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What Happens When Life Isn't a Bowl of Cherries? From the Heart Review

Life with all of its wonders, hopes, dreams and desires is a wonderful thing.  But sometimes, life isn't that bowl of cherries that everyone would have you believe.

What do you do when that time in your life happens?  I promise it will happen to all of us at one time or another.  Are you prepared for those days when you just feel like you are at the end of your rope and the knot you tied in it is unravelling faster than you can hang on?


For years, women especially, have known that there are times when you have to sit back, count to 10 or 1,000, and just do nothing!  It's like taking a little time to push the reset button or restart button on your computer.

You can let everything go and concentrate on nothing else but the numbers.  

Self care is the "big  phrase" these days!  While I'm not an expert in any such field, I do know that many of us need to recognize that Self Care is important, especially during stressful and anxiety filled days.

There are literally millions of ways to take back a little time for some much needed SELF-CARE!

Review This Reviews. com is a great place to start!  

You will find hundreds of book reviews on all kinds of topics.  Pick one and just sit for an hour and read!  It could be a novel, a autobiography of someone you admire, a book of riddles or a book of cartoons, like my favorite Calvin and Hobbs!

Another great way to reset is to watch a movie and again Review This Reviews has a whole lot of very worthwhile movies to watch and you can find a list right here.  Movie Reviews let you know right away whether it is a subject you would enjoy and you won't spend a lot of time flipping through all the channels.

Maybe just maybe you'd like to learn something about what others do when life is overwhelming for them.  I suggest taking a look at From The Heart.

Baking or cooking can sometimes be the way out of a dark little spot in life and we have you covered there too.  Sam Monaco, Sylvestermouse Cynthia, Wednesday Elf and a host of others share some of their most asked for favorites.  Why not whip up some goodness to help you feel better?

Self-Care is not just one way to help you through the trying times in life, because everyone is different and self-care is just that, it is something that resonates with you personally.

I know that I'm going to check out some of those recipes and make myself something delicious and magical that I can share.

Then I'm going to sit back and read another chapter in one of my favorite books!  Who knows, by this evening I just might curl up with a good movie and let life just happen.

Life right now is not the bowl of cherries that I love, but I know that tomorrow or the next day my bowl will be full again.  With Faith in Tomorrow, I will make it through this too!

at the lake

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  1. I agree that self-care is extremely important, especially when life is stressful. Another self-care ritual for me is my skincare routine. You’ll find several of my articles about it here on Review This Reviews under Beauty Reviews.

    1. I meant to mention those too, but time got away from me. I agree that is a great way to do some serious self-care!

    2. No worries, Olivia dear! I know you have your hands full. Sending big hugs! 💗

  2. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that while we are busy taking care of everyone else around us, we need to make time to take care of ourselves. Taking a day "off", turning off the world around us, is often a necessity for survival. As you said, I do tend to turn to my kitchen, and sometimes a book or movie is just what I need to find my balance again. Most of all, we just have to remember to take one day at a time until we get through whatever life has thrown at us, and sometimes that can take months. Hang in there, Olivia! You and your family are in my daily prayers.

    1. Thank you very much, I can feel the love and I do appreciate you all!

  3. Olivia, this is a lovely reminder that we all need to make sure we give ourselves the 'care' that we extend to others; to family members and friends who need us. Never forget that WE need to remember to take time for ourselves in the midst of caring for others.

  4. Sometimes we get lost in all the caring and forget to look in the mirror. That person looking back at you needs some TLC too!

  5. Self care, especially when being a care-giver like you are, is vital. It truly is difficult to find inner calm when the storms around us are swirling - totally understand that first hand. What I always fall back on is a phrase by the author of the best seller The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer; "notices the one who notices ("it's about self") - it's too deep to get into the comments here - but I highly recommend that book - I believe I reviewed it here a while ago - I've given this book as a gift to several people. Take care of yourself and do all that you need to, to get this challenging time.

  6. Self care especially when caring for others or going through a stressful time is very important. It is difficult to handle what you need to if you are burnt out. Sometimes it is easier said than done but worth taking the time to remember to look after yourself too. For me I generally turn to watching an absorbing film or connecting with nature by going for a lovely walk or tending to my garden doing the nice jobs like planting seeds or gentle pruning. Take good care Olivia, our thoughts are with you.


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