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Book Review -The Beach House

The Beach House

 I enjoy reading many different types of books.  There are times I get stuck on reading mysteries one after another and other times I'll read several historical fiction books in a row.  After going on my reading binges, I find myself longing for something light, that will take me away to a beautiful place.  

Rachel Hanna is the perfect author to satisfy my need for a book to take me away to a beautiful place with an interesting story.  I would categorize her books as light romances, but they also include some valuable life lessons along the way. 

The Beach House is the first book in the South Carolina sunset series.  You can find the book on Amazon at The Beach House.

A Look at the Main Characters

  • Julie--the main character has been married for 20 years and her two daughters are both out on their own.  Julie is looking forward to moving to her dream house on the beach.  The house has been sold and they are ready to embrace on their new life, when her husband comes home from a business trip and announces he wants a divorce.
  • Michael--the ex-husband (i.e. the Jerk) who has been living a second life when he goes on his trips and now not only has a fiance but a young son.
  • Dawson- the contractor that Julie hires to renovate the house she has purchased, sight unseen, in the small island of Seagrove off the South Carolina coast.
  • Dixie--the eccentric book store owner who befriends Julie.
  • SuAnn--Julie's bossy mother.
  • Janine--Julie's sister who she has not seen in many years.
  • Willam--Dixie's estranged son who she has not seen in 10 years.  William appears at the end of Book 1.

Books in the Series

I was so enchanted with The Beach House that as soon as I finished, I downloaded the second book in the series.  The Beach House has a definite beginning, middle, and end so it could be read alone but I'm sure once you read it you will want to read more of the series.  For the rest of the series, it is recommended that you read them in order as the characters are further developed with each new book.  Here are the books in the South Carolina Sunset series in order.
  1. The Beach House
  2. Sunsets and Second Chances
  3. Fireflies & Family Ties
  4. The Inn at Seagrove
  5. The Wedding at Seagrove
  6. A Seagrove Christmas
  7. Lighthouse Cove
  8. Beneath the Willow Tree
  9. Matts & Magnolias
  10. Chasing Sunset
I hope you enjoy this series.  I find it is a wonderful book to curl up with in a comfortable chair and escape for a few hours.

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  1. Mary Beth, like you, my normal genre is mysteries, but light romance is fun, especially ones with a with a touch of tension or suspense in the plots. And I also enjoy reading books in a series, as it is so interesting to follow the characters as they develop and grow from book to book. Plus, I once lived on an island along the Georgia coast and camped and visited many times along the South Carolina coastline, so the 'locale' of this South Carolina Sunset Series really appeals to me. I will definitely look for "The Beach House" and the subsequent books in the series. Thanks so much for introducing me to these books.

  2. I could certainly use some light reading myself right now! I have started 3 books recently and set all of them aside. They are by authors that I would put high on my list of favorites, but I'm just not up for a stressful plot. I need something more relaxing and this series might just fit. Thank you for a timely recommendation!

  3. Mary Beth, this sounds like a series I would really enjoy. Thanks so much for introducing me to it!

  4. My first choice is always historical fiction, but I do like to relax with a good series like this one. The last series I read was a family saga called, "Back to the Homeplace". This sounds like a great series. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. This story sounds very relaxing indeed - and the word you used to describe "enchanting" has truly peeked my interest - I could get into this story

  6. It sounds so good to curl up with a light romance book and escape for a while. I think I would enjoy this book and the series. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  7. Love South Carolina - this is an appealing series to be sure! Thanks for the review!


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