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Yankee Candles for Easter

Yankee Candles for Easter 

It is a different world that we live in as I write this post on March 30, 2020. Most of us are living 'physically distant' or practicing 'social distancing' from family and friends as together people throughout the world attempt to slow down the spread of this virus by reducing contact with others. I know that in my home Easter is going to look different than it has in the past. We are not very religious but we celebrate Easter as a way to come together with those who are important to us and, of course, close enough to visit. This will be the first Easter dinner we have eaten with just the two of us present in almost thirty years.

We usually start the day with an Easter egg hunt or, given the fact that we are all adults, a look-under-your-bed chocolate Easter bunny hunt.

The rest of the day is spent with a walk and a few board games. For supper we normally share a feast of scalloped potatoes, baked ham, fresh asparagus and some sort of yummy lemon dessert.

My husband and I spoke briefly recently about what we would do this year given that we are in self isolation and it will be just the two of us. Arbitrarily, I decided we did not need a chocolate Easter bunny, which removes the necessity of my husband going to the grocery store. The deal in our household is that I will be the one person to go to the grocery store once every two weeks. This reduces our contact with other people and lowers our chances of catching the virus.

However, I am hoping to make a smaller version of the Best-Ever Creamy Scalloped Potatoes recipe and some acceptable substitute (though I do not know what it looks like yet) for my Best-Ever Baked  Ham recipe. In substitution for the chocolate bunny, we will make ourselves a special homemade treat, which will fill time as an activity and could well turn out to be better than a chocolate bunny. Yes, chocolate lovers that is possible!

We will pull out a few of our Easter decorations. We do not have many but we do have a few and they will help make the day brighter.

I love the idea of a Yankee Candles in an Easter scent like Sweet Bunny Treats, Bunny Cake, Easter Basket and Jelly Bean.  I wrote on another blog about the very trendy Peeps scent. The candles shown on this page are the large 22 ounce jar candle and they generally retail for less than $30. Depending on the scent and how you use your candle, they will provide 110 to 150 hours of enjoyment. You can check out Amazon's complete collection of Yankee Candles for Easter by clicking right here.

How about you? I assume that you are also facing an unusual situation for Easter this year. Will you prepare a special meal? Have a chocolate bunny rabbit? Put out a few decorations?

However you choose to mark the day remember to stay home, be safe and keep on smiling. We are all in this together and together we will flatten the curve and get through this. As they say in French Canada with the picture of a rainbow and a smile, "Ça va bien aller."

Treasures By Brenda

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Yankee Jelly Bean Candle for Easter

Yankee Sweet Bunny Treats Candle for Easter

Yankee Sweet Bunny Cake for Easter

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  1. I have long thought Yankee Candles were special, but I never realized there were so many choices. Does the chocolate bunny candle REALLY smell like chocolate? Thanks for showing me this delightful collection of Yankee Candles for Easter. Enjoy your Easter dinner. Your traditional menu is similar to mine.

    1. Thanks, Elf for your visit. I have never smelled the chocolate candle. I will try to remember to do so if and when I see it.

  2. Yes, everything will be fine this Easter even if it is different. My mother had already questioned how she was going to get to dye eggs with my son this year (something they have done for nearly 30 years). Since our son is considered an "essential" employee, he is still working daily. For that reason, I am hesitate to risk allowing the two of them together. They might just have to dye eggs together in June or July.

    I only have one Yankee Candle. It is pumpkin pie and was a gift from, surprisingly, my son. Neither of us can tolerate strong scents. However, whatever they used to fragrance that Yankee Candle doesn't bother us. I am sooooo tempted by the bunny cake candle! Although, they all have adorable pictures. I am guessing the bunny cake is a vanilla scent, or maybe coconut. I love both of those scents. I've never tried actually burning a Yankee Candle. The scent is usually just enough for me to enjoy as is with the lid off, without having to light it.

    1. That's a great idea, Cynthia, to enjoy the scent even if you are not burning the candle.

      I hope your mother and son get to dye eggs at some point. Maybe you could have Easter in the Summer the way some celebrate Christmas in the summer!

  3. Wow what a great idea. I love chocolate though, so there better be some of that somewhere in the house or I just won't be a happy camper. Love the idea of scented candles though as a treat for us (you know the ones that are too old for bunny hunts)! Easter dinner will be something similar to yours and even though we are socially distancing ourselves, we can and do use media to share our wishes. So Happy Easter everyone!

  4. I love Yankee Candles, who doesn't right? But wow, chocolate candles - who knew lol. Very cool. Our dinner will be similar as well. The main thing is I'm actually cooking a huge meal. There are five of us quarantining here - so it's time for a full blown sit-down dinner now.

  5. I love Yankee Candles. I especially love cupcake scented candles. I bet I'd love all of these scents. Thank you for bringing them to my attention.

  6. "Ça va bien aller." Absolutely! and these candles are adorable!


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