Sunday, July 26, 2015

Here's an Original Party Idea, Riddle T-Shirts!

Here's a Riddle T-Shirt!

Wear a Riddle & Stump the Crowd - Riddle T-Shirts are Great for Parties, Fun Events or Social Gatherings

If you're going to a party, put one of these on just to drive everyone nuts! More Riddle Shirts Here
With the riddle on your back, you could have a crowd of people gathering 'round competing to solve it. Although the answer is on the front of the shirt, you can cover it with the "Guess the Answer" sticker until someone figures it out!
You know how else you can drive someone around the bend?
Standing in line at the grocery store with the shirt on! The person behind you may tap you on the shoulder for the answer....I'm sure they would need the answer before they could leave, otherwise it could get stuck in their brain!
5 Ways You Could Save the World by Wearing a Riddle T-Shirt:
  1. You'll cure boredom for everyone standing in line at the DMV
  2. Line-Ups at public bathrooms will become more interesting
  3. When you get asked to step outside of your vehicle, turn around and play 'stump the officer' - he'll be busy trying to solve your riddle (just kidding!!! don't do that)
  4. For those who still end up in lines at the bank, life just got more interesting for them thanks to you
  5. People may actually look up from their Cell Phones to converse with others!!!! Oh my gawd, that's a biggy.
On the other hand....

5 Ways You Could Cause Havoc by Wearing a Riddle T-Shirt:

  1. Someone waiting in line for the bathroom passes on the next available stall to solve your riddle instead, and pees on their shoes, or worse, pees on yours
  2. Customer Service Reps at the DMV get side tracked with your Riddle T-Shirt and cause the lines to get longer, then people start to hate you
  3. The Police Officer couldn't solve your Riddle-T and gives you a bigger ticket
  4. Everyone stops using bank machines just so they can get in line to read and solve riddle T-Shirts, all Bank Machines begin to rust.
  5. Everyone starts talking to each other, eye to eye, and start falling in love, cheating on their significant others, divorce court gets over crowded...but on the upside, you could keep everyone in line at Divorce Court busy trying to guess your T-Shirt Riddle? Just don't piss off Judge Judy.
So, are you up for solving any more of my personally written riddles?? Don't do it! don't try to solve these riddles, it'll only suck precious time out of your day, RESIST!!!! Ok, fine, you're weak, go here.

You're not home free yet! Here's another one of my Riddles ... in Video!

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  1. roflol! I can't think of a comment for trying to solve the riddle! be back soon!!!

  2. This is such a great idea! We all need to a good laugh. I can easily imagine people tapping you on the shoulder in lines or just starting to talk to you as if they are continuing a conversation previously started. I still haven't figured out that top riddle! I was so busy thinking about the first one, that I didn't carefully read the video riddle. Now, I have to go back to that one when I finally solve the first one :)

  3. Cynthia, oh no, u may have it stuck in ur head now! Oops sorry! We can save the world one riddle at. Time, people too busy for cell phones! Well, not that busy, cause I'm on mine right now lol

  4. Ummmm.. auto correct got me in my above comment. I feel another riddle coming on.

  5. What an insanely awesome idea! I love the idea of riddle shirts! I got the one in the video, but I'm still working on the one on the t-shirt. Fabulous gift idea! Trying to figure out who that I know can't live without this...

    1. Susan, lol! Way to go at solving the video! I would say any extroverts in the fang damily would probably proudly saunter around with one of these to drive people nuts. By the way, have you asked Alexa yet? I would Crack up if she had the answer, since I wrote it!!

  6. What an insanely awesome idea! I love the idea of riddle shirts! I got the one in the video, but I'm still working on the one on the t-shirt. Fabulous gift idea! Trying to figure out who that I know can't live without this...

  7. got the Tshirt one. love this idea! should I tell? LOL

    1. Heather, lol - it could be bugging Cynthia, maybe you should!

  8. love the way you wrote the article too! LOL

    1. Heather, thank you, lol, had a giggle doing it!

  9. I THOUGHT I'd figured out the first one, but now think I'm stumped! It will keep my brain whirling all day! Very clever and original idea, Barbara. :)


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