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Reviewing the Compact Folding Cot by Ozark Trail

On many occasions I have been in a situation where I needed a temporary and portable place to sleep. Many times that has been on an inflatable mattress. I have recently found a much better option at an awesome price point. The Compact Folding Cot by Ozark Trail is solid and comfortable. I cannot yet speak to it's longevity but I have napped in it and was surprised at how comfortable it was.

About the Compact Folding Cot by Ozark Trail

I found this cot to be surprisingly comfortable and sturdy. I stretched out on it - and took an impromptu nap - as soon as I brought it home. I wanted to try it out immediately because I half expected to return it. I unfolded it to find that the legs were short. The cot was approximately 8 1/2" above the ground. Because it is low to the ground, it didn't tip or wobble as I got in and out of the cot. I also believe it didn't tip or wobble because of the way the legs are made. There are five wide, U-shaped legs that maintain contact with the ground. The legs at each end of the cot lock into place and needs to be manually released in order to fold the cot. 

The material stretched across the frame is comfortable. I was expecting either some sort of thin nylon or thick canvas. I was hoping for a thick canvas. I cannot find any description of what the material is made of but it feels to me like a canvas with some sort of stretch. Not too much stretch. Just enough to help alleviate any pressure point I would experience from laying on a stiffer material. 

Finally, have you ever sat or slept on a futon or a pull-out bed in a sofa and ended up feeling one of the bars of the frame under your back? It is impossible to get comfortable in that situation and I always woke up stiff and sore. This Ozark Trail cot does not have any support bars just under the material where I laid!

The information from the manufacturer is:

  • Frame design provides solid and comfortable sleeping surface
  • Low profile allows for extra headroom inside tents
  • Compact for easy storage and makes it easy to carry it with you most anywhere you go
  • weight of cot: 12.7 lbs
  • dimensions: 75.6"L x 25"W x 8.4"H
  • weight capacity: 300 lbs.
They forgot to mention that there are two small straps with a plastic buckle and velcro configuration that holds that cot closed when folded. And there are two straps that when velcroed together create a padded carrying handle. 

My Experience: The Compact Folding Cot by Ozark Trail Versus Air Mattresses

Over the years I have purchased several different air mattresses for camping. When I camped regularly on my land, in an off-grid structure I called "The Shack", I thought an air mattress would be the best option. I could inflate it when I arrived, deflate it when I left, and pack it in a tote for safe-keeping. However, the air mattress didn't turn out to be the best option. In cold weather, the air mattress became extremely cold - more cold than sleeping directly on the floor in a sleeping bag. I was shocked at how cold that mattress became. Also, I quickly found that air mattresses were not durable.

The first air mattress I purchased was inexpensive and leaked after just a few camping trips. I thought it leaked because I purchased the least expensive version. So I purchased more expensive brands over time hoping they would be more durable. Subsequent mattresses did last longer, but not by much. I believe my dog's toenails punctured one of the mattresses in the middle of the night as it suddenly began to hiss and quickly dropped me to the floor. What a startling way to wake up! Another time, when visiting family, I slept on an air mattress that did not blow up "tight". There was that sagging spot in the middle from the beginning. It caused me to be uncomfortable and it caused me to snore because of the position I was in. At least that is my excuse for snoring during that trip. 

I purchased my Compact Folding Cot from Walmart at a very nice "rollback" price. I now wonder if the reduced price tag was because camping season (for most folks) is coming to a close. There are also a few of the cots listed for sale online - but I'm not familiar with those outlets so I will not advertise those sites. 

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  1. I can see where this would also be helpful when I have grandchildren visiting.

  2. I've slept on a futon before and totally agree with you, and we have had several air mattress and all have leaked. This cot seems like the perfect solution for camping and overnight guests. Thanks Dawn.

  3. We had two cots for our tent back in our family camping days. They folded up, but were the kind with wooden legs and canvas and you had to thread wood slots through the canvas at each end. The kids slept on them in sleeping bags and they were fairly comfortable, but this folding cot you describe here seems to be an even better choice. Thanks for reviewing it for us.

  4. I would imagine having an air mattress deflate while sleeping would not be a pleasant experience. I did have to laugh at your description. I've never had a cot that didn't have a mattress, but I can certainly see the practicality of the Ozark Trail cot you have featured, especially if you are using a sleeping bag as your cover. Plus, it would take up a lot less storage room! What a great cot!

  5. This sounds like a comfortable and easily portable sleeping arrangement as well as an excellent value! Not having support bars digging into one's spine is a huge plus, and the slightly stretchy canvas material sounds durable, supportive and comfortable. Thanks so much for your review and recommendation!

  6. Wow, that's very helpful. You're right about air mattresses when they begin to leak, and I can see how it could also get cold when camping. Your folding ozark cot sounds like a terrific alternative. We just bought another blow up mattress for guests, because yep, that last one broke! I'll keep this in mind in the future.

  7. I had to give up camping after sleeping on an air matress that lost all of it's air and woke up with kidneys that ached so badly I could hardly walk! That experience did me in. I wonder how soundly I would sleep on one of these cots! I tend to rock and roll a lot at night, so I guess I could try one out and see if it works. I'm glad it works for you and happy to know about this option. Thanks Dawn for this review!

  8. Due to back issues I have to be careful what I sleep on and certainly air mattresses and bars digging into my back are not a good idea! This compact folding cot does sound a good solution for people going camping and could be very useful for guests to stay on overnight. Good to hear that it has worked well for you and thank you for your review.

  9. I think I could use this with a twin memory foam mattress. Always important to have the right equipment for a good night's sleep (wherever you are). Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check it out.

  10. Perfect timing! We have been seeking an alternative to the air mattress - thanks for the review !


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