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Saatva Mattress and Adjustable Base White Glove Delivery and Setup

In my previous post about in this series about my experience as a first-time Saatva mattress shopper, I reviewed the luxury organic cotton sheet set and mattress pad that my husband and I ordered for our upper-flex king Solaire mattress.

Today I’ll share our experiences with Saatva’s free white glove mattress delivery & setup service, which included setting up our new Solaire mattress and adjustable base and taking away our old bed foundation.

Saatva's free white glove mattress delivery & set-up - an in-depth personal review

Disclosure: I have joined the company’s affiliate program, which means that if you choose to make a purchase through one of the links in this post I may be eligible to receive a commission, at no cost to you. I highly recommend the Saatva company and its products for their excellent quality, performance, price and customer service. The opinions, product reviews and recommendations in this post are my own and are based on my personal experiences. The decision to click on those links to learn more about the company’s products or make a purchase is greatly appreciated, but entirely up to you.

Recap: The Saatva Mattress and Adjustable Base We Chose

After conducting exhaustive product research on Saatva mattresses, my husband and I ultimately chose a king size Solaire adjustable firmness mattress that would allow us to adjust the firmness on our respective sides to our individual preferences.

Since I often sit up in bed reading after my husband falls asleep and he usually wakes up earlier than I do and enjoys reading in bed before starting his day, we decided to try the “upper-flex” option for our king Solaire, which has a center split along just the upper part of the mattress, and two joined, twin XL adjustable bases that would allow us to raise and lower our respective sides of the head of the bed independently when we paired it with a Saatva Adjustable Base Plus (previously called the Lineal adjustable base).

Scheduling the Delivery of our Mattress and Adjustable Base

We placed our online order for our mattress, adjustable base, quilted organic cotton mattress pad and organic cotton sateen sheet set on April 24, 2021. All Saatva mattresses are handcrafted to order, and thanks the pandemic-related major disruptions to the global supply chain at the time, it was June 29 when we finally got the eagerly awaited call notifying us that our mattress and adjustable base were ready and offering us a choice of dates for the delivery and set-up. We scheduled the delivery for Saturday, July 10, when both my husband and I could be home.

The young woman who called us was very nice, although she wasn't as proactive as we might have liked in providing information. I had to ask her exactly what the delivery team would be doing when they arrived, such as setting up and configuring the twin XL adjustable bases to work with our upper-flex mattress and removing our old mattress, and what type of preparation my husband and I needed to do, such as moving (or removing) large pieces of furniture from the room to give the delivery team easier access in and out. She also didn’t ask any questions about access in and out of the house, such as which doors to use, whether there were any stairs, narrow hallways, sharp turns, etc. that might make it difficult to get the king-size mattress from our front door into our bedroom, so I volunteered that information. 

When I asked what time to expect the delivery team, she explained that we would get a call from the delivery company the day before our scheduled date to give us a four-hour time window for the following day, and that the delivery team would also call to let us know when they were about an hour from our house.

Delivery and Set-Up of Our Saatva Mattress and Adjustable Base

The delivery company called on July 9 as promised and gave us an early morning four-hour delivery window. The next day, however, the two-person delivery team did not call us when they were an hour away, so we were quite surprised when they rang the bell unannounced.

From that point forward, however, Saatva’s free white glove delivery and set-up not only met but exceeded my husband’s and my expectations! 

The delivery team consisted of a leader, who clearly had a lot of experience, and a rookie whom he appeared to be training. When my husband offered to help them carry our old mattress and frame to their delivery van, they explained that their instructions didn’t say anything about taking away our old bed. They had been instructed only to deliver and set up our new Saatva mattress and adjustable base.

I immediately pulled up Saatva’s Free Mattress White Glove Delivery & Set-Up page on the website, which clearly states “Free mattress & foundation removal.*” It was then that I noticed the asterisked note: "*Select free mattress & foundation removal option at checkout." I didn't recall seeing that option during checkout when I placed my mattress order online, so I realized the mistake might well have been mine, not that of the delivery company.

Free Mattress White Glove Delivery & Setup page on the Saatva website
The Free Mattress White Glove Delivery & Setup page on has an asterisked notation I must have overlooked while placing my order

Even so, the leader called them and got the go-ahead to remove and dispose of our old mattress and foundation after installing our new ones. You can imagine our relief at not having to find an alternative way to dispose of our old king size mattress and foundation, since there was no room in the house for them!

The leader did a fantastic job of both directing and working with his assistant. He gave directions to his junior teammate (who appeared not to speak or understand much English) in a foreign language. He also conversed with us in accented but extremely fluent and easy to undertand English.

We were delighted by how quickly, efficiently and smoothly he ran the entire delivery, setup and removal operation.

