Fidget Toys Review written by Wednesday Elf (grandmother to Birthday Boy, Tyler). :) 

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  1. How interesting that today’s youth enjoys playing with what is essentially an updated Rubik’s Cube! I can see how the fidget spinner could be hard to resist giving a spin when you pass by it. Thanks for the introduction to today’s “fidget toys.” I’ll bet Tyler loves the ones you chose for him!

    1. Tyler does enjoy the fidget toys I gave him, Margaret. Fun toys for him and an introduction to the 'fidget toys' world for me. LOL.

  2. A very interesting introduction to the different types of Fidget Toys available! I was expecting something much larger. I guess this is the newest generations answer to twirling a pencil, folding paper airplanes & paper fortune teller flowers. We certainly had our own fidget toys when we were children. Bet these toys drive teachers just as crazy in the classroom as ours did :)

    1. I read that teachers don't allow fidget toys to be played with during class, LOL. Tyler took his new infinity cube to school the next day in his backpack (but only to show friends during recess). :) And I don't think anyone (kid or adult) ever stops twirling pencils. :) I guess fidget toys could be anything. Interesting that manufacturers now make a profitable business out of 'fidgeting'.

  3. I've purchased Fidget Spinners, but haven't heard of the Infinity Cube - thanks for introduction to this one - I'm almost certain that will end up in the Christmas Gift pile for someone!

    1. The Infinity Cube can be a lot of fun, Barbara. A Christmas Stocking gift will be a big hit! Thanks for your visit.

  4. They have become so popular. During our Christmas shopping we found the Wal-Mart has a complete asile dedicated to Figet Toys.

    1. Yes, I saw that too, Sam. But I had to get a sales clerk to show me where it was because when I was shopping for the infinity cube I did not know it was part of the Fidget Toys collection. Hard to find a toy when you don't know what it is called. LOL.

  5. I had never heard of Figet Toys so thankyou for this introduction! They sound wonderful, fun and engaging toys for children and I can see many adults having a go as well ! They would make wonderful gift for Birthdays and Christmas :) Thank you for your review and recommendations

    1. Kids love them, Raintree Annie, and even adults enjoy 'fidgeting around' with them. :)


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