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Backyard Wildlife – A Toy Review


Image of a black squirrel

The most common animals you might find in your back yard are squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, perhaps a deer, or maybe a skunk. Some are found in nearly every yard (squirrels and rabbits); some you might find only if you live where your back yard is near a wooded area (deer, for instance). 

Because these animals are wild, it is practically impossible to get close to them.  That's where toy versions come into play.

Let's review a few of these animals one might find in a backyard in toy version made in crafty plush or wood. 


Nearly everyone with a back yard has squirrels, probably the most common wild animal seen there, flitting from tree to tree and across the yard. 

In Iowa, they have black squirrels. The intro photo above shows one that was seen on my son's backyard deck.

Plush toy squirrel
Red Squirrel Plush Animal

Squirrels come in many colors. This one by Aurora World is in a 'rusty' color and is super silky and soft for little hands. Recommended for ages 3 months and up, this sweet red squirrel from a trusted manufacturer will fill your child's imaginative play. 


Wooden bunny push toy

Wooden Bunny Push Toy

This wooden push toy bunny is handmade in Iowa by Jesse & Stacey Bannor of BannorToys. Bunny push toy is 5.5 x 5 inches with wheels that are fully functional.  It features an interior cutout that makes an easy 'handle' for little fingers to grasp and helps babies & toddlers to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

Crafted from locally sourced Cherry wood, this darling push toy is finished with beeswax and flaxseed oil.

Raccoon Plush Toy

Toy raccoon in plush
Raccoon Plush Toy Animal

This adorable soft and cuddly raccoon is handcrafted with care by Angela Gray and featured in her Etsy Shop GrayMomMakes.  It is created from soft plush 100% polyester yarn, stuffed with hypoallergenic 100% polyester fiberfill. Perfect gift for kids and adults alike. Can be used as a nursery décor or perfect companion for animal lovers and creative outdoorsy people.

Sweet Deer Toy

Velvety plush deer in crochet
Velvety Plush Deer in Crochet

This adorable velvet plush deer is handmade by Viktoria in Turkey. Measuring approximately 11 inches tall (or 7 inches in a sitting position), this sweet little deer is cuddly and cute.  Deer can be found in Viktoria's Etsy shop Divohobby


Such cute, cuddly, sweet plush animals and educational wooden toys make a child's toybox a place for a fun collection of backyard wildlife. 

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*Backyard Wildlife is written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Oh all of these are so cute Pat! I love the raccoon, although when they were in my yard not so much! Only because they would try and eat all my Koi fish! They are still cute little critters though! What a lovely delight this would be for small children and wonderful little gifts! Thanks!

    1. Thanks for visiting my review, Olivia. My son had a whole family of raccoons living under his deck this past spring. They are definitely common backyard wildlife.

  2. I will admit, I love animals and I have a menagerie of plush animals that I adore. Unlike the live creatures, as you said, my plush animals will let me pet them, or even hug them. It is best that we allow our backyard wildlife to remain skittish of humans. After all, many of the animals we most adore, are hunted. All of the animals you have featured are adorable. My favorite: either the squirrel or the deer. My dad would love the raccoon though.

    1. You're never too old for huggable plush animals. Glad you enjoyed my collection of backyard wildlife in plush, Mouse.

  3. So darn adorable. Etsy is a treasure trove to find creative items from all over the world! Love the plush deer!

    1. I like that plush deer and the raccoon too, Tracey. Love sharing such cute creations from Etsy.

  4. Elf, you have put together a wonderful selection of animals common to our backyards (if we’re lucky). I’m having trouble picking a favorite — they’re all so darn cute!

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Glad you enjoyed my collection of stuffed animals representing backyard wildlife. Love sharing favorites from Etsy.

  5. These type of toys are precious. That deer is so cute, I love it. These always make terrific gifts for family or friends.

    1. Plush animals are always favorite gifts for sure, Barbara.

  6. I love all these wildlife toys!! They are so cute and just adorable and would make lovely gift ideas. I especially like the very sweet deer and the cute red squirrel!

    1. Squirrels are so common in most backyards, Raintree Annie. Having one in a soft plush version is great for kids' gifts.


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