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Mailbox Ball Flag Automatic Visual Mail Signal Reviewed

How to know when your mail has arrived!  When the ball is up, you've got mail.

Mailbox Ball Flag Automatic Visual Mail Signal Reviewed
I love our mailbox ball that lets me know at a glance whether our mail has arrived or not.  Our postman comes at different times each day.  Before we installed the mailbox ball signal, I had no way of knowing when there was mail in the box.  I always hated walking to the mailbox just to find it empty.  That meant a second trip to the mailbox would be required and no guarantee the mail would be there then either.  It was especially annoying if I was watching for a particular delivery.  I would end up walking to the box several times in one day to check the mail.

The Mailbox Ball Signal is a very simple, yet ingenious, design.  As the mailbox door is opened, it hits the ball and the ball pops up.  After I retrieve the mail for the day, I place the ball back down into it's holder slot.  

We have had the mailbox ball for many years now and I don't believe I have ever had a false signal, therefore, based on our experience, wind or weather will not make it flip up.  Only the mailbox door opening will actually displace the ball from the holder. 

Mailbox Ball Mail Signal Installation and Information

 Miles Kimball AVM-01 Automatic Visual Mail SignalCheck Price Installing the mailbox ball is easy.  You simply bolt it onto the existing mailbox door handle, using the hardware included in the package.

You can also see in the image on the right how the ball is set into the holding slot.

The ball is a bright yellow and is easily visible from our front windows.  Now, I can comfortably check whether the mail has arrived from inside my home.  No more wasted trips to the mailbox.

One Important Note:  You do need a standard mailbox that has the dual latches, one on the top of the mailbox and one on the door.  You can easily see the latch on the mailbox in the color image above. 

Mailbox Ball Flag Automatic Visual Mail Signal Reviewed

If the Miles Kimball mailbox ball flag is not available, this may be a good alternative.

 Mail Alert - Mail Arrival Indicator Device - Mailbox AlertCheck Price

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  1. Wow, that is an interesting item. In Canada we would have no need of this as our mail delivery is totally different than yours. But I agree it certainly would save many trips to an empty mail box.

  2. What a handy device. I never know when my mail-person has been by as the times change from day to day. I also do not always have mail, thus I could make countless trips to the mailbox without results. Love finding out about products designed to save you time like this visual mail signal.

  3. What an interesting item. I've never heard of this before...thanks for the interesting review.

  4. What a great idea! I will have to get one for my parents whose driveway is about 1/4 mile long. Much easier to see from a distance.

  5. Love it! great idea! Thanks for the review!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful addition to any mailbox! If my husband and I had one, I’d definitely pick up one of these mailbox signal balls for it.

  7. Too bad it wouldn't work for me. The Templeton mailbox is too far down the driveway for me to see from where our house is located, and here in Paso Robles we have those locked post office type community postal boxes. A great review, though. I like that it shows how to install the mailbox ball and also lets a person know upfront if it will work on their mailbox.

  8. I love this mailbox ball flag! It wouldn't work on my mailbox but I do have one that works with the single latch style. Ours is a yellow flag that is brought up when the door is opened. I do get false positives sometimes when a huge truck passes by and jars it or when children think it is funny to open the lid as they walk by. Overall it does work well, though.

  9. Our mail normally come at the same time every day. But, I have made many trips to the mail box only to find it empty. What a great idea this is and as always a great review. Thanks Cynthia.


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