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Country Songs about Fishing! Yep, It's that Time of the Year

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Fishing is Your Life! Why Not, There's Even a Song for That

Don't fret, there are several relaxing country songs specifically geared to the fishing addict! Fishing is who you are....much to the dismay of those who never see you 'cause you're often seen 'out there on the lake'!
Don't worry, be happy...just fish! And who cares what other people think about your love of fishing anyway! Fishing fans understand you perfectly well...they get who you are! Country music artists get you too, 'cause they've written songs about fishing just so you can say to those who don't get you ...'see, there's even a song about fishing!'
Here you go! Here are three country songs about fishing that speak to completely different aspects of this sport; The first song by Billy Carrington is about fishing no matter what happens, good or bad - The second song is the hilarious fishing song by Brad Paisley - and the Third song is an emotional fishing song about a father and his little girl.
Bad Day of Fishing by Billy Currington - Didn't Catch a Damn Thing! (lyrics)
Whether it's pouring rain, the fish aren't biting, or you lost your pole to a big one...doesn't matter...because a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else (as the song says). It seems a good Fisherman simply adjusts no matter what! As the song says 'looks like tonight's fish fry dinner is going to be chicken' ...yep the avid fisherman knows how to adjust and they're probably the first to tell you..they'd never stop fishing no matter what! If this sounds like you, then without a doubt, this is your song! 

I'm Gonna Miss Her, The Fishin' Song by Brad Paisley "Now there's a chance that if I hurry I could beg her to stay, but the water's right and the weather's perfect"(lyrics)

She should never given him that ultimatum...Fishing or me...'cause he's gonna miss her'. If you've never watched the video for this fishin' song, be sure to check it out, it's hilarious! The entire video is done like a news and media event...funny as of Brad Paisley's funniest! In fact, Jerry Springer is in this one advising Mr. Paisley that he probably should have married a fish...Brad has to agree, in typical Brad Paisley comedic style.

Just Fishing by Trace Adkins - "I say, “Daddy loves you, baby” one more time, She says, “I know. I think I got a bite....But I guarantee this memory's a big'in, And she thinks we're just fishin' (Lyrics)

This is an absolutely beautiful and emotional country song about a dad creating a beautiful memory with his daughter...and she thinks we're just fishing. Every dad knows how precious these moments are with their kids, and they don't just happen...although sometimes they do....However in this song, Dad is building a moment for a his life, something that will stay with him forever. He loves that little girl, and this ain't just about fishing.

You Can Find these Songs Here at - The Heart of Country Music!

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  1. Fishing is a wonderful way to relax and these songs are all great! I will never forget how hard I laughed the first time I heard Brad Paisley's "I'm Gonna Miss Her". I understood completely and thought the song was great. (still do!)

    I can completely identify with Trace Adkin's song. One thing: those memories are just as important to the daughter as they are to the dad. I can assure you of that and my opinion is based on experience.

    Dad's who fish with their daughters (and not just the boys) are the best!!! (again, based on experience.)

    1. Cynthia, Brad Paisley songs can be so funny, love his sense of humor too

  2. I know two of these songs and love them. "I'm Gonna Miss Her" always makes me laugh. Fun review!

  3. Fishing is another thing we didn't do often enough with our boys, but we have a few good fishin' memories. Love these songs!

    1. Susan, I haven't fished much either, but I have to say that when I do, I just love it

  4. You bring back some fun fishing memories with this article and shared songs, Barbara. I'm not really a fisher(wo)man, but as a child I used to get up pre-dawn on vacations to join my dad out on the lake fishing for breakfast. Didn't want to get up before the sun; didn't want to fish; but the time spent on the lake in a boat, with the early morning mist rising from the water, with my dad was not to be missed!


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