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Have a Party with Your Bear Day

Teddy Bears having a tea party
There are a bunch of bear-related celebration days throughout the year.  Lets review of few of them, beginning with the upcoming Have a Party with Your Bear Day on November 16th.  It's not clear whether the creators of this day meant a stuffed teddy bear, a toy bear, someone dressed in a bear suit, or a real bear! If you happen upon a real bear, use caution. :)  

Perhaps it would be best to just READ about a real bear, such as in this interesting story about the magnificent Grizzly Bear by Sylvestermouse, after you finish the party with your favorite stuffed bear.

The Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bears having a picnic

This 'bear-party' day is not the same as the Teddy Bear Picnic Day, celebrated on July 10th.  Since this day occurs in the summertime, it's the perfect time to grab your favorite stuffed teddy bear, pack a picnic lunch, and enjoy some outdoor fun with your teddy bears, family and friends.  Everyone could bring their favorite teddy bear!

Check out the Teddy Bears' Picnic (Classic Board Book) on Amazon.

  Special 'Bear' Days

Handmade teddy bear
Handmade Honey Bear

Teddy bears are very important to children (young and old) and they deserve recognition.  There are a variety of special days throughout the year set aside to celebrate these cuddly bears, plus bear-related days for fictional bears and real bears.

  • January 18 is Winnie the Pooh Day
  • February 27 is Polar Bear Day
  • March 16 is National Panda (Bear) Day
  • July 10 is Teddy Bear Picnic Day
  • September is 'Save the Koala' Month
  • September 9 is the annual National Teddy Bear Day.
  • October 12 is Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day written by our Review This contributor Olivia Morris
  • November 7 is National 'Hug a Bear' (stuffed bear) Day
  • November 16 is Have a Party with your Bear Day 

    Many teddy bears have become famous, including Paddington Bear, Rupert Bear, Pudsey Bear, Smokey Bear and, the most famous and my favorite, Winnie the Pooh (who has his own special day on January 18).  

    Favorite Teddy Bear

    Baby Teddy Bears in Crochet
    Baby Bears in Crochet

    My son's first teddy bear was forever his favorite stuffed animal. He acquired him as an infant and they were 'inseparable' all through his early years. He named him simply "Teddy".  He looked a bit like the ones shown above.

    Party Time with your Bear

    A collection of plush toy teddy bears
    A Collection of bears on Etsy

    Any of these bears ~ or your own favorite teddy bear ~ would enjoy a party on Teddy Bear Party Day every November 16th.

    *Note:  For an in-depth description of the crocheted bears featured in this article, check out "A Parade of Plush Teddy Bears" on the Crochet-Crafts-Critters blog.

    *(c) Wednesday Elf 11/14/2015. Updated 1/16/2024

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    1. I had no idea at all that there were so many "bear" days on the calendar. I have been missing out on lots of opportunities to celebrate, that's for sure!! Interesting review. Thank you as always for sharing all this information.

      1. Thanks for your visit, Carol. Glad I could alert your calendar to all the 'bear' days. Have fun celebrating. :)

    2. I always learn something new from you! When my kids were little my daughter's favorite was a Care Bear and my son loved his Fozzie Bear! As for myself, I always loved the song "The Teddy Bears' Picnic".

      1. Those Care Bears were darling, Linda. Everyone loves bears, whether it's a favorite teddy bear or a story about bears or real bears in the zoo. :)

    3. Oh, I love, love, love the idea of a party with my bear! I don't have one, but I really do love your adorable crocheted bears. How wonderful to have so many special occasions (not that any day isn't a special occasion if you have a bear that you love) to celebrate!

      1. Thank you, Susan. Glad you enjoyed visiting my crocheted bears and learning all about the many special occasions to enjoy 'bears'.

    4. Oh, I love, love, love the idea of a party with my bear! I don't have one, but I really do love your adorable crocheted bears. How wonderful to have so many special occasions (not that any day isn't a special occasion if you have a bear that you love) to celebrate!

    5. I love all bears, real or toy bears! Now, I will admit, when it comes to the live ones, I am not likely to hug one even when partying with them. However, I do have a big Pooh bear that resides at the side of my bed and I have definitely been known to hug my Pooh. I think I should bring him up to the kitchen tomorrow for party time! Your crocheted bears are absolutely adorable. I always appreciate your beautiful crochet work.

      1. Thanks, Mouse. I definitely wouldn't 'hug' your grizzly bear, but enjoyed your story about him. :)

    6. How come I didn't know about all these special bear days when I had kids to celebrate them with? What fun. Pooh has alway been my favorite.

    7. Pooh Bear has always been my favorite too, Barbara. I even named my firstborn son Christopher, after Pooh's friend Christopher Robin. :)

    8. I will party today with my bears and toast the fact that they are one year older! Like myself these guys and gals are part of my life and I could not imagine having a party without them.


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