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Reviewing the Kaytee Finch Station

Easy Way To Attract More Finches

yellow finch
One of my favorite birds is the American Goldfinch and I have found that using the Kaytee Finch Station is a great way to get more of them to visit my backyard. Before placing the feeding station in my little bird garden, I would have a few of these lovely little yellow birds come around but only just a few. After having placed this feeder with mesh tubes next to the other feeders, I found that even more came to dine. It is not unusual to see 10 to 15 goldfinches feeding at the same time. What a beautiful sight that is!

The image to the left is not one of the little finches that visits my own yard but one that I found at Pixabay. I never seem to have my own camera ready to grab a neat shot of the sweet little goldfinches that come to my yard. 

I have to admit that when I first saw the Kaytee Finch Station I thought it was one ugly feeder. It has a large yellow dome that serves as both protection and the place where you add the nyjer seeds. Then the mesh sock tube hangs from the dome.

finch station

I took a chance on it anyway because I really did want to have more finches feeding in my backyard. I have not been disappointed! The joy of seeing all those finches feeding at one time far outweighs the not so attractive looking feeder. Just goes to show you that birds don't care if a feeder is pretty or not, they want something that helps them find the food they want to eat in an easy way.

The added benefit of that plastic dome at the top is that the squirrels can not get to the mesh sock. Oh they try, believe me they try! Those little varmints (squirrels are my mortal enemies, you know) may get to the dome but they slide right off.

I also love that inside the package is a spare sock which comes in handy if for some reason the other one gets torn. Honestly, I haven't had to use the spare but I know I have one if I need it.

Oddly, I find that it is mostly the goldfinches that feed on this feeder. The cute little house finches don't seem to use it as much as the goldfinches do. I have seen them go to it but they don't stay long. That is fine with me because the view of several yellow birds hanging on that sock is just breathtaking!

If you love to feed the avian visitors in your yard and you like goldfinches, you will not regret getting a Kaytee Finch station. The tube feeders work well but this one with the mesh sock has worked better for me than the tubes that I have used in the past.

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  1. I don't believe I have actually ever seen this particular feeder used anyway, but I am familiar with the brand and would trust it if I saw the feeder in a local store. We do love seeing those little burst of color and I am quite tempted to add this bird-feeder to my backyard. Excellent recommendation and just in time for Mother's Day!

  2. What a helpful review! We get lots of goldfinch through the winter months and they make short work of the seed in the traditional tube feeder, though they have to share it with the other birds. I'll have to get one of these sock feeders just for them. Thanks for enlightening me about sock feeders!

  3. I have not seen this type of feeder so I will go looking for it. I like the yellow dome over top to keep the seed dry, the feeder I have doesn't have a rain dome over it and the seeds get wet and start to mold....

  4. I want one, This is going on my short-list of thingd to buy for the shack!

  5. Goldfinches are such beautiful birds. It would be great fun to have a 'finch' station in the yard to draw them in.

  6. I've had a few of these beauties, but they don't stay long. Have to try this feeder. Can you use any birdseed mix or does it have to be a special type for that feeder?


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