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Microwave Egg Poacher Makes Perfect Eggs for Egg Muffins

delicious egg muffins made with poached eggs and canadian bacon
I am delighted to be able to review and recommend the Nordic Ware 2 Cup Microwave Egg Poacher.  It exceeds initial expectations.

When my husband said he wanted to buy an egg poacher and make a copycat egg muffin like the popular fast food restaurant, I was willing to be his taste-tester.  He wanted something that would be fast and easy so we did a search for a microwavable egg poacher to start.  

I was concerned about how flimsy so many of them were, but when we came across the Nordic Ware poacher, the search was over.  I love Nordic Ware products.  

I had not previously used one of their microwave cookware pieces, but I have been using their shaped bakeware pans for decades so I know they are a reliable, trustworthy and well-made brand.  Their egg poacher is no exception!  

I am quite impressed with the sturdy cup design of the Nordic Ware Egg Poacher.  The hinges are my only concern, but only time and constant use will tell about them.  However, I'm not overly concerned since the price is low enough that replacing it after a few years should not be too difficult.


 Nordic Ware 64702 2 Cup Microwave Egg Poacher, WhiteCheck PriceHow to Make Poached Eggs with the Nordic Ware Egg Poacher

The poacher makes two poached eggs at one time.  

To make the poached eggs,  lightly butter each egg cup,  add an egg in each cup, break the yolk if desired, and add 1 teaspoon of water per egg.  

Snap the egg poacher shut and cook in the microwave for 80 seconds for firm, fully cooked eggs (microwave cooking time may vary).  Then, let them set and continue to steam cook for 30 seconds before opening the poacher. 

The cooked eggs easily slide out of the poacher cups.

I recommend handwashing the egg poacher to lengthen the life and maintain the quality of the microwavable dish.


Egg Muffin Recipe

My husband loves the Thomas English Muffins, so selecting the muffins was no problem for him.  He also purchased Canadian bacon and of course, eggs.  For my egg muffin, he added a slice of American cheese, but he prefers his without cheese.

He butters and toasts the muffins in the oven and heats the Canadian bacon in the microwave. 

Simply layer the cheese, the Canadian bacon, and the poached eggs in the muffin.  Add salt and pepper to season and you have created the perfect copycat egg muffin of the egg muffin served in your favorite fast food restaurant.


egg muffins made with poached eggs, canadian bacon and muffins


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  1. We love these English muffin sandwiches. My husband calls them Mary muffins because I substitute various meats such as crabmeat or bacon and the Thomas muffins make it perfect. The egg poacher sounds great. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the recommend.

    1. Oh, I love that name! Mary muffins is absolutely adorable. I was just thinking this morning how much I would enjoy adding sausage to mine and I was waiting for my muffin chef to wake up to make my request. I love the idea of adding different ingredients to make a unique and quick breakfast.

  2. Like you, I have used Nordic Ware baking pans for most of my life and rely on the brand’s superior quality. I still have Nordic Ware bundt pans and mini “bundtlette” pans that are decades old and still going strong. So glad the company’s microwave egg poacher has also exceeded your initial expectations. Being your husband’s recipe taste taster sounds like an enviable job! 😀

  3. Well that's a handy gadget! I would absolutely use this - I like the idea of microwaved eggs, because I feel they would be cooked even better, to a safer degree (I know, that's probably all in my head) - I would enjoy having one of these if not to just avoid pulling out a frying pan and using the stove - That egg muffin sandwich looks perfect!

  4. I don't have that specific brand, but it is the same principle. Mine is a single egg cooker for the microwave. I love having the convenience of cooking an egg quickly and easily. I can see where this would work just as well, especially if you want two eggs at a time.

  5. Well this family doesn't have one of these handy gadgets yet! I can see how this would make breakfast a real snap in more ways than one. I love a good toasted egg/bacon/cheese muffin anytime! So I think this will be included my hubbies birthday gift (coming up soon)! Oh Yummy for us! Thanks for this recommendation @Sylvestermouse Cynthia!

  6. Your egg muffin sandwich looks delicious! I love poached eggs but they are not always the easiest eggs to get right ! This egg poacher sounds like a very handy gadget to make lovely poached eggs. Thank you for your review, recommendation and recipe!


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