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Toilet Paper Holder Storage Stand Reviewed

toilet paper holder storage stand next to toilet
It is frustrating to run out of toilet paper when you most need it!  I suspect we have all found ourselves in that difficult spot at one time or another.  

Many years ago, I discovered the value of having a toilet paper storage stand in each of our bathrooms.  That is especially important for guests since they would have no idea how to find additional toilet paper if needed and are not likely to want to streak through the house searching for it.  Plus, they would be greatly embarrassed to call out for more TP, then sit and wait.

As you would imagine, our toilet paper storage stands are our toilet sentinels ready to serve at a moments notice without verbal requests.  

When I clean the bathrooms each week, I fill the stands back up to maximum capacity, even if they only require one additional roll of toilet paper to be completely full.  One never knows when resources will be most needed.

This also helps me keep up with when supplies are low in the house and need to be purchased.


Toilet Paper Storage Stands 

We don't have cabinets in our bathroom toilet areas, aka water closets.  I've never been fond of hanging cabinets over the toilet, especially in a small area.  The toilet paper stand holders that sit on the floor are perfect for service with a less cluttered overall appearance.

We have 3 different styles in our home.  One that is a bit more decorative in our guest bathroom, a sturdy chrome design in our main bathroom, and a small over the tank single roll holder in our bedroom bathroom, which is the smallest water closet in our home.

Seeing the different designs available makes me wish we had more bathrooms, but I am still truly happy with the choices we made a few decades ago.  Fortunately, this is something we have never had to replace.

Click here to choose the style, color and design that best suits your home decor.  If you like the ones that we have in our home, you will find them available by clicking the images below.  One additional thought, if you purchase the mega rolls of toilet paper, you might prefer the toilet paper holder stand that has the single pole up the center.  While the mega rolls will fit in my stands, they are a much tighter fit than the large toilet paper rolls.

 iDesign Metal Tissue Holder Stand The Twigz CollectionCheck Price iDesign Classico Metal Toilet Paper HolderCheck Price Over the Tank Toilet Paper Roll Holder - hook fits both sidesCheck Price Spectrum Diversified Rounded Paper Roll Holder ChromeCheck Price

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  1. Well, you certainly pointed out all of the reasons to have one these in your bathrooms. We are lucky enough to have cabinet storage in both of our baths upstairs, and we do have one of these for the basement bath. Thanks.

  2. BTW, Thanks so much for including my Easy Bathroom Makeover Post.

  3. Cynthia, thank you for this review. I find this to be a perfect review. It gives me just enough information to want to buy the product. In fact, I clicked on your products and purchased one for my guest bedroom. Thanks.

    1. Thank you Mary Beth! I appreciate your kind comment and support. Funny how these simply things make life so much easier.

  4. I have seen these TP storage holders in several friends' bathrooms. From my observations and after reading your review, I can see just how handy these can be.

    1. We have always had a lot of company (family & friends). They are pretty much essential in our home. I do think they would be handy for anyone though.

  5. We have one of these in our bathroom. We do have built-in storage under the sink and cupboard space but we find it's better to have one of these storage stands out so no one ever has to ask for toilet rolls! It is a very handy item to have. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  6. We also use toilet paper storage stands in both our bathrooms on the main floor of our ranch-style house ( but not n the basement bathroom, which we rarely use). Ours hold three jumbo rolls and are enclosed and lidded to keep the spare rolls clean and dust-free. Having backup rolls of TP is, indeed, invaluable at times, lol!

  7. I love the look of rod iron anything! I found a creative way to store toilet paper in our main bathroom on the first level, I have a standing ceramic vase that used to be used for tall decorative flowers, we have it in the corner of the washroom and we fill it with toilet paper and use it as a pretty holder - a little creativity.

    1. lol, yes I know! It is the first listed above under "More Bathroom Articles of Interest". I thought it was a great idea


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