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Review of The Last Eligible Bachelor by Ashtyn Newbold

The Last Eligible Bachelor book cover
The Last Eligible Bachelor is the third book in the Seasons of Change series

The series is written by several authors who each write separate books in the set.  

Thus far, I have found that these books could easily be read as stand-alone books if a particular story appeals to you.  Since the series is historical Christian romance fiction, which is my favorite genre, I have chosen to read the entire series and I started with the first book.  However, they do not even require being read in order since the characters in the books are all different.  They are related in theme only.

None of the books have had a huge emphasis on religion.  Rather, they are simply clean reading without any violence, gore or explicit sexual content.

I have previously read, and reviewed, books written by Ashtyn Newbold.  I really enjoy the humor and witty conversations in her novels, which has now placed her in a category of favored authors for me.

Synopsis of The Last Eligible Bachelor

When Sophia Sedgwick is invited to a private party of "acceptable" young socialites to vie for one eligible bachelor, she is not interested in going.  However, her parents insist on her attendance.  It is a month long event, requires traveling across England to the hostesses estate, and living there for the duration.  Sophia doesn't know anyone who will be there, including the matchmaking hostess, and they have never met her.  She devises a plan that will allow her to spend the month with her friend, while still satisfying her parents.  After all, they need never know that the "Sophia" in attendance is not her.  She will send her personal maid in her place.

 The Last Eligible Bachelor: A Regency Romance (Seasons of Change Book 3)Check PriceDue to her father's recent arrest, Tillie Sherbrooke and her mother are now household staff on the estate of friends who took pity on them after their downfall from society.  They certainly did not want to see them homeless.  Tillie becomes Sophia Sedgwick's personal maid.  At first, that is a difficult position for Tillie since she had previously known Sophia as an equal.  Sophia seems to have no problem relegating Tillie to the lower class.  She tells Tillie that since she was born and raised a lady, she is the perfect stand-in for her.  When Tillie is hesitant to play along, Sophia threatens to have both her and her mother removed from their positions and home.  Tillie reluctantly agrees to the plan.  Sophia further instructs her to simply attend and make sure she did not appeal to the bachelor.  

Mr. Hill is immediately drawn to Sophia (Tillie) because she is kind and less conceited than the other women he has already met. She makes it clear she is not seeking a husband.  She would suit his purposes perfectly.  She would allow him to distance himself from the match-matching and overtly flirtatious women in attendance.   He devises a plan that will allow him to fulfill his obligations without having to commit to one of the other women.  He proposes that he and Sophia (Tillie) pretend to court each other until the end of this ridiculous party.  Tillie is reluctant to agree.  After all, she is supposed to be Sophia.  Anything she does will be attributed to Sophia.  However, when she discovers that Mr. Hill is related to someone who has the power to change her life drastically, she agrees to his plan.

With this alliance, the two interact with each other without reservation or pretense and they become friends.



As I previously stated,  this is a romance novel,  so you can probably surmise what happens next.  But I assure you, there are surprises.  I found this to be a very enjoyable read.  The witty characters humored me greatly.  I anticipated a happy ending, therefore the novel did not make me feel stressed or overly anxious.  However, when I was 80% of the way through the book, even though I was very sleepy, I refused to give in to rest until I had finished the book.  So, be forewarned, you might not be able to put this book down until you have reached the end.


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  1. Good Clean Historical Novels are a favorite of mine too. I will add this on my growing list of books to read soon! Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I definitely think you will enjoy this book, Olivia! I do love it when characters have so much personality that they seem to come alive.

  2. As the saying goes, 'when first we practice to deceive.... ". I can anticipate the complications that must occur in this novel. And I love humor in stories. So, even though this is not my usual genre, your review is enticing me to read this book. Thanks for your review and recommendation.

    1. A tangled web indeed! As you suspect, there are several complications which make for an entertaining plot for the readers.

  3. This sounds like a delightful historical romance that I would certainly enjoy. Sophia sounds like a spoiled brat. I hope she gets her comeuppance while Tillie gets her happily ever after!

    1. You are spot on, Margaret! Sophia is spoiled. I rather doubt you will like her, especially when she decides she made a mistake and feels justified in following her own desires & whims.

  4. Although I'm not a big romance book or movie type, I have to say, based on your review, I would enjoy this one. I do like romance mixed with a bit of intrigue and a good side story - this sounds like it could be just that. I also appreciate that it's a clean movie.

    1. meant to type "appreciate that it's a clean book" (not movie) - although clean movies also appeal to me. I think it's creatively more of a challenge to write a script or book that doesn't lean on violence or the darker sides of life.


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