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Unique Wall Decorating Idea for Washrooms!

Quotes for the Bathroom Wall
The Washroom Quote We Featured

The Twitter Principle - I call these 'Mom's Visual Tweets'

A few years ago, we updated our main washroom, and one of the accessory items I wanted to place on the wall was a quotation that didn't relate to the room itself.
Typical washroom quotes normally involve something about brushing your teeth or maybe soaking in the tub. However, you don't have to limit your choices. You can easily select words usually reserved for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, or office.
I elected to go this route mainly because it's the one room I know I'll have the kids' undivided attention in! I'm using what I call 'The Twitter Principle' - I call these Mom's Visual Tweets. Especially since some of my boys are men now, reading a short, profound message is much more effective than mom (a.k.a ME) blurting out one-liners! Not to mention that short quotes qualify as NOT too much information!

I've also placed quotes on the fridge for the family to read, but since our washroom was recently updated, I used a small space on the wall to feature this lovely message:

Washroom with Wall Quote
Our Washroom with Wall Quote - Wall Quotes
However, don't feel you have to be limited to being profound and deep with your word choices; you can also choose fun quotes, especially if the washroom is deemed a 'kid space,' or you can have a quote personalized and simply select your own words. 
The above photo shows the canvas quote I put on our own washroom wall, as well as a photo that shows you how I used a small section of the wall to feature it. You can see that you only need a little wall area to find a space for a quote.

Reading and gathering quotes and sayings is one of my favorite hobbies, so much so that I've created quite an extensive Pinterest board about quotes: 

Follow Barbara Tremblay Cipak's board Favorite Quotes on Pinterest.
Have fun decorating!

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  1. Cute idea, Barbara. The bathroom sounds like the perfect place for a wall quote. Washroom words -- well done!

    1. Pat, lol, anything unconventional seems to get their (my family's) attention

  2. I love the "twitter principal" -- short and sweet messages. Great idea.

    1. Dawn, so true isn't it, when we TMI them, nothing seems to sink in (especially with Sons)

  3. I am seriously laughing out loud over here right now Barbara! I was most of the way through reading the article before I realized the washroom is the restroom (or bathroom). I wondered why we would be reading about brushing our teeth when doing laundry!!! lol

    I do love you ideas and suggestions to place short quotes in the washrooms. Brief (sorry, couldn't resist that pun) reminders and words of wisdom are awesome anywhere. I may have told you before that the first time I ever saw a wall decal with a quote used in a washroom was in Scotland. I thought it was a fabulous! Theirs was on a border around the top of the wall and I thought it was much nicer than a pattern border for a public restroom.

    1. makes me laugh too that you say the first time you saw a quote in a washroom was in Scotland (a part of my heritage as well, Scotland) lol, now I know where it must come from!

  4. What a great idea! I love interesting and inspiring quotes and what better place to have a captive audience than the bathroom :)

    1. Mary Beth, and I'm thinking of changing it up too (the quote on the wall) just to keep their attention fresh - us mom's, we're always trying to teach! lol

  5. There's something about the small space of a bathroom (washroom/restroom) that evokes great thoughts and ideas, at least for me. Using an unexpected quote is such a good idea. Many, many good thoughts in those few words. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  6. I love quotes too. and the Twitter principle! Great idea!

  7. Great idea. I'll have to think about where I might have room. A couple of my bathrooms have no wall space except right by the shower, but a couple of others might have some appropriate space where art work wouldn't get the moisture.

  8. I like the design and the colouring of the bathroom. Really a nice attempt and it grabs attention. Thanks for sharing here the beautiful pictures of your bathroom.


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