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Friday, August 12, 2016

Using Easy Product Displays to Create Home Page Featured Articles

How to Create a Blogger Home Page Review and Tutorial

Previously, I published How to Create a Static Home Page on Blogger.  In that article, I shared that I used "Easy Product Displays" to generate the code for our Quick View Home Page here on Review This!   With EPD, I can easily create a truly awesome code that features the article images, with captions, set side by side.  

This provides a viewer friendly page that our guests can view quickly and select an article on Review This that they wish to read.  Because each photo is linked to the review article of origin, a visitor need only click the photo to be redirected to that page.  

It truly is the perfect Home Page set up for Blogger.

How to Make Your Own Home Page Features Using EPD

I was asked by several people to share a step by step tutorial on how to use Easy Product Displays (EPD) to create the Home Page features.  Since I change our Quick View Home Page features each week, that is a very easy request to fulfill.  

I will show you step by step photos of the process, but you will need to join Easy Product Displays to use their service and generate the code.  You can join for your free trial and set up your first home page code, by simply clicking the box below.

Note:  Setting up a featured article page is not the intended purpose of EPD, it is just a fantastic alternate use of their service.  
What Easy Product Displays offers to affiliate marketers with their search tools, buttons and displays is much more valuable.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating Your Featured Article Page

  1. Select Your Setting on the EPD Dashboard - Be sure you Select "None" for the Button Type.  I also select "No Border" for the Border Style

  2. Add the Number of "Boxes" for Photos/Articles You Wish to Display

  3. Fill in the Spaces with the Article URL, the Title, and the Photo URL

  4. Select Your Layout - As you can see the the screenshot below, there are a variety of layout styles.

  5. Click the "Get Code" tab in the upper right corner, then select "Copy to Clipboard"

  6. Move to your Blogger Page and paste the code copied to clipboard on the Blogger post using the "HTML" tab page.

Additional Notes:

If you wish to add line spaces in the captions under the pictures, you would simply add <br /> <br /> where you want the break.  

A Screen Shot of Our Quick View Home Page 

This is a miniature screenshot taken at the time this article was written of our Quick View Home Page here on Review This!  I wanted you to easily be able to see the results, but you are always welcome to visit our current Quick View Home Page.
Review This Quick View Home Page

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please ask in the guestbook below.

More Tips & Tutorials for Blogger

Using Easy Product Displays to Create Home Page Featured Articles Tutorial Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Friday, March 27, 2015

Easy Product Displays Reviewed

Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates A few years ago, I started using Easy Product Displays (EPD) to create my product displays on my websites.  I am still using them today!

I would like to take a moment to review the website "Easy Product Displays" and show you exactly why I would recommend them to anyone who desires to sell products online.

Amazon or Zazzle Product Displays in Minutes

If you own a website or blog, you already know product display codes to use on your websites and blogs can be difficult and cumbersome to write.

But, what if you had a tool that did it all for you?  If you could just pick what products you want and have them displayed for you, would you go for it?

That was my hope when I discovered Easy Product Display 2 years ago.  All my wishes came true! Literally!  Well, ok, I didn't win the lottery, but I can now make beautiful product displays with only a few mouse clicks.  Stay with me, while I show you how easy this really is to use.

How EPD Works

It Truly Does the Work for You!

Simply input the item you wish to search into the search box on Easy Product Displays and it will automatically populate the results of your search. You select the items you wish to have displayed, select your border & button choices and EPD will instantly give you the html to insert on your page.

Examples of Displays Using EPD

Easy Multi Product Display

For this example, I put in the Search Term "Doll", selected the layout and in a matter of seconds had the entire code, borders, titles, buttons and all ready to copy and paste into my website page.

Note: In order to remain in compliance with the word/product ratio of Review This, this section is a photo of how the features would look, but are not linked to products. 

With a Simple Click, I Changed the Format to Look Like This:

Note: In order to remain in compliance with the word/product ratio of Review This, this section is a photo of how the features would look, but are not linked to products. 

Another Simple Click and I Have This Format

A Few More Clicks and You Can Change the Borders, Buttons, Text Style, etc

For a Totally Different Look

You Could Even Go Borderless on any Size!

Easy Options & Features on EPD

  • Amazon & Zazzle Search Tool
  • Single or Multiple Item Product Display
  • Change Image Display Size
  • Add a Border and/or Button
  • Select Color of Text, Border, Font and Button
  • Create Your Own Buttons 
  • Amazon & Zazzle Buttons Available to Select
  • Set the Image on the Left or Right Side (my examples are all centered
  • Manually Change the Item Title for Product Display Uniformity
  • Save Format Settings & Colors for Website Consistency 
  • Save Multiple Amazon Tracking ID's to Auto Load
  • Make Custom Display for Other Affiliations by Simply Entering the Product Link URL, Image URL and Title
  • Use the "import code" section to make changes to previous features easy
  • No Software Download
  • Can Use Tool from Any Device or Location 

Website & Blog Owners

If you own or write on a website or blog that allows html code for products, Easy Products Displays website was created just for you!

You can join today and start your free trial of EPD by simply clicking here.

Testimonials from Current EPD Subscribers

"I don't know how I managed without it before!  It's extremely handy!  I use it everyday when I'm building pages.   The speed and convenience of EPD is worth it!

"Easy Product Displays is an affiliate marketers best friend! There is nothing out there that even comes close in ease of use and versatility when it comes to making attractive displays for items you want to feature or sell. In addition, it also has great customer service if you have a problem, the staff usually gets back to you the same day and there is a wonderful community of users that frequent their Facebook page that also offer advice and ideas on how to better use this great tool. Last but certainly not least, the makers of EPD are always updating it and improving its functionality and adding features. You really could not ask for a better product than this, I highly recommend it."

"If you want a professional-looking web site for selling items directly or for marketing items as an affiliate, this is it! Easy Product Displays allows you to add items manually or to interface with sites such as to select the items that you want to add. This economical display solution is packed with features and gives you several choices of layout, and also allows you to easily change the code should you choose to add or delete items, even at a later time."
Rhonda Reid



One More Exciting Announcement!
EPD recently announced that they will soon be including ShareASale in addition to Amazon and Zazzle. This is a really exciting change for all of us and we look forward to being able to easily create our SAS product displays on EPD!

If you join today, you will already be familiar with the EPD website when they introduce ShareASale to the line-up. (This might be considered insider information, so if you are reading this today, be sure to share this article with your friends too.)


Update!  ShareASale Has NOW Been Added to EPD!  Join Today Easy Product Displays for Amazon and Zazzle Affiliates

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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