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Trackimo - An Excellent Personal GPS Tracker

Do you have problems finding lost belongings? Are you anxious about pets or family members who may wander? The Trackimo may be the perfect solution to end your worries.  The Trackimo is an international GPS tracking gadget that is affordable, very easy to use, and works great.  If you need to find something or someone, need someone to be able to alert you if they are in trouble, or have a potentially problem driver driving your car, this may be the answer.

I have thought about purchasing a GPS tracker for a few years.  I've wanted one for my dogs, when we are in the woods. But reliable tracking dog collars  have been expensive - and can only be used on your dog. I've also wanted one for the vehicle I own but don't drive.  But most of those GPS trackers somehow need to be installed in the fuse panel, or need to be wired into the system.  And also have monthly subscription fees.

Then I learned about the Trackimo by watching a video of a gentleman who finds his drones when they go down.  He gave such a thorough and excellent review that I had to get one for myself.


My Truck

I own and am financially responsible for truck that I don't drive. At times, it received tickets for speeding or parking in questionable areas. I ended up paying for the tickets.  After time, I realized that I need to know the location of the truck until which time I'm not longer financially responsible for it.

I was so impressed by this gadget.  The Trackimo is not weather-proof.  However, it does come with a rubberized skin to help protect it.  When I had ordered the Trackimo, I had also ordered a really big, magnetized key holder - the type placed under cars for the spare key - because I did not expect the Trackimo to have a strong enough magnet for my purposes. But I was wrong. The Trackimo is plenty strong!

I followed the charging and setup directions.  I also started my account on the Trackimo website. And found the site really easy to use. I drove around for days, with it attached to the painted metal inside my Jeep.  Yes, it does send an alert when speeding.  I tested that out almost immediately by accident.  I intentionally placed it on my door (on the inside) and slammed the door shut when exiting.  I expected it to pop off. But it remained where I had placed it.  

I was ready for the real test.  I placed it under the bumper of the truck. The Trackimo tracked it very well.  Day after day I got reliable information about the location of my truck.  I only have a few cautions - depending on how you need to use it - and am listing those thoughts below.  Concerned about it during all of our rainy weather, I then began to place it under the bed rail.  It worked just as well there. 

My Trackimo in the rubberized cover

My Dog

As soon as I decide how I want to attach it to my dog, he will be wearing it when he's in the woods. My only hesitance comes from not wanting him to get snagged on trees.  I currently take off his collar or harness completely when he's in the woods.  However, if he were wearing the Trackimo, and was snagged, I could find him to release him.  

I am considering making an elasticized collar for him, with a Trackimo pocket.

Other Uses for Trackimo


I mentioned the gentelman who uses the Trackimo to locate and retrieve his downed drones.  I think this would be a perfect way to track your teenager who is borrowing your car. Because the Trackimo is not permanately attached, you can move it easily to whichever car the teen is driving that day.  I also think it's a great tracker for your elderly family members who may become lost or your younger children who are walking down to the local playground - and you want to know where they are.

I think this would be a great item to place in checked baggage.  If a bag is ever again "lost" for a long period of time, I could tell Amtrak (insert: airlines) where to begin their search!  

Signaling for Help

This device comes with a SOS signal. If the button is pressed for four seconds, you receive a signal. And can see the location of the device. If your child pushes the button for help, you will receive that call for help. If your teenager has had an accident, and they want your help but can't describe their location, you will know where they are. If your elderly family member can remember things except their location, they can feel more confident knowing you are a button-push away.

The Drawbacks

It is not water-proof. While mine weathered the rain nicely, I'm not sure how it would have done on the dog in a rainstorm. 

Depending on how often you set the tracking (as often as every minute), the device will need to be charged up to every day or two.  Not practical for your business vehicle that an employee may have for a few days at a time. (I charged my Trackimo every evening and placed it again every morning).

In some areas, the "triangulation" problems may present a brief problem with accuracy. I live near Chesapeake Bay. When the truck was closest to the water, the map would sometimes have a warning that the device was traingulating for a more accurate location. During these moments, the "you are here" icon would blink up to about a mile from where the truck was located.  However, these moments were brief and only showed on the map during real-time tracking.  This inaccurate moments did not show up on the tracking history map.

Even though my Trackimo stuck to the painted surface of my Jeep without problems, I would always look for a more "bare" metal surface area - to ensure a strong bond.

Reasons to use the Trackimo 

Find belongings
Find your vehicle
Know where your elderly, young, and teen family members are
Track your dog
Know how responsibly your teen driver is driving
Cheap and Easy (I paid $139 for mine, with no subscription or hidden costs for a year)
Free Android (and iphone) apps 

I am not technologically savvy.  I usually can't get those "plug and play" computer things to work without help. But this thing was ridiculously easy. Because I'm not very good at gadgets, I'm including the following videos that are very helpful. 

** Warning -- Stalking and similar things are against the law. I would not advise using this to track you neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, enemy, frenemy, or secret crush.  Just don't do it. **

Related Videos:

Trackimo Advertising

How to setup Trackimo

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  1. The trackimo sounds amazing. Will have to check it out. Thank you!

    1. You are welcome. If you get one, you'll have to let me know if it works as well for you.

  2. Wow! I am thinking vacation time in a foreign country! Our family often vacations together and we don't always want to visit the same places at the same time. This would have been wonderful to have in Rome or Paris where you can so easily get separated by crowds or not make the same bus. I can certainly see the practically of use for home purposes like you have described, but I immediately thought of the stress and worry I have personally felt when family members were separated in unfamiliar places / countries. It would be well worth the money for the peace of mind!

    1. I travel alone so much that I hadn't thought of it that way. BUT, I had thought that when my kids were starting to venture out long distances, that it would have been PERFECT to have. And, someone needs to attach one to me! I can't tell you how many times I try to tell someone where I am, and haven't a clue what was the last intersection or mile marker.

  3. First thing I thought about was the day my mom was lost. (Note: That story ended well.) Wish we would have had one of these in her purse that day! I'm sure most people can think of two or three ways they might use a reliable GPS tracker like this. Excellent review with plenty of practical information. Thanks, Dawn Rae!

    1. I think that would have been a perfect use for it. Remembering to charge it every day or two/three would be maybe hard to remember. But if that was taken care of, it would be perfect. (I'm so glad the story of your lost mom ended well)(we see "Silver Alert" signs all the time on the highway. People hunting for their older family members who have driven off. It would be so helpful for that)

  4. Technology is amazing. What will they think of next. I swear by my car GPS to find my way to unknown locations. Now it locates lost people, pets and things. Wonderful.

    1. It is amazing. And a bit scary. Nothing is secret anymore! I'm thinking of a friend whose cell phone suddenly blipped up a message that there was a traffic jam on the way to her child's daycare. She freaked out since she was very cautious about disclosing where her child went for daycare.

  5. Wow, this is a handy item! love the idea of this for your pets too - technology is leaving nothing unturned these days - quite the gizmo!

  6. It's working a treat. Very fair price. Arrived incredibly quickly. All round faultless. great website where contains best GPS tracking solution in different situations.


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