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QVC Mum Garden Sphere Review

 QVC says garden sphere... I say Mum Balls! Last year I finally succumbed to the pressure (I say only in jest) of watching the garden shows on QVC and purchased the Mum Garden Sphere (aka as Mum Balls in this house).

mum garden spheres


The mums are well constructed. Each ball can either be used as is in a sphere or split apart to make two half balls. Instructions are included as to how to split the ball and once the proper opening is found, the ball splits easily. 

mum garden spheres package contents

Interior plastic hole/eye clasp are arranged around the ball and are simply unclasped to open up the ball. Easy!

frame for mum balls


So far the mum balls have lasted through summer, fall and winter with no problems except for a squirrel which seemed to find one of the mounds very interesting. 

Midwestern winters are long and I thought these mums could liven up the yard in the middle of winter which was mission accomplished. Snow in October and May is not unusual which makes for a very very short growing season and it is fun to have a bit of color throughout the year (even if the color is not natural!)

Do they Look Real?

From a distance yes. 

From across the deck yes, real enough!

Up close? No.

Of course the flowers look too perfect up close to be real. The color is on point for the the white mums, especially from a distance. I think these spheres fall into the of course they do not look like real mums, but I also don't believe that is the intent due to their sphere shape! Just something a little fun, little quirky and no maintenance.

mum garden spheres with lights
After mum season, I did a little diy with tea lights which was a festive little twist for Fall fire pit season in the back yard.

Nothing of course matches real flowers! However, trading the convenience of flowers that require no maintenance is not a bad trade off either for those who love flowers, but not the labor of growing flowers.


Throughout the year different colors are offered from the traditional mum colors to garden spheres of mixed colors. I chose white the traditional white mum color with the intent of also using the mum balls at Christmas.

mum garden spheres or balls

Which I did and added lights and a few red bows. The mum now lighted Christmas balls looked very pretty with a covering of snow for the season.


The mum spheres and other garden balls are offered in diameters from 10 inches to 21 inches! The spheres are usually sold in sets of 2 which if split can equal 4 mounds of flowers. I ordered the 10 inch set as a try and evaluate set. 

Price Point

One of the best ways to save  money is to look for the free shipping days on QVC. Another way is to look for "AS IS" items. The package of 2 AS IS spheres are offered at a 20-25 percent savings.

I plan on adding a few mum balls/garden spheres to the collection this year when free shipping and AS IS mums are offered which makes for a much more affordable price point.


  1. What a clever way to have flowers year-round. Thanks for this interesting review of the QVC Mum Garden Spheres, Tracey.

  2. What a great way to have flowers in your garden or in your home year round. I like you idea for tea lights too for a special event. The sphere shapes is lovely!

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for all your information.

  4. I had never seen or even heard of these before reading your review, Tracey. What an intriguing idea for adding a pop of color with little to no maintenance!

  5. Wow, I had no idea such a thing existed - what a terrific idea

  6. I'm not much of a gardener and had not heard of mum balls before. Look like they'd be fun and different for someone who loves flower gardening.

  7. I have seen these and they are a great idea for the garden, patio or balcony for a splash of colour. I love gardening but sometimes its good to have something where it is perhaps difficult because of conditions or climate to grow real flowers. I really love your idea of adding tealights and other decor for a different feel.


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