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Site Review of Teabag Folding|Paper Facets

Review of Teabag Folding Site

Teabag Folding rosette from Teabag Folding website
Rosette from Teabag Folding Site
If  you are a fan of hand made cards you will love the site: 

It has many beautiful cards for you to purchase and they are very reasonable for such unique designs that are made entirely by hand. Even the shipping is much less than it is on other sites. 

Teabag folding is sort of an obscure paper craft but the results are gorgeous and your card recipients are going to be stunned by the beauty of the cards you give them. I was blown away by all the beautiful cards available on this site.

Learn the Art of Teabag Folding

And if you would like to learn about the craft of paper folding you are in for a treat as the owner has many many tutorials with clear and precise directions to help you from start to finish. (Tea bag folding is also known as flat fold origami.) She also lists and reviews many sources of the supplies you will need to get started making your own beautiful cards and the craft of teabag folding. 

Hand Made card
Hand Made Card from Paper Facets
From the beginning of learning the craft, to learning some of the techniques and patterns, to sourcing some of the materials, and her reviews of some of the suppliers and supplies, you will find everything you need to get started and to become an expert on this very unique paper craft. You will also find hints on how to run an arts and crafts business if you want to take it that far. 

As an aside, I met the owner, Sherry, at an event in 2010 and she was very lovely and funny.  I am not surprised that her art is so wonderful. And that's what it is, art. Each and every card is a little work of art. She told a hilarious story of making her designs while on break when she worked at the phone company for many years so she could rush to craft fairs with her beautiful cards and sell them.

Buy Hand Made Cards at the Teabag Folding Website

Rosette teabag
Cut Out Rosette from Teabag Folding Site
I am so glad she now has them online so you don't have to find her at a crafts fair. You can just go to her site: Tea Bag Folding or and look at some of her beautiful cards or you can order custom work too by contacting her on the site. There is lots of information for everyone. from the customer to the beginner to the expert paper craft artisan.

I totally recommend Teabag Folding, both the craft, and the site. Prepare to be enthralled. 

Photos on this page are courtesy of

Two books about the paper craft of Origami to get you started:

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  1. These folded paper designs are absolutely gorgeous! I didn't know the term "teabag folding" or how a few simple folds make such beautiful designs. Sherry's site is amazing, with so many examples and great ideas. Thank you for the review!

    1. You are so welcome, glad you like the site as much as I do!

  2. Fantastic site, and site review too! I love the tutorials and patterns she has published. I spent a while this morning flipping through some of them and thought how much fun it would be to make my own greeting cards. I noted that she offers a classroom kit. This would truly offer a fun way to make this craft with friends. I can just imagine sitting together, folding paper and making beautiful designs, cards and gifts.

    1. It would be a fun group activity, kind of like the old quilting bees!

  3. I've known Paperfacet's work online for a number of years and so admire her beautiful cards. Excellent site review, Heather, of a very interesting site to visit.

  4. I love paper crafts and never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do. These look very interesting and I'm sure could be done with a little persistence and patience. The outcome is beautiful for sure.

    1. I'm sure you could do it Olivia and the results would be beautiful!

  5. I found that building a website is just as creative as making the greeting cards. I hope my site is easy on the eyes and especially the brain. Thank you, Heather for the lovely review. Review This! has much to explore. I am glad I discovered the site.

    1. It was an honor Sherry! Your cards and the site are both beautiful!

  6. You convinced me I needed to visit the site. I appreciated the clear instructions on the site, but I'm not sure I've got the knack for it. I'd be more likely to buy the beautiful cards than attempt to make them. The art kits would make great gifts.

  7. Yes the kits are something I am thinking about too. Thanks for the visit Barbara!

  8. What beautiful works of art. Thank you for this review. I will definitely have to take a closer look at the very "beginner" projects. I'm very clumsy and have trouble with smaller crafts...but this review and the site make me want to try!


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