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Review of Backyard Birdbath

Robins exam birdbath photo by mbgphoto
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Creating a Bird Friendly Backyard

My husband and I really enjoy watching the birds in our backyard and in the past year I have become passionate about bird photography.  I have always had a feeder or two in the backyard but never really thought about the rest of the environment for the birds until this year.  In researching the best ways to have a bird friendly yard, I realized what I was missing was a bird bath.  


After spending some time looking through Amazon and reading all the reviews on various birdbaths, I decided on the pedestal bird bath shown above.  It had several features that fit my needs.

  • It is made of a lightweight  resin that is frost resistant and durable
  • It is 28.25 inches high and 20 inches in diameter...just the right size for my patio or flower bed
  • It holds 8 gallons of water
  • You have the option of adding sand to the base for stability.  I have not done this at this point and have had no issues with it tipping.
When I got the birdbath delivered I found it came in three pieces and was very easy to put together.  I decided to locate it on the edge of my patio and set it up and within hours I had birds visiting.


I knew there were Robins around our area, but since they do not normally come to feeders, I rarely saw the in our yard before I got the birdbath.  Now they come regularly both to drink and to take their baths.  They are very entertaining as they splash around in the birdbath.  Below are a few photos of a Robin enjoying his bath.
Robin baths in birdbath photo by mbgphoto
Robins baths in birdbath photo by mbgphoto

Robins baths in birdbath photo by mbgphoto

Robins after bath in birdbath photo by mbgphoto

I was able to capture these photos while sitting at my kitchen table and photographing through the sliding glass doors.

Other Birds Enjoying the Water

While the Robins are the birds I've seen taking a bath most often, many other birds stop for a drink of water.  This Yellow Bellied Sapsucker stopped in our yard for the first time after I put out the bird bath.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker exams birdbath photo by mbgphoto
Even the Mourning Doves enjoy the water.
Mourning Dove on birdbath photo by mbgphoto


I got the birdbath about 6 months ago so it has made it through the winter and seems to be very durable.  I love the design and the way it shows up in my photos.


Birds need water for both drinking and bathing, so if you don't already have a birdbath for your yard I hope you will consider adding one both for the birds and for your enjoyment.

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  1. Love the way your fantastic photographs of birds tell the story of your new birdbath in such a delightful way, Mary Beth. I can tell you (and hubby) really are enjoying the 'visitors' to your bird bath.

  2. What a beautiful birdbath! I really enjoy watching the birds "play" in their birdbaths in our yard. As always, your photography is fabulous. You really caught some great shots. That robin sure looks like he had a good time once he finally took the plunge. And, I absolutely love the fluffed up Mourning Dove! That is a very pretty birdbath. I am quite tempted to add another one to my yard.

  3. Your new birdbath is definitely a winner for both you and the birds, as well as for those of us who get to enjoy your beautiful bird photos. Great choice!


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