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New Balance Running Shoes Review

New Balance Running Shoes Review

Many years ago, I needed to get into shape and lose some weight.

A good friend of mine suggested that I should start exercising. By exercise, he meant running. Well, I haven't done any running since high school.

After thinking about it, I decided to give it a try. So, I put my tennis shoes and sweat pants and drove to the school track.

I couldn't even make it around the track one time, and it was only 1/6 of a mile track.

I'm not one to quit, so I stayed with it and before long I was running 5 to 6 miles a day. I lost some of that weight and I was getting in really good shape.

It wasn't long before I started to feel some aches and pains. My legs, shins, and back started to bother me. I thought maybe that I was overdoing it by pushing myself so much.

My running partner; who was the same guy that talked me into this wonderful world of running suggested that I really needed a good pair of running shoes.

New Balance Running Shoes:

Now, I was off to investigate running shoes. I found New Balance to be the perfect running shoe for me. I wear a 9-1/2 wide and New Balance seemed to be the only running shoe that I could find in half sizes. I find the support and comfort to be superior over other shoes that I tried on.

My friend was right because soon my aches and pains vanished, as I continued to run, (No not like Forrest Gump). Every day when I came home from work, I changed into my running gear and it was off to the park for my 5-mile run. Rain, snow or sunshine I was out there running.

Okay, maybe I was a jogger and not a runner, but it was a good aerobic workout. I would welcome anyone to tag along with me running an 8 to a 9-minute mile for 5 miles.

The New Balance shoes made all of the difference in the world, they have excellent cushion and support and I felt like I was running on clouds.

Fast forward to today. I really don't run anymore. But, I do a lot of walking and I'm wearing my New Balance walking shoes. New Balance is the only sports shoe that I'll ever wear.

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  1. Having a running (or walking) shoe that gives you good support and is comfortable is SO important. Nothing will discourage you faster from a running or a walking program than sore feet or back. These New Balance running shoes sound perfect. Thanks for your helpful review, Sam.

  2. Oh Sam, I'm so glad you found a good running shoe. New Balance are great shoes for those people with wide feet like myself and my other half. Thank goodness that people are getting taller and sizing is even better than it was in the 79's and 80's . We are always looking for size 13 or 14's for my other half. He has huge feet......thanks for reviewing a great shoe!

  3. When I first became a runner, I discovered New Balance shoes. They were the only brand that fit my feet properly (because of the many size variations the brand offers, just as you mentioned). I enjoyed many years of enjoyable running and fitness thanks to New Balance. I'm glad you also discovered what you needed for greater health and fitness. Whether jogging or walking, the most important thing is to have the best possible footwear. Thanks for sharing your experiences and review. Live well!

  4. I don't run, but I do enjoy walking. My parents gave me a pair of New Balance shoes a few years ago, but I've worn Keds for decades and haven't been really keen on changing. However, hearing that New Balance shoes give enough support to reduce aches and pains, I am now rethinking my decision. Time to run to my closet and grab my New Balance shoes that have been waiting so patiently for me. Thanks for this great review and inspiration to change.

  5. My hubby has been wearing New Balance for years now and loves them. I had one pair a few years back and I found them to be quite comfortable.

  6. There are definitely some good and some ah, not-so-good shoes out there. Glad to here you found New Balance works for you and that you're enjoying walking. Moving is good for us, physically and mentally!

  7. These sound like an ideal choice shoe. I'm very big on picking quality shoes for running or walking. I find with my iffy knees that the right shoes are critical. I'll be looking at these as well.

  8. My husband and I have been exclusive New Balance converts for the last 10 years ever since I got really bad shin splints while using a different brand (my husband was already wearing New Balance thanks to his podiatrist). I went to have my feet molded and measured and was given a couple of different types of shoes that would suit me - New Balance were the ones I chose and I haven't looked back!

  9. I agree! The right shoes make a huge difference and am a fan of New Balance!

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