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Make Your Own Face Mask Review

Protect Yourself With A No-sew Mask

Let's review how to make your own face mask for those times that you have to leave home on an essential trip. Most of us are trying our best to stay safe and stay in place but there are times we need to leave for a few reasons. We don't want to use the types of protective masks that our first responders and health professionals need (no need to diminish their supplies!). We can make our own without needing a sewing machine to do it.

bandana face mask
Make a face mask with a bandana or other fabric.
Image courtesy of pixabay.com
I made my own using a bandana that I had in the house. You can use any fabric that is cut into the proper size for your mask but if you have a bandana  it is even easier. Mine was left over from the days when it was cool to wear one in your hair. We wore them to cover our hair or folded up more like a headband but I digress. If you have one that you wear or perhaps you have used as a cute kerchief for your dog...it will do.

The thing I liked about making my own mask was that I could easily wash it after using it and have it ready for the next time I needed to go out. In my case I had what I needed in the house. A bandana and two rubber bands. That is it, that is all you need to make one for yourself.

Watch this video to see how to make three different types of face masks:

As you can see from the video it isn't difficult to make any of the versions that he shows. I chose the one using the bandana because I knew I had one and from what I had read the cotton fabric seemed to offer the most protection because it is woven tighter. 

So, be creative, choose something that fits your personality. The main thing is to keep your nose and mouth covered if you have to be out in public for any length of time at all. I use mine when I know I will be in a situation where social distancing is difficult like the grocery store. 

When I return from any trip where I have worn my mask, I take it off when I get home toss it in the washing machine and then wash my hands for twenty seconds just in case there was anything on the outside of the mask. Once it has been laundered, I make it again and put it in a plastic bag to wait for the next time I venture out.

How about you? Have you made your own protective mask?

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  1. Wow! What a great video Bev. All three methods look very easy to make. We had some bandanas handy so we made our own. Our method was slightly different from the video but works very well. I like the one in the video as it looks easier than what we made. Our bandanas measured 22" x 22" and seemed to work the best. Thanks for sharing that video.

  2. Very timely and a great idea. I like that you can wash it easily, have it dry quickly and then just refold and remake the mask for the next time you need to venture outdoors. Thanks Bev, this comes at a really good time.

  3. Great idea to share this video, Bev. The making a face mask from a bandanna really is easy and this video shows you how.

  4. Great ideas indeed! I love the idea of being able to wash & wear, reuse my own homemade face mask. I'm using a scarf, but a bandana is awesome. I did laugh when you commented on having one leftover from bygone days. I do believe I have an old bandana from my teen years too. Just for fun, I think I should go in search of it.

  5. Good idea, Bev. Handy and helpful for those who do not sew. I no longer sew (no longer have a sewing machine), but my daughter-in-law does. She made me two baseball-themed face masks and a set for my daughter & SIL. She has also made over 100 for local health-care personnel and for her co-workers (as she works outside the home in a grocery store) as her continuing contribution during this time. But I will use this idea if my sewn ones happen to be in the wash when I next need them.

  6. Thank you. I've been putting this off, but I know I should do this. So far masks aren't required in my small city and I haven't been to any grocery stores since the lockdown started. The only place I go is the post office and I hardly see anyone else there, so keeping my distance hasn't been hard. If restrictions are lifted, we may have to start wearing masks and I'll have to make or get one. I know it won't protect me much, but if I carry the virus without knowing it, it may protect someone else a bit.

  7. I need to make some of these masks. I always have a good selection of bandanas on hand. I never outgrew that phase! Thanks for the instructions. Appreciated!

  8. Thanks for this. I've been following the DIY facemask choices out there. I did make my own as well. There are so many ways to make them super cute or funny!


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