Monday, July 22, 2019

Defiant Wireless Motion Sensor Solar Light Review

Need an outdoor light but no electrical outlet? The wireless motion sensor solar light by Defiant can assist. I recently needed to light an outdoor walkway which was marooned between electrical outlets and hard wiring the area was not an option.

I purchased the Defiant Wireless Solar Light to solve the no electrical outlet, need light problem and have been very impressed with its' performance. 


Motion Sensor

This is a bright light! It is not for subtle soft lighting along the deck, patio or home. The solar light has the equivalency of 20 LED lights.

The unit actually has two lights. The main light facing out and an interior back light behind the main light. The two lights are synchronized to provide the full brightness. The motion sensor feature then regulates how the lights are dimmed after activation.

Motion Sensor

I found the motion sensor to be very accurate. The small unit is deceiving as to how quickly it will pick up motion. Activity to trigger the motion sensor is up to 26 feet with a 120 degree radius according the the specifications.

There are two settings for the motion sensor:

1. When motion is detected the front and back light turns on to full brightness. After 10 seconds of no motion both lights turn to low brightness.

2. Standby mode. When motion is detected the front and back light turns to full brightness. After 10 seconds of no motion the front light turns off and the back light turns to low brightness.

The light does not have an option for both lights to be turned off after activation. 

Solar Light & Wireless

The solar light takes eight hours of charging to provide 12 hours of continuous light during the night. 

The wireless feature is perfect for areas of the home, deck, landscape or yard which are not located near an electrical outlet. The unit is easy to install as it is lightweight and requires two wall screws (included.) However I liked the portability of the unit due to its' lightweight and shape so I positioned the unit on the deck stairs to face the sun.



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  1. Awesome! I have several areas that I would like to have lighted, but are not close to electrical outlets. My past experience with solar lighting has left me skeptical. Having a review and recommendation of a solar light that actually works well, is wonderful.

    1. I agree w solar lighting effectiveness (especially in states that are not sun friendly)!and I have tried a few variations of the solar light without success until this one.

  2. Hmmm, I like the sound of this one. I'll have to save it to my personal board. We have a motion sensor light in the middle above our garage doors, and it's very smart to have. But it's wired. I do like the idea of a light that doesn't have to be wired, especially for the backyard. Didn't even know these existed before reading this.

    1. The no outlet can be a real problem, I'd prefer hardwired as the first choice, but this one has been a good solar option thus far :)

  3. I did not know there was a solar motion sensor light available either. Very handy to have one that is wireless for those inaccessible areas where a regular wired light would not work.

  4. My husband has been interested in getting an outdoor solar light with a motion detector for a while as a security measure. I’m definitely going to share your review with him. This model looks like it has some very good features and specs.

  5. The amount of light this emits is definitely security light level, I was surprised as it is solar, but the solar lights have definitely been improving.

  6. Oh Tracey, this sounds like a wonderful idea. I will have to share this with my son, as I'm sure there are areas in his large yard that could use some evening illumination! Might even scare some critters away too! Thank you for a wonderful review.

  7. Given that I live off the grid, this is the kind of solar product that would be a great option for my security lighting needs. I could really use this and have the right type of consistent sunlight to make it feasible and practical. Thanks for your review.


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