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Reviewing Santas Village Cookie Jar

Cookies At Grandma's House

decorated gingerbread cookies
Whether you are already a Grandma or a Grandma in waiting, I'll just bet one of the things that you love to have around the house for children (actual kids or the adults in touch with their inner child) who visit are cookies. Now, it is one thing to just have the cookies available and it is totally another thing to have a special cookie jar for the children to get the cookies from. One of my fondest memories of my own Grandmother's house is her cookie jar. For one thing, it never ever seemed empty. Hers was not a fancy one, it was very simple, actually. As the Grandma to 5 precious little ones, I am carrying on the tradition and making sure that there are always cookies in a cookie jar when they come to visit. Oh who am I kidding? There are always cookies in my cookie jar! 

I Might Have A Problem

Unlike my Grandma, I have this penchant for fun cookie jars. I like to have ones on display that follow with the seasons of the year. It is a weakness of mine, I admit, but a fun little hobby just the same. In my opinion, one can not have too many cookie jars. 

So, last year my Christmas themed cookie jar accidentally got broken. No, it wasn't one of the kids who broke the lid but one of the adult kids who dropped it on the floor. Was I angry? Oh no! The breaking of the lid offered up the opportunity to find a new one. I love the thrill of the hunt, don't you know!

I've been looking around and finally found the perfect replacement for my Christmas Cookie Jar.

This is perfect for me to place the cookies in! It is so very cute and festive and large enough to hold several cookies, brownies and other sweet treats. I love that it looks like it is a part of Santa's Village and I will tell the kids that Mrs. Claus and the elves have been busy keeping the jar as full as possible.

How do I keep the jar full? Well, as much as I would appreciate Mrs. C and the elves help, they don't come through for me. So, I bake the cookies up ahead of time and freeze them. I can pull out a variety at any time. I start as early as October and keep them in empty coffee tins separated by waxed paper. This Grandma/Mom never runs out of cookies. And listen, if you don't enjoy baking like I do that is really not a problem. You can always buy an abundant supply at the store bakery or on the cookie aisle of the grocery. The cookie police are not going to come arrest you if the cookies and treats are not made in your own kitchen.

Besides traditional Christmas cookies, I also make up batches of Buckeyes, those wonderful peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate! Those are my favorites even though technically they are a candy and not a cookie. I also make batches of what I call "wreaths" which are a form of Rice Krispie treats with a twist. Instead of the rice krispies I use corn flakes, put green food coloring in the marshmallow mixture and top with red M&M's. They kind of look like holly leaves and berries.

How about you? Do you have a special Christmas Cookie jar in your home? What kinds of cookies do you like to have stored in them?

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  1. What a fun post! I'm glad the cookie police will not be looking for me. I need a new cookie jar so good timing.

  2. I adore cookie jars! There are so many beautiful designs in all kinds of colors. Of course, I like any that are animals, but they are not usually holiday cookie jars. The Santas Village cookie jar is awesome and very inviting. I have no doubt you will have children and adults slipping their hands into the cookie jar and rapidly depleting your cookie supply. Good thing you start cookie months ahead of time! Oh! And, I love the way you think! "Was I angry? Oh no! The breaking of the lid offered up the opportunity to find a new one." I laughed out loud at the vision of you quickly sweeping up the mess with visions of new cookie jars dancing in your head.

  3. My grandma had a cookie jar that was always full too. :) What a darling holiday Christmas jar. This cookie jar serves two purposes - a home for those Christmas cookie treats and a pretty holiday decoration.

  4. Oh boy, I wanna visit you, Bev! Your replacement cookie factory cookie jar is beautiful. I'll visit on a day you've filled it with Buckeyes, one of my favorites!

  5. Oh boy, I wanna visit you, Bev! Your replacement cookie factory cookie jar is beautiful. I'll visit on a day you've filled it with Buckeyes, one of my favorites!

  6. oh my goodness, I love that cookie jar you've featured, and I can understand why you can't resist them - what a fun collection to have anyway - oh stop me now, I could begin collecting these

  7. I have always loved cookies jars, and I used to make a lot of cookies until I move into a house that didn't have much room for baking anymore. Now I usually make bar cookies because they don't require as much time and oven energy. But even bar cookies have to be kept handy. I love the cookie jar you picked out -- just right for Christmas treats.


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