Two delivery people unrolling a mattress onto an adjustable bed base
A Saatva white glove delivery team unrolling an upper-flex king Solaire mattress like ours onto a pair of twin XL adjustable bases

After the men set up and connected our two twin XL adjustable bases, they placed our Solaire mattress on top and used the remote controls to start filling the air chambers. As they waited for both sides of the mattress to reach the maximum firmness setting to ensure there were no issues, we chatted with the team lead and offered both men both glasses of cold water.

During this lull, we chatted with the team lead, who gave helpful answers to our questions about the features and functions of the remote controls for the mattress and the twin XL adjustable bases. At our request, he also configured the joined twin XL bases to work properly with our top-split, upper-flex mattress configuration, even though it wasn’t part of the delivery and set-up instructions he had been given.

Our Saatva Mattress and Adjustable Base Were Consistently Handled With Care

Even though both men on our delivery team members worked very quickly and efficiently, they also were very careful not to nick or damage the mattress or any of the adjustable base parts as they were cutting open and removing the shipping cartons and protective materials. They continued to treat our purchases with care throughout the assembly and set-up process.

We also appreciated their neat, organized way of working and their removal of not just our old bed but also every scrap of packaging detritus from our new Solaire mattress and adjustable bases.

The fact that they were able to remove the old mattress and foundation; bring in, unwrap, set up and synchronize the two adjustable bases; carry in, unwrap, unroll and inflate the mattress; test the operation of the bases and the mattress controls; exp!ain to us how to use the remotes to customize the mattress firmness on each side and raise and lower the head and foot of the bed; answer all our questions; and remove all traces of the wrapping and packaging, in addition to calling the delivery company and resolving our issue about removing our old bed, in roughly an hour was impressive.

All in all, we were extremely pleased with Saatva’s free white glove delivery and set-up, which lived up to its “white glove” name. After the team left, all that was left for us to do was to put on the quilted mattress pad and organic cotton sateen sheets that had been shipped to us earlier and try out our new bed!

Next Time: My In-Depth Product Reviews of the Saatva Solaire Mattress and Adjustable Base Plus

In my next post in this series, I’ll share my in-depth product review of the Saatva Solaire upper-flex king mattress (and ultimately exchanged for a solid Solaire) and Adjustable Base Plus we ordered.

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Saatva Mattress and Adjustable Base White Glove Delivery and Setup by Margaret Schindel

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  1. Having moved entire households quite a number of times over the years, I can attest to how terrific it is to have a team of experts take care of your belongings. So I can see why you fully appreciated the expertise of the delivery team for your new Saatva mattress.

    1. Elf, our previous mattress delivery experiences were nothing like this, despite being much simpler jobs (standard mattresses without an adjustable bed base). We were really surprised and delighted with how smoothly and efficiently the delivery and setup of our new mattress and bed and the removal of our old ones went!

  2. The delivery crew can forever affect how you feel about a mattress company, or any other company. Excellent service, like you received, instantly makes you feel good about the store. We are all more likely to recommend a store when outstanding service has been provided.

    1. Sylvestermouse, so true! Saatva clearly handpicks the delivery companies with whom they partner. (Spoiler alert: we had a similarly excellent experience with another delivery and setup team when we exchanged our upper-flex Saatva Solaire mattress for a standard Solaire.)

  3. The people who do delivery are vital - It's an excellent testimonial for a company when the consumer is pleased with the service of removal and setup. It makes such a difference. As I was reading your post I was remembering the automatic bed we ordered for mom (the bed was fine) - the delivery people were fine - but they were no where near the type of service that Saatva evidently provides. You must be so pleased with your new bed too.

    1. Barbara, you’re so right about what a difference the delivery and setup of our Saatva mattress and adjustable bed base made! It was a more complicated process because of the type and split-top format of mattress we chose and the configuration and syncing of the two twin XL bases so that the lower part of the bases would operate in sync while the upper parts would operate independently of each other. The professionalism and helpfulness of the delivery team reinforced our high opinion of the Saatva company and brand for sure!

  4. Just another feather in Saatva's cap on excellent customer service. Great communication and service is a key to success.

    1. I agree completely, Sam, and Saatva’s customer service and attention to detail are the perfect complement to their top quality sleep products.

  5. Buying a new mattress is a trial without delivery problems. Sounds like you received great customer service with Saatva and good to see how well they handled your mattress removal situation.

    1. You’re right, Brenda! Buying a new mattress can be an exercise in frustration. Fortunately, Sastva really does make the whole process, including delivery and setup, as helpful and painless as possible.

  6. It makes a massive difference how you feel about a company when you experience a smooth, hassle free delivery and feel they treat you and your purchase with respect. It sounds like Saatva gave you great customer service!

    1. They really did, Raintree Annie! And you’re right, this type of superior delivery experience really does inspire tremendous customer loyalty.


